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Holding Companies in Kenya

Holding Companies in Kenya

Holding Companies in Kenya are incorporated business that holds investments in other companies, called operating companies. The holding company does not perform any business activities other than borrowing, lending, and making investment decisions.

Holding Companies in Kenya – Benefits

However, the holding company loans funds or leases assets to an operating company that performs any kind of business activities. The two most common benefits of a holding company are tax reduction and asset protection. A holding company may provide a reduced tax rate by incorporating in a state with a more favorable tax structure, or it may protect company assets from loss to creditors of the operating company.

Holding Companies in Kenya Photo

Holding Companies in Kenya Photo

Holding Companies in Kenya – Owning Stock

A holding company is a corporation that is organized for the purpose of owning stock in other corporations. A company may become a holding company by acquiring enough voting stock in another company to exercise control of its operations, or by forming a new corporation and retaining all or part of the new corporation’s stock.

Advantages of a holding company

  1. The shares of stock in the subsidiary company are held as assets on the books of the parent company and can be used as collateral for additional debt financing.
  2. Holding companies and their subsidiaries are considered separate legal entities, so that the assets of the parent company and the individual subsidiaries are protected against creditors’ claims against one of the subsidiaries.
  3. Each subsidiary retains its own management team, and the subsidiaries become responsible to the parent company on a profit and loss basis.
  4. The law sees a company as separate from its shareholders and directors. This means that in a CC, the assets and debts of the business belong to the company and the assets and debts of the shareholders and directors have nothing to do with the Company.

Holding Companies in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all holding companies in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the holding companies in Kenya websites.

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List of Holding Companies in Kenya

  1. AG Group International Ltd
  2. Alisha Holdings Ltd
  3. Allan Holdings Ltd
  4. Amar Holdings Ltd
  5. Anchor Holdings Ltd
  6. Attain Group Co.
  7. Bokin Holdings Ltd
  8. Caribean Holdings Ltd
  9. Core Heritage Holdings Ltd
  10. Dagg Kenya Holdings Ltd
  11. Erro Holdings Ltd
  12. Fairdeal Holdings Ltd
  13. FEP Group of Companies
  14. FEP Group of Companies
  15. FEP Group of Companies
  16. FEP Group of Companies
  17. FEP Group of Companies
  18. FEP Group of Companies
  19. FEP Group of Companies
  20. FEP Group of Companies
  21. FEP Group of Companies
  22. First Chartered Securities Ltd
  23. Globe Towers Ltd
  24. Goldcrest Holdings Ltd
  25. High Chem (E. A) Ltd
  26. K-Rep Group Ltd
  27. Kabibi Holdings Ltd
  28. Karuna Holdings
  29. Kena Holdings Ltd
  30. Kenya Educational Trust Ltd
  31. Kenya Educational Trust Ltd
  32. Kenya Marinas Ltd
  33. Keremara Holdings Ltd
  34. Kev-Con Trading Co Ltd
  35. Kigio Group Co Ltd
  36. Kwacha Group of Companies Ltd
  37. Lavender Holding Ltd
  38. Mayfair Holding Ltd
  39. MJ Group Ltd
  40. Mohansons Trading Ltd
  41. Moi University Holdings Ltd
  42. Monarch Group Ltd, The
  43. Monarch Group Ltd, The
  44. Muringa Holdings
  45. Namelok Holdings Ltd
  46. Neighbours Holdings Ltd
  47. Njuwangu Holdings Ltd
  48. Nyakio Holdings-Nanyuki Kenya
  49. Oloolua Holdings Ltd
  50. Overlook Management (K) Ltd
  51. Pakjel Holdings (K) Ltd
  52. Pammat Holdings Ltd
  53. Panworld Holdings Ltd
  54. Parkjel Holdings (K) Ltd
  55. Pentafour Investments Ltd
  56. Peny Seas Holding Ltd
  57. Pillars Holdings Limited
  58. Pindoria Holdings Ltd
  59. Pioneer Holdings Ltd
  60. Real Group of Companies Ltd
  61. Rockey Africa Ltd
  62. Safari Park Holdings Ltd
  63. Sovereign Group Ltd
  64. Spanco Raps Kenya Ltd
  65. STV Holdings Ltd
  66. Swift Lines Ltd
  67. Toprank Holdings Ltd
  68. Tourvest Holdings Proprietary Ltd
  69. Utisi Ltd

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