A comprehensive list of all Lodges, Camps, Accommodation and hotels in Kericho Town Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the hotel website

Hotels in Kericho Town Kenya

1. Kericho Tea Hotel

Category: Hotels in Kericho Town Kenya

Tea was first cultivated in the highlands around Kericho in the 1920s. Today more than 110,000 hectares are devoted to tea, producing 215 million kilos of tea per year and bringing in 17—2O% of Kenya’s export revenue. The Tea Hotel started life as the guesthouse for Brooke Bond, in 1952. In the 19705 it was sold to the local community who have run it since as the Tea Hotel.

For more information visit: Kericho Tea Hotel

2. New Sunshine Hotel

Category: Hotels in Kericho Town Kenya

Sunshine hotel is located a few metres away from the busy Kisumu- Kericho- Nakuru highway, opposite Immanuel AGC Church and KCB Bank. It offers conferencing rooms, has a restaurant, offers outside catering and room services.

For more information visit:  New Sunshine Hotel

3. Sahara Gardens

Category: Hotels in Kericho Town Kenya

Sahara gardens  is a serene accommodation feature situated in Kericho Town. The facility is suitable for guests looking to stay in a home-like setting. Free wifi is available. Sahara Gardens is is guarded through out by security personnel, laundry, housekeeping and parking services and facilities are offered for free.

For more information visit: .Sahara Gardens

4. Mwananchi Hotel

Category: Hotels in Kericho Town Kenya

Mwananchi Hotel Kericho is situated off Nakuru-kisumu Highway in Kericho, Kenya. The a restaurant that offers daily specials incorporate seasonal, local ingredients. They offer delicious appetizers to tasty salads, inspired entrees to decadent desserts.

For more information visit: Mwananchi Hotel

5. Ivys Inn and Guest House Limited

Category: Hotels in Kericho Town Kenya

Ivys Inn and Guest house is situated in a serene environment off Busia-Nakuru Road, Kericho, Kenya. Free WiFi is available for all guests.

For more information visit: Ivys Inn and Guest House Limited

6. Rays Place Inn

Category: Hotels in Kericho Town Kenya

Formerly the home of the managing director of Brooke Bond, Ray’s Place Inn is an elegant house set in spacious gardens. The house, which retains the atmosphere of a private house, is on the outskirts of Kericho. Its drive passes through the lush tea plantations for which this region is famed.

For more information visit: Rays Place Inn

7. Famous Gate

Category: Hotels in Kericho Town Kenya

Famous Gate Lounge Kericho is located along the Kericho- Nakuru Highway in Kericho town. They offer affordable accommodation, conferencing and leisure hotel.

For more information visit: Famous Gate

8. Kimugu River Lodge

Category: Hotels in Kericho Town Kenya

On the banks of Kimugu River, Kimugu River Lodge overlooks lush forest and frothing water. Formerly known as Kericho Lodge and Fishing Resort, the lodge makes an ideal place from which to watch the prolific bird life in the garden.

For more information visit: Kimugu River Lodge

9. Lenox Hotel

Category: Kericho Hotels

Lenox hotel Kericho offers free WiFi to guests and gives easy access to other business centers and food courts.

For more information visit: Lenox Hotel

10. New Dreams Cottage Guest House

Category: Kericho Hotels

New Dreams Cottage Guest House Kericho is a cottage set in a serene environment. It features an event center and free Wifi.

For more information visit: New Dreams Cottage guest house

11. Taidys Suites Kericho

Category: Kericho Hotels

Taidys Suites Kericho is a warm and cosy lodge lying in the central business district in Kericho, Kenya. The hotel boasts an onsite restaurant and bar. Free WiFi is available.

For more information visit: Taidys Suites Kericho

12. Simba Inn Motel

Category: Kericho Hotels

Simba Inn Motel is situated along Kericho-Kaplong highway in Kericho. It is ideal for people travelling on short budget.Free WiFi is available on the premises.

For more information visit: Simba Inn Motel

13. Teavale Guest Cottages

Category: Kericho Hotels

Established in 2009, Teavale Guest Cottages consists of 2 whitewashed houses facing each other across a well kept garden.

For more information visit: Teavale Guest Cottages

14. Kericho Club

Category: Kericho Hotels

Kericho Club, a private members club, was established in 1927, in large manicured grounds in the center of Kericho. Non—members can pay a temporary membership fee to use the accommodation and facilities.

For more information visit:  Kericho Club

15. The Exotic House

Category: Kericho Hotels

The Exotic House is located next to its own tea plantation and vegetable farm, both of which supply its restaurant. The attractive gardens surrounding the hotel make a peaceful place to relax and look out over the expanse of tea.

For more information visit: The Exotic House

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