Financial Advisors in Kenya

The Financial Advisors in Kenya work with clients to help them examine their immediate, medium and long-term financial situations, assist them determine their wealth management strategy and implement that strategy.

Their primary role is to analyze the clients financial status, develop a financial plan based on the data and information provided by the client, discuss options, prepare and submit documents to implement the plan selected by the client.

Financial Advisors in Kenya Photo
Financial Advisors in Kenya Photo

Financial Advisors in Kenya – Speciality

Financial Advisors in Kenya advisory firms specialize in structuring, managing and facilitating capital investments into socially transformative ventures in emerging markets
Financial Advisors in Kenya Specifically, they work with clients on:

  • Strategy formulation, including designing impact funds and market-wide sustainable finance interventions
  • Due diligence on investment opportunities
  • Investment structuring and execution
  • Post investment monitoring, reporting and adding value
  • Investee and management mentoring.

Financial Advisors in Kenya – Role

The Financial Advisor help the individuals and groups plan the use of their savings, income, and investments, from such products that may include family budgeting schemes, mutual funds, equities, property, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), insurance, real estate, or tax-sheltered investment plans to form part of the investment strategy.

Financial Advisors in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all financial advisors in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the financial consultants in Kenya websites.

List of Financial Consultants in Kenya

    Financial Advisors in Kenya – Video

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