Market Research Companies in Kenya

Market and Social Research companies based in Kenya,have branches and affiliate partners in several other countries. Market Research Companies in Kenya adhere to the Market and Social Research Association’s Code of Conduct and are guided by strict values.

They offer quality, value for money research tools and experienced research interviewers. Their data analytics and high quality feedback will inform and help you underpin customer loyalty.

Market Research Companies in Kenya Photo
Market Research Companies in Kenya Photo

Market Research Companies in Kenya – Benefits

Their platforms will bring you these key benefits:-

  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced quality, value addition
  • Cost optimization
  • Speed

Market Research Companies in Kenya – Research Techniques

Market Research – Online Questionnaires

These reach out to the multitude at their convenience and comfort. Can be integrated with your client database or social media to achieve a more robust and widespread result.

Market Research – CATI(Computer Aided Telephone Interviews)

Use their well equipped call center to reach out to their current and potential customers.

Market Research – MAPI(Mobile Assisted Personal Interviews)

They use their mobile/tablet platform to collect data real-time. Saves them time and money and you also join the world of environmental conservationist by reducing use of paper.

Market Research – Mystery shopping/Immersions

They use their secret agents to help them get insights and trends while blending into the market. They also use sophisticated tools to observe and learn the market trends.
They help you stand out from the competition, differentiate your offerings, develop new ones and identify opportunities where others can’t. Trends around the globe are rapidly evolving, and they’ve got their fingers on the pulse of consumer behavior, shifting populations and new influencers.

Market Research Companies in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all market research companies in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the research firms in Kenya websites.

List of Marketing Research Firms in Kenya

  1. Azen Services Ltd
  2. Consumer Experience Ltd
  3. Consumer Options Ltd
  4. CPS International
  5. Daio Research Associates
  6. Data Global (K) Ltd
  7. Dataline International Ltd
  8. DG Quandt Group Kenya Ltd
  9. Global Research Insights
  10. Nielsen (K) Ltd
  11. PARS Research (Pan African Research Services)
  12. Pipal Ltd
  13. Platform Ltd
  14. Research & Marketing Services (EA) Ltd
  15. Research Path Associates
  16. Research Solutions Ltd
  17. S B O Research Ltd
  18. Shoreward East Africa Ltd
  19. Strategic Africa
  20. The AfriQuest Research Centre Ltd
  21. Yellowmoon Company Ltd

Marketing Research Firms in Kenya – Video

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