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Garages in Kenya

 Garages in Kenya – Service

Garages in Kenya businesses provide reliable, friendly and fair charged service that you should expect. They understand that sometimes vehicle repair is stressful, and so they do everything possible to make customers feel welcome, comfortable and satisfied with their experience. Garages in Kenya pride themselves on the care they give to each customer as well as quality repair service they provide which has been the basis of their success.

Garages in Kenya – Categories

Three Spanner: Garages in Kenya carry out major repairs services during normal working hours. Almost all the staff are trained and qualified to detect challenging electrical and mechanical faults and to carry out specialized repairs.

Two Spanner: These garages carry out routine repair service during normal working hours. At least half of the staff is trained to provide medium level technical service e.g. specialized tuning.

One Spanner: These garages carry out minor services during normal working hours. At least one third of the staff is trained. They have limited equipment. These garages can be categorized as Franchise Dealer, General Repair Garage, Auto Body Repairer, Used Car Dealer, Fuel Injection Specialist etc.

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Garages in Kenya
Garages in Kenya

Garages in Kenya – Genuine Motor Vehicle Parts

Garages in Kenya are known for their attention to detail and use of only genuine motor vehicle parts. They do preventative maintenance, oil changes and tune-ups as well as fixing busted stuff, like exhaust systems, electrical problems, suspensions, transmissions etc. Once you bring your car to these garages you’ll feel the relief from having to deal with typical hassle of vehicle repair. They’ll have you back in your vehicle timely, safely and at an affordable charge.

List of Garages in Kenya

  1. A-One Auto Services Ltd
  2. Access Motorsports Ltd
  3. Ace Autocentre Ltd
  4. Action Auto Repairs
  5. Agba Motors Ltd
  6. Alldays Auto Spares
  7. Amazon Tyres and Service Centre
  8. Ambika Auto Services
  9. Anilco Centre (Kenya) Ltd
  10. Assurance Auto Works Ltd
  11. Astra Motor Vehicle Works Ltd
  12. Auto Art Garage Ltd
  13. Auto Docs
  14. Auto Evolution Ltd
  15. Auto Logistics Centre
  16. Auto Matrix Ltd
  17. Auto Mech Interior Garage
  18. Auto Skill Ltd
  19. Auto Village
  20. Auto Viz Ltd
  21. Autodrome Services Ltd
  22. Automatic Transmission Services
  23. Autospin Garage
  24. Autotec Motor Garage Ltd
  25. Avtech Ltd
  26. Ball Joint Masters Limited
  27. Balubhai Garage
  28. Baraka Garage & Parking
  29. Belmar Motor Care
  30. Bhagwanji Motors Ltd
  31. Bizzy Beat Auto Centre Ltd
  32. Born Rover Auto Centre
  33. Brother Garage (k) Ltd
  34. Bryl Auto Garage
  35. Bunduz Auto Garage
  36. Bush Rover Ltd
  37. Bush Rover Ltd
  38. Car Mania Ltd
  39. Car Matrix
  40. Chandy Cosmetics
  41. Charlsity Investments
  42. Chinese Super Garage
  43. Choda Ltd
  44. Chriso Auto Garage
  45. Cit Panel Beaters & Painters Ltd
  46. City Breakdown & Spare Services Ltd
  47. Cliff Auto Garage
  48. Commercial Embu Motor Garage
  49. Concorde Motors Ltd
  50. Concorde Motors Ltd Hurlingham Branch
  51. Conglomerate Trading
  52. Consolidated Appliances Ltd
  53. Creational Sprays
  54. Cruz Conrol Centre Ltd
  55. Dale Autosurg
  56. Dhanjal Motor Works
  57. Dhanjal Panel Beaters
  58. Dhanjal Panel Beaters Automobile Engineers
  59. Dhruv Auto Clinic
  60. Diastar Auto Care Centre Ltd
  61. Dolphin Radiators Services
  62. Double Kwik Auto Services Ltd
  63. Down Town Auto Garage
  64. Echo Kenya Ltd
  65. Edenah Auto Works & Technologies Ltd
  66. Eldo Diesel Tune
  67. Emel Motors Ltd
  68. Excel Auto Garage
  69. Executive Auto Services Ltd
  70. Fine Job Auto Garage
  71. First Fit Auto Ltd
  72. Formula One Garage Ltd
  73. Four Runners Auto Tech
  74. Four Wheel Drive World Ltd
  75. Fourth Gear Ltd
  76. Fratech Motors Ltd
  77. Gari Panel Beaters Ltd
  78. Gemken Autospares
  79. Geovic Ltd
  80. Gizmo Autoparts
  81. Great Rift Motors Ltd
  82. Green Flag Ltd
  83. Haji Motors Ltd
  84. Haji Motors Ltd
  85. Hazina Motors
  86. Hercules Auto Garage
  87. Highland Industrial Garage Ltd
  88. Highway Garage & Car Wash
  89. Highway Motors Ltd
  90. Homeboys Toyota
  91. Honda Nairobi
  92. Honda Nairobi Mombasa Rd
  93. Huade Motors (K) Ltd
  94. J K Motors Garage
  95. Jacaranda Motors Ltd
  96. Jaffery Motors
  97. Janka Engineering Services
  98. Jas Motors
  99. Jatur Auto Best
  100. Jeet Motors
  101. Josham Auto Garage
  102. Josim Kenya Ltd
  103. Kabola Workshop
  104. Kakamega General Motors Ltd
  105. Kakamega Toyota
  106. Kamani Auto Tunes
  107. Kamwe Engineering Services
  108. Kaps Parking Ltd
  109. Katiba Motors 2010 Metal Works
  110. Ken-Rover Garage
  111. Kenhar Motor Service Ltd
  112. Kenhar Motor Service Ltd Shimo La Tewa Rd
  113. Kenhar Motor Services
  114. Khalsa Motors (2005)
  115. Kianda Road Motor Services
  116. Kibs Auto Works
  117. Kisumu Motor Works Ltd
  118. Kitale Diesel Automation Co.
  119. Kits Auto Service
  120. Korean Automobile (K) Ltd
  121. Kurumamichi
  122. Kwik Fit Tyres & Auto Care Ltd
  123. Landhurst Ltd
  124. Langata Auto Service
  125. Leo Auto Works Ltd
  126. Liya Motors Engineering Contractors
  127. Load Trailer (E.A) Ltd
  128. Lody Auto Garage
  129. Machakos International Spares
  130. Magma Mineral Holdings Ltd
  131. Maintech Autoworks
  132. Manpi Auto Services
  133. Mantech Autoworks & Fabrication
  134. Marcsons (K) Ltd
  135. Mars Auto Garage Co. Ltd
  136. Master-Fit
  137. Mbumar Auto World
  138. Megaki Garage
  139. Menengai Exhausts & Spares Ltd
  140. Midland Autocare Ltd
  141. Midland Autocare Ltd
  142. Molo Motor Works Ltd
  143. Monte Auto Services
  144. Motor Gari Service Centre
  145. Motor Mania Ltd
  146. Motors Two Thousand
  147. Motorways (K) Ltd
  148. Mt Kenya Garage
  149. Muranga Motor Spares Ltd
  150. Mwani Investment
  151. Mweki Auto Services
  152. Namo Italiano (K) Ltd
  153. Nanak Car Parts & Service Ltd
  154. Nanak Car Parts & Service Ltd Butere Rd
  155. Neo Makupa Garage
  156. New Embu Uhuru Garage
  157. Nezer Auto Care Express -Nyeri
  158. Nu – Motor Services Ltd
  159. Nurani Garage Ltd
  160. Nyeri Motor Services Ltd
  161. Opensource Motors Ltd
  162. Opti-Ride Ltd
  163. Ortym Agencies
  164. Oserian Motor Services
  165. Outering Road Motor Services
  166. Palric Enterprises
  167. Paramount Auto Care Ltd
  168. Parklane Motors Ltd
  169. Pendoki Motors
  170. Performance Auto Centre Ltd
  171. Performance Direct
  172. Petka Motors Co. Ltd
  173. Petrosoft (K) Ltd
  174. Plant & Auto Services
  175. Plenum Industrial Systems Ltd
  176. Pratts Auto Services Ltd
  177. Prestige Auto Center
  178. Quality Motors Consultants
  179. Rallye Service Enterprise
  180. Rallye Special Motors Ltd
  181. Ram Auto Garage
  182. Real Auto Track Fuel Injections
  183. Redalf Garage
  184. Regal Garage (1976) Ltd
  185. Reliance Auto Centre Ltd
  186. Reliance Auto Centre Ltd Obote Rd
  187. Ricotech Motors Ltd
  188. Rift Valley Garage
  189. Road Springs Investments Ltd
  190. Romageco (K) Ltd
  191. Romy Autoworks Ltd
  192. Roverland Auto Care Services
  193. Samo Agencies Ltd
  194. Samset Motors Ltd
  195. Schuhmacher 4×4
  196. SCL Municipal Parking Services
  197. Senkimu Engineering Works Ltd
  198. Sheikh Motors Ltd
  199. Sheikh Motors Ltd
  200. Sian Motors Ltd
  201. Sigmatts Diesel & Electrical Services
  202. Silverline Service Ltd
  203. Silverstone Garage
  204. Sim Auto Care Ltd
  205. Simba Colt Motors Ltd
  206. Sirvic Motors
  207. Southern Motors Ltd
  208. Spadier Consultants
  209. Spraymech Ltd
  210. St Austin’s Service Centre
  211. St Austin’s Service Centre
  212. Stanhope Engineers Ltd
  213. Stantech Motors Ltd
  214. Subaru Masters Auto Tech Garage
  215. Tango Motors Co. Ltd
  216. Technik Diesel Ltd
  217. Tekie Auto Engineering Ltd
  218. Teryx Motors Services
  219. Tinap Services
  220. Toloita Garage
  221. Tom Nju Auto Service
  222. Top Job Motors
  223. Turkana Trade Training Centre
  224. Tyrexperts
  225. Unitouch Agencies Ltd
  226. Unity Auto Garage
  227. Unity Auto Garage (NBI) Ltd
  228. Vas Distributors
  229. Vas Motor Mart
  230. Vastania Enterprises Ltd
  231. Vekaria Auto Agencies
  232. Vetrac Motors
  233. Wage Auto Garage
  234. Wheel Base Auto Service
  235. Wilter Auto Enterprises
  236. Wise Auto Motors Ltd
  237. Xtreme Centre Ltd

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