Outdoor Advertising Companies in Kenya

Outdoor Advertising Companies in Kenya has the robust growth within the economy. This business also booms when there is competition among brands. They are finding it very interesting moving forward, especially in the alcohol and beverages market.

It looks like East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL) and SABMiller are set for battle. Other players like Keroche Breweries and Distell seem to want a bigger share of the market and PepsiCo has just come in. As brands compete and the economy grows, they should see increased spending in outdoor advertising.

Outdoor Advertising Firms in Kenya – Outdoor Advertising Media

Outdoor advertising firms in Kenya are earning far much less than they deserve, research shows. This is due to lack of structures to quantify the value derived from billboards and other outdoor advertising media.

Outdoor Advertising Firms in Kenya – Billboards

Billboards are one effective way of branding corporate identity to catch the attention of consumers on the move. This type of visual branding offers you the advertiser several advantages including:

  • They are the most effective way of Branding companies
  • They deliver maximum brand impact and are available 24 hours a day
  • They ensure you reach large audiences and also target any specific groups and ages
  • They offer very competitive costing in comparison with other forms of media advertising

 List of Outdoor Advertising Companies in Kenya

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