Management Consulting Firms in Kenya

Management Consulting Firms in Kenya have partnered with consumer products and life sciences companies to improve organizational efficiency and drive business performance through operations and technology consulting.

They offer a broad range of professional services for the public, private and civil society sectors aimed at enhancing the overall operating efficiency and capacity of their clients.

Management Consulting Firms in Kenya Photo
Management Consulting Firms in Kenya Photo

Management Consulting Firms in Kenya – Market Niches

These firms were incorporated by the Registrar of Companies in Kenya as Limited Liability Companies. They have become leaders in the provision of tailor-made Human Resources Solutions to the challenges facing our customers in specific market niches. They believe in a spirit of partnership with their customers, employees and suppliers where together they generate wealth for all and the fair sharing thereof.

Management Consulting Firms in Kenya – Service Delivery

Further they believe in total quality, in service delivery beyond expectations, accountability, ownership, and responsible citizenship. They have addressed themselves to finding lasting solutions to the pertinent competencies required to enhance and dissolve deficiencies in human resource management/development, events management, IT Solutions, project management, Business Process Outsourcing, office solutions, accountancy, and research.
They are dedicated to putting customers first. They develop, train, and provide Skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower to both private and public sectors.

 Management Consulting Firms in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all management consulting firms in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the management consultants in Kenya websites.

List of Management Consultants in Kenya

  1. Adept Systems
  2. Africa Dev. Professional Group
  3. Africa Management Communications International Ltd
  4. Africa Management Solutions Ltd (AMSOL)
  5. African Association For Public Administration & Management (AAPAM)
  6. Al-Ekhlaas Agencies
  7. Almaco Management Consultants Ltd
  8. Alpex Consulting (A) Ltd – Head Office Branch
  9. Alpha Risk Management Ltd
  10. Amattan Management Services Ltd
  11. Amsco Atms Project
  12. Arkle Management Consultants Ltd
  13. Artemis Transition Partners
  14. Ashley Management Consultants
  15. Ashley Mangement Consultants Ltd
  16. Assignment Solutions (K) Ltd
  17. Assorted Investments Management Services
  18. Astrads Management Services
  19. Audit & Corporate Govenance Centre
  20. Bestmark Management Services
  21. Brainstorm Management Consultants Ltd
  22. Brand Stratergy Design East Africa Ltd
  23. Breinscope Consultants Ltd
  24. Brentrich Capital & Credit Ltd
  25. Bridgegap International Ltd
  26. Business Partners Consulting Ltd
  27. Capacity Development Africa Ltd
  28. Capet Management Services Ltd
  29. Cardinal Links
  30. Career Connections Ltd
  31. Career Link Ltd
  32. Cascade Global
  33. Channacco Management Consultants
  34. Chronicle Group International Ltd
  35. Clarity Consulting Ltd
  36. Continuous Improvement Management Services
  37. Corporate Management Institute
  38. Corporate Smarts & Insights Africa Ltd
  39. Critical Consultancy Services Ltd
  40. Critical Mgt Development Ltd
  41. Cyka Manpower Services
  42. Da Suprian Strategic Business Consultants – Kahawa, Wendani Branch
  43. Dafina Consultants Ltd
  44. Dagger Consultants
  45. Damian Ltd
  46. Dibes Africa Ltd
  47. Earthcare Services Ltd
  48. Earthview Management
  49. Earthview Management Ltd
  50. Education & Leadership Centre E A Ltd
  51. Enterprise Management Agency Ltd
  52. Envag Associates (K) Ltd
  53. Environmental Cost Management (ECM) Centre
  54. ESF Apex Strategies Ltd
  55. Facilities Management Co Ltd
  56. Fair Merit Ltd
  57. Fast-Track Management Consultants Ltd
  58. Focus Management Ltd
  59. Format Management Services Ltd
  60. Frank Management Consult Ltd Description, Services and Contacts
  61. Frank Wadugu Associates
  62. Gestoria Limited
  63. Global Innovations in Management
  64. Greyowl
  65. Guto & Associates
  66. Haco Tiger Brands (E.A) Ltd
  67. High Impact Trainers & Management Consultants
  68. HR & Management Agency Ltd
  69. HR Connection Ltd
  70. HR Connection Ltd – Mombasa Branch
  71. Hublink Co ltd
  72. Human Talent Recruit
  73. Huru Consult Ltd
  74. Iceberg Africa
  75. Iceberg Consultants Africa
  76. Ideal Business Link Ltd
  77. Initiative Consultants
  78. Integrity Consultants & Managers
  79. International Supply Chain Solutions Ltd
  80. Intex Secretarial Bureau
  81. Jeed Consultants Ltd
  82. Jesam Management Consultancy
  83. Jobs Connection Ltd
  84. K H I Training Ltd
  85. K K Consulting Associates
  86. Kas Consulting Ltd
  87. Kazinow Ltd
  88. Kenya Institute of Management, The – Embu Campus Branch
  89. Kenya Institute of Management, The – Machakos Campus Branch
  90. Kenya Institute of Management, The – Meru Campus Branch
  91. Kenya Institute of Management, The – Naivasha Campus Branch
  92. Kenya Institute of Management, The – Nakuru Campus Branch
  93. Kenya Institute of Management, The – Nanyuki Campus Branch
  94. Kenya Institute of Management, The – Nyahururu Campus Branch
  95. Kenya Management & Training Consultants
  96. Kenya Management Assistance Programme
  97. Kicher & Associates
  98. Kimberley Management Services Ltd
  99. Knowledge Transfer Centre
  100. Ladder Consulting Ltd
  101. Leco Training & Consultation Ltd
  102. Liaison Development Associates
  103. Liaison Development Consultants
  104. Liam Consultant Service Ltd
  105. Likia Consulting Limited
  106. Likia Consulting Ltd
  107. Madin Care
  108. Maer Associates Ltd
  109. Management Audit Consulting Ltd
  110. Management Decision Information
  111. Mathew Kiragu Gichuri
  112. Mayaka Management Training & Consultancy
  113. Membo Medical Scheme Consultants Ltd
  114. Meridian Group Ltd
  115. Microde Consult
  116. Millenium Management Consultants
  117. Mohechvi Management & Enterprises
  118. Motivator Enterprises Ltd
  119. Mucmar Management Concepts Ltd
  120. Mukmik Consultants
  121. Mwaniki Associates Ltd
  122. Myjobseye (K) Ltd
  123. Myjobseye (K) Ltd – Head Office Branch
  124. Nassam Solutions Enterprises
  125. Novatek Ltd
  126. Oracle Consulting Ltd
  127. Out Of The Box Ltd
  128. Overtime Management & Tax Services Ltd
  129. Paradigm Management Consultants
  130. Performance Management Institute
  131. Perimart Management Consultants Ltd
  132. Phillips Consulting East Africa
  133. Pinnacle Consultants Ltd
  134. Pisaller Management Institute
  135. Prime Personal (A) Ltd
  136. Professional Training Consultants
  137. Progress 2000 Ltd
  138. Promin Consultants Ltd
  139. Reach Out Management Systems Consultants
  140. Reflections Consultants Ltd
  141. Resource Associates Ltd
  142. Resource Plan
  143. Resource Plan – Mombasa Rd Branch
  144. Restructuring & Turnaround Management Consultancy Ltd
  145. Risk & Safety Management Consultants Ltd
  146. Rosa Associates Kenya Ltd
  147. Rubicon Technologies Ltd
  148. Select Management Services Ltd
  149. Sheer Logic Management Consultants Ltd
  150. Sholtan Business Consultants Ltd
  151. Skills Across Kenya
  152. Solid Solutions Ltd
  153. Steps Ahead Consulting Ltd
  154. Sterling Management Consultancy Ltd
  155. Strategic Dimensions
  156. Strategic Management Consultant
  157. Sue Manpower Ltd
  158. Taabco Research & Development Consultants Ltd
  159. Tack International (K) Ltd
  160. Tact Consultancy Services
  161. Tact Consultancy Services – Nairobi Branch
  162. Tash Investments International Agencies Co Ltd
  163. Tec Institute of Management
  164. Thatiah Holdings Ltd
  165. The Kenya Institute of Management
  166. The Kenya Institute of Management – Eldama Ravine Branch
  167. The Kenya Institute of Management – Eldoret Branch
  168. The Kenya Institute of Management – Kabarnet Campus Branch
  169. The Kenya Institute of Management – Kakamega Campus Branch
  170. The Kenya Institute of Management – Kapsabet Campus Branch
  171. The Kenya Institute of Management – Kisii Campus Branch
  172. The Kenya Institute of Management – Kisumu Campus Branch
  173. The Kenya Institute of Management – Narok Campus Branch
  174. The Kenya Institute of Management – Nyeri Campus Branch
  175. The Kenya Institute of Management – Thika Campus Branch
  176. The Kenya Institute of Management- Kericho Campus Branch
  177. Thornhill Industrial Services Ltd
  178. Three Green Apples Consulting
  179. Timely Options Business Solutions Limited
  180. Tops Management Ltd
  181. Touchline Management Consultants Ltd
  182. Tricepts Management Solutions
  183. Twinstwin Ltd
  184. Upward Bound
  185. Velocity Project Management
  186. Vintage Management Services
  187. Viringa Services
  188. Vision Four Africa – Africa Head Office Branch
  189. VSC Consultants Ltd
  190. VSC Consultants Ltd – Nairobi Branch
  191. Xcell Consultium (K) Ltd
  192. Young Bibirioni Investors Ltd
  193. Your Solutions Ltd

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