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Industrial Machinery, Tools and Equipments in Kenya

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Industrial Machinery, Tools and Equipments in Kenya

Industrial Machinery, Tools and Equipments in Kenya companies visions are to be the benchmark provider for garage and welding equipment in the East Africa region while providing high quality products and uncompromising service to their customers.

They are renowned for their strong, efficient and reliable services, incorporating over 20 brands which have been market leaders from world’s leading producers of professional machines and equipment.

Industrial Machinery, Tools and Equipments in Kenya – Products

Their product line consists of a large inventory of new and second-hand machinery as well as spare parts.They also provide product support for parts and machinery.
Such companies have products ranging from Machine Tools, Cutting and Allied Tools, Process Control Equipments, Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Pumps and Electric Motors, Gear Boxes, Material Handling Equipments, Cranes and Hoists, Welding , Safety Equipments, Water Treatment Equipments, Generators, Industrial Cleaning Equipments, Foundry , Sugar , Textile Machinery, Dairy Equipments, Packaging and Plastic Machinery, Earthmoving , Construction Machinery, Security Systems, Fire Fighting Systems, Batteries, UPS, hardware and software industry, tools and machinery, chemicals, warehouse equipments

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Industrial Machinery, Tools and Equipments in Kenya

Industrial Machinery, Tools and Equipments in Kenya

Industrial Machinery, Tools and Equipments  – Technology

Most companies will provide your business with the opportunity to meet thousands of genuine major decision makers from the diverse and growing East African industry, along with national and international visitors.  Tools and Equipments in Kenya brings together the best selection of products and technology that includes all segments of the latest global market trends. Though Kenya by itself is one of the biggest markets in Africa, major emphasis is being laid upon attracting traders and importers from neighboring countries.

Industrial Machinery, Tools and Equipments

A comprehensive list of all Industrial Machinery, Tools and Equipments in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the industrial equipments in Kenya company websites.

List of Industrial Machinery Tools in Kenya Companies

  1. ABC Metallurgicals Ltd
  2. Abe Construction Chemicals (EA) Ltd
  3. Achelis Material Handling Ltd
  4. Achelis Material Handling Ltd
  5. Agro Industrial Tools Ltd
  6. Alamdar Trading Co. Ltd
  7. Alamdar Trading Co. Ltd
  8. Aleef Investments Ltd
  9. Alicom Machinery & Equipment Ltd
  10. Alishaj General Supplies Limited
  11. Alishaj General Supplies Limited
  12. All Times News Stand
  13. Aquva Agencies Ltd
  14. Aquva Agencies Ltd
  15. Artech Agencies (KSM) Ltd
  16. B. D. Engineers Ltd
  17. Badar Hardware Ltd
  18. Badar Hardware Ltd – Mombasa Branch
  19. Baharini Consultants Ltd
  20. Baharini Consultants Ltd
  21. Baharini Consultants Ltd
  22. Baharini Consultants Ltd
  23. Baharini Consultants Ltd
  24. Beneli Engineering Services Ltd
  25. Beta Hardware & Supplies Ltd
  26. Bewa Wholesalers
  27. Blue Nile (E.A) Ltd
  28. Bounty Supplies And Engineering Services
  29. Broadview Enterprises Ltd
  30. Bulling & Cowen (Kenya) Ltd
  31. Bumber Harvest
  32. Bungoma Beacon
  33. Ceramic Depot Ltd – Head Office Branch
  34. Ceramic Depot Ltd – Show Room Branch
  35. Chhaganlal Morarji & Co Ltd
  36. Chunir Holdings Ltd
  37. Coast Industrial and Safety Supplies Ltd
  38. Debsilva Investments
  39. Dreamwat Automotive Refinishing Products Ltd
  40. Durab Ltd
  41. Dynapac Ltd
  42. Elite Tools Ltd
  43. Elite Tools Ltd
  44. Elite Tools Ltd
  45. Engineering and Hydraulics (E. A.) Ltd
  46. Euroken Global
  47. Faircon General Equipment Co. Ltd
  48. Fairdeal Hardware Ltd
  49. Farmtrac (K) Ltd
  50. Femgel Company Ltd
  51. Fit Tight Fasteners Ltd
  52. Forklift ‘R’ Us Ltd
  53. Forklift Trucks (4nicks)
  54. Forklift Trucks (4nicks)
  55. Ganesh Steel & Hardware Ltd
  56. Gusii Jumbo Hardware & Paints Ltd
  57. Hardex Ltd
  58. Heema Steel & Hardware Ltd
  59. Highway Stores
  60. Hydrotech Hardware Ltd
  61. Imara Enterprises Ltd
  62. Imaran Group
  63. Industrial and Technical Hardware Ltd
  64. Industrial Machinery, Tools and Equipments in Kenya
  65. Intercross Agencies Ltd (Makita Sole Distributors)
  66. Ishubo Industries Limited
  67. Jim Mary Hardware Stores
  68. Jubilee Enterprises Ltd – Kisumu Branch
  69. Karims Hardware & Cycle Mart
  70. Kay Lift Services Ltd
  71. Kay Lift Services Ltd
  72. Kay Lift Services Ltd
  73. Kay Lift Services Ltd – Nairobi Branch
  74. Kenice Enterprises
  75. Kenya Ironmongers (Kisumu) Ltd
  76. Kenya Road Transporters Ltd
  77. Kericho Industrial Supply
  78. Kindaruma Ltd
  79. Kra Approved E.t.r
  80. Kra Approved E.t.r
  81. Krones LCS Center East Africa Ltd
  82. Laser(s) and Optic(s) Africa Ltd
  83. Libra Industrial Supplies Ltd
  84. Lima Ltd
  85. Lismo Machinery Services
  86. Lomas & Lomas Ltd
  87. Lomas & Lomas Ltd – Nairobi Branch
  88. Lowry Enterprises
  89. Lucky Distributors Ltd
  90. Lunga Lunga Hardware & Spares
  91. M N Gadher Ltd
  92. Machine 4 Africa Ltd
  93. Machinery and Allied Products Limited
  94. Maja East Africa Company Ltd
  95. Mamujee Brothers Ltd
  96. Manufacturers and Suppliers (K) Ltd
  97. Marina Machineries (K) Ltd
  98. Mau Summit Auto Hardware
  99. Modern Centre Ltd
  100. Mohamed Trading
  101. Muki Hardware & General Works
  102. Multitrade Industrial Suppliers Ltd
  103. Mutai Hardware Stores Ltd
  104. Nairobi Machinery Industrial Co Ltd
  105. Nakuru Tiger Machineries
  106. New Sky Africa Ltd
  107. Nyumba ya Chuma Ltd
  108. Orbital Fasteners Ltd
  109. Panveer Enterprises 2004 Ltd
  110. Pasha Enterprises Ltd
  111. Pasico Eastern Africa Ltd
  112. Popular Industries Ltd
  113. Porco Enterprises Ltd
  114. Ravjibhai & Co Ltd
  115. Real Time Consultants Ltd
  116. Rift Electrical Hardware and Spares Ltd
  117. Rift Valley Glaziers Ltd
  118. Risala Turbo Chargers & Hydraulic Services
  119. Rotegra Technical Services
  120. Sabmiz Enterprises
  121. Sahajanand Stores Ltd
  122. Saroka Enterprises Ltd
  123. Scan Steel Ltd
  124. Serco Ltd
  125. Shree Hari (k) Ltd
  126. Shree Ram International Supplies Ltd
  127. Shreeji Enterprises (K) Ltd
  128. Shushi Hardware
  129. Sigma Engineering Co Ltd
  130. Simba General Merchants Ltd
  131. Supply Linkages Ltd
  132. Supply Linkages Ltd
  133. Tinga World Enterprises Ltd
  134. Tononoka Hardware Ltd
  135. Trade Matix Ltd
  136. Tradecon Mombasa Ltd
  137. Unitech Industrial Agencies Ltd
  138. Unitech Industrial Agencies Ltd
  139. Vehicle and Equipment Leasing Ltd (VAELL)
  140. W M Lawn Mowers Services Ltd
  141. Wairashaw Enterprises Hardware
  142. Westgate Shipping & Logistics Ltd

Industrial Machinery Tools in Kenya Companies – Video


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