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Pharmaceutical Companies in Kenya

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Pharmaceutical Companies in Kenya

The Pharmaceutical Companies in Kenya consists of three segments namely the manufacturers, distributors and retailers. All these play a major role in supporting the country’s health sector, which is estimated to have about 4,557 health facilities countrywide.

Kenya is currently the largest producer of pharmaceutical products in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) region, supplying about 50% of the regions’ market. Out of the region’s estimated of 50 recognised pharmaceutical manufacturers; approximately 30 are based in Kenya.

It is approximated that about 9,000 pharmaceutical products have been registered for sale in Kenya. These are categorized according to particular levels of outlet as freesales / OTC (Over The Counter), pharmacy technologist dispensable, or pharmacist dispensable/ prescription only.

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Pharmaceutical Companies in Kenya

The products manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies in the country for both local and international markets include;

Antibiotics, Antimalarials, Antiamoebics, Analgesics, Antidiarrheals, Antacids, Tranquillisers, Antispasmodics, Vitamins and Antiulcers. These drugs are used in various medical areas including Anti-Infective, Gastrointestinal, Analgesic/Anti-inflammatory, Cardiovascular and Respiratory therapeutic segments.
The pharmaceutical sector in Kenya is also engaged in assembling capsules, disposable syringes, paracetamol, and surgical gauze amongst others

Pharmaceautical Industries in Kenya Photo

Pharmaceutical Industries in Kenya Photo

Pharmaceutical Industry in Kenya

The pharmaceutical industry in Kenya consists of manufacturers, distributors and retailers, who all actively support the Ministry of Health and other key players in developing the health sector.

Pharmaceutical Companies in Kenya – Manufacturers

The pharmaceutical sector in Kenya consists of about 30 licensed concerns include local manufacturing companies and large Multi National Corporations (MNCs), subsidiaries or joint ventures. Most Pharmaceutical Companies in Kenya are located within Nairobi and its environs. These firms collectively employ over 2,000 people, about 65% of who work in direct production.

The pharmaceutical industry compounds and packages medicines, repacking formulated drugs and processing bulk drugs into doses using predominantly imported active ingredients and excipients. The bulk of locally manufactured preparations are non-sterile, over the counter (OTC) products.

The number of Pharmaceutical Companies in Kenya engaged in manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products in Kenya continue to expand, driven by the Government’s efforts to promote local and foreign investment in the sector.

Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies in Kenya.

  1. Alpha Medical Manufacturers – Nairobi
  2. Aventis Pasteur SA East Africa – Nairobi
  3. Bayer East Africa Limited – Nairobi
  4. Beta Healthcare (Shelys Pharmaceuticals) – Nairobi
  5. Cosmos Limited – Nairobi
  6. Dawa Pharmaceuticals Limited – Nairobi
  7. Didy Pharmaceutical – Nairobi
  8. Diversey Lever – Nairobi
  9. Eli-Lilly (Suisse) SA – Nairobi
  10. Elys Chemical Industries Ltd – Nairobi
  11. Glaxo SmithKline – Nairobi
  12. High Chem East Africa Ltd – Nairobi
  13. Ivee Aqua EPZ Limited – Athi River
  14. Mac’s Pharmaceutical Ltd – Nairobi
  15. Manhar Brothers (Kenya) Ltd – Nairobi
  16. Novartis Rhone Poulenic Ltd – Nairobi
  17. Novelty Manufacturers Ltd – Nairobi
  18. Pfizer Corp (Agency) – Nairobi
  19. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Co (K) Ltd – Nairobi
  20. Pharmaceutical Products Limited – Nairobi
  21. Phillips Pharmaceuticals Limited – Nairobi
  22. Regal Pharmaceutical Ltd – Nairobi
  23. Universal Pharmaceutical Limited – Nairobi

Pharmaceutical Companies in Kenya – Distributors

The Kenya Medical Suppliers Agency (KEMSA), a division of the Ministry of Health, largely carries out the distribution of pharmaceutical products in Kenya. It distributes drugs to government public health facilities and private health facilities.

KEMSA has been an autonomous body since 1st July 2003. Its policy is to make available essential drugs and equipment primarily but not exclusively, to public facilities. KEMSA competes with other suppliers, e.g. the mission based medical supply facility (MEDS) and private wholesalers.

Pharmaceutical Companies in Kenya –  Retailers

Pharmaceutical products in Kenya are channelled through pharmacies, chemists, health facilities and shops. There are about 700 registered wholesale and 1,300 retail dealers in Kenya, manned by registered pharmacists and pharmaceutical technologists.

The drugs on sale in Kenya are sold according to the outlet categorization, which can be described as free-sales/OTC, pharmacy technologist dispensable, or pharmacist dispensable/prescription only.

Pharmaceutical Companies in Kenya – Market Conditions

The market for pharmaceutical products in Kenya is estimated at KShs 8 billion per annum. The government, through Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA) is the largest purchaser of drugs manufactured both locally and imported, in the country. It buys about 30% of the drugs in the Kenyan market through an open-tender system and distributes them to government medical institutions.

Pharmaceautical Industries in Kenya – Poisons Board

The Pharmacy and Poisons Board ensures:

For Manufacturers:

  1. Manufacturers register their premises
  2. The products are registered with the Board
  3. Product labelling in either English or Kiswahili
  4. Ensures Batch Number, Date of manufacture, Expiry Date and Address
    of Manufacture is labelled

For Pharmacists:

  1. All pharmacists have practising licenses
  2. Register their premises with the Board
  3. Employ qualified personnel
  4. Observe the laid down professional ethics

List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Kenya

  1. Opamo Pharmacy
  2. Ursy Chemist Ltd
  3. Links Three Thousand Ltd
  4. Mt. Kenya Surgical & Laboratory Supplies
  5. Laikipia Lab Services & Supplies
  6. Alpine Medical & Laboratory Supplies
  7. Jireh Laboratory Supplies
  8. Joru Laboratory Suppliers Ltd
  9. Family Medical Supplies Limited
  10. Pharmaken Ltd
  11. Mombasa Surgical Supplies
  12. Fiolabchem Company Ltd
  13. Chemolife Ltd.
  14. BOC Kenya Ltd
  15. African Cotton industries Ltd
  16. Buyimpex Agencies Ltd
  17. BOC Kenya Ltd
  18. Bot of Merino Enterprises
  19. Genelab Supplies Ltd (Subsidiary of Limatec (K) Ltd)
  20. Elgonian Distributors
  21. Woodvale Pharmacy
  22. Ultralab & East Africa Ltd
  23. Twokay Chemicals Ltd
  24. Trismed Supplies
  25. Travotech Agencies
  26. Trauma Surgicals & Healthcare Ltd
  27. 3M Kenya Ltd
  28. Total Hospital Solutions Ltd
  29. Teknobyte Ltd
  30. Technomed Ltd
  31. Sys-Med Diagnostics Ltd
  32. Swama Ltd
  33. Surgipath Services
  34. Surgimed Healthcare Supplies Ltd
  35. Surgilabs Limited
  36. Suken International LTD
  37. Solvex Agencies
  38. Shamco Industries Limited
  39. Seropharm E.A Ltd
  40. Scitech Diagnostics Ltd
  41. Sciencescope Limited
  42. School Equipment Production Unit (SEPU)
  43. Sanyo Armco (K) Ltd
  44. Sanmedic Laboratory Supply Ltd
  45. Sam Tech Diagnostics
  46. Saima Surgical Supplies Ltd
  47. Rycedental Supplies
  48. Rosax (Africa) Ltd
  49. Roi Scientific Ltd
  50. Retina (E.A) Medical Suppliers Ltd.
  51. Rapid Medical Supplies
  52. PY- REX East Africa
  53. Pulse Medics Equipment (K) Ltd
  54. Pulse Healthcare Ltd
  55. Pulse Care System
  56. Polarize Enterprises Ltd
  57. Philips Medical Systems E.A. Ltd
  58. Phillips Healthcare Technologies Ltd
  59. Pharma Share Supplies Ltd
  60. Pharmaken Ltd
  61. Pefric (EA) Ltd.
  62. Partec East Africa Ltd
  63. Parl Medical Suppliers
  64. Paramedic & Healthcare Supplies Ltd
  65. Medisyst Ltd
  66. Medispec Kenya Ltd
  67. Megascope Healthcare (K) Ltd
  68. Medspan Laboratory Supplies
  69. Meditec Systems Ltd
  70. Mediserve Healthcare Ltd
  71. Medipharm E.A. Ltd
  72. Medi System Supplies & Services Ltd
  73. Medilink Labs and Surgicals Ltd;
  74. Medigroup Support Ltd
  75. Medica Enterprises Ltd
  76. Marty Enterprises Ltd
  77. Manigate Agencies Ltd
  78. Magic Chemical Kenya Ltd
  79. Macmed Healthcare (K) Ltd
  80. Lued (A) Chemicals Ltd
  81. Lizsol Chem Company Limited
  82. Liwajo Diagnostics Ltd
  83. Life Resources Enterprises
  84. Lancet Laboratories (2000) Ltd
  85. Labulax Supplies Ltd
  86. Labtech Electronic Services E. A. Ltd
  87. Laboquips Suppliers
  88. Laborare Medical Supplies
  89. Laborama Limited
  90. Labo Pharma Kenya
  91. Labnet Africa Ltd
  92. Labmed Limited
  93. Labaccess Diagnostics
  94. La Bonne Sante Enterprises
  95. Kodak Dental Systems
  96. Kobian Kenya Ltd
  97. Kenya Surgical Engineers Ltd
  98. Kenya Medical Engineering Ltd
  99. Kenya Laboratory Supply Centre Ltd
  100. KenRuss Medics Ltd
  101. Kendent Supplies Ltd
  102. Kem Supplies EastAfrica
  103. KAM Pharmacy (Wholesale) Ltd
  104. Joslab Supplies Ltd
  105. Jimcare Diagnostic Suppliers
  106. Jencons Africa Ltd
  107. Janst Healthcare International
  108. Jabez Healthcare Ltd
  109. In-Vitro Diagnostics (EA) Ltd.
  110. Invalid Equipment Ltd
  111. I-Tech Supplies E.A Ltd
  112. IMED Healthcare Limited
  113. Human Quality Assessment Services (HUQAS)
  114. House of Hearing International Ltd
  115. Hospital Suppliers Ltd
  116. Himani Traders & Distributors
  117. HemoCue Kenya Ltd
  118. Health-care Equipment Suppliers
  119. Healthcare Direct (K) Ltd
  120. Hass Scientific & Medical Supplies Ltd
  121. Harleys Ltd
  122. Hain Lifescience E.A Ltd
  123. Global Sightcare & Supplies
  124. Gelsup Laboratory Equipment Supply
  125. Fuji Kenya Ltd
  126. Flambert Holdings Ltd
  127. Faram (E.A) Ltd
  128. F & S Scientific Ltd
  129. Estec Limited
  130. Emex(Africa) Ltd.
  131. Elisatech Diagnostics E.A Ltd
  132. Elgonian Distributors
  133. Elegant Surgical Suppliers
  134. DOL International (K) Ltd
  135. Disposable Surgicals & Recoveries Ltd
  136. Dialab Supplies Ltd.
  137. Diagnostics Automation Ltd
  138. Dentmed (K) Ltd
  139. Dentex Industries Ltd
  140. Dajohn Enterprises Ltd
  141. Crown Solutions Ltd -Crown Healthcare Division
  142. Come Diagnostics
  143. Chromlab Scientific Services & Supplies
  144. Chinkwe Enterprises Ltd.
  145. Chem-Rectic Ltd.
  146. Chemoquip Ltd
  147. Chem-Labs Services Ltd.
  148. Central Scientific Supplies
  149. Cardiac Implant Systems Ltd
  150. Brisk Diagnostic Limited
  151. Bridgewell Scientitic
  152. Bora Biotech Ltd
  153. Bonmed Medical Systems
  154. BOC Kenya Ltd
  155. Bobcare Medical Systems
  156. Bio Zeq Kenya Ltd
  157. Biotech Laboratories (K) Ltd
  158. Biosystems Lab Supplies Ltd.
  159. Bioquest Kenya Ltd
  160. Biologic Solutions Ltd
  161. Bioline Agency
  162. Biofit Diagnostics
  163. Bakpharm Ltd
  164. Bactlab Ltd
  165. Asterisk Ltd
  166. Ashcott Ltd
  167. Ariquest Ltd
  168. Archevanell General Supplies Kenya Ltd
  169. Central Drug Company Ltd
  170. Betroy Pharmaceuticals
  171. Transwide Pharmaceuticals Limited
  172. Nakuchem (K) Ltd
  173. Shifa Chem Ltd
  174. Pharmaken Ltd
  175. Oceanview Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  176. Laborex Kenya Ltd
  177. Kadunguni Pharmacy Limited
  178. Harley’s Limited
  179. C. Mehta Co. Ltd
  180. Laborex Kenya Ltd
  181. Kentons Ltd
  182. Harley’s Ltd
  183. Galaxy Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  184. Medkam Pharmaceuticals E.A Ltd
  185. Norbrook Kenya Ltd
  186. Medisel (K) Ltd
  187. Bora Biotech Ltd
  188. lnterlake Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd
  189. Cloriti Pharmaceuticals (E.A) Ltd
  190. Neema Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  191. Wellmed Pharmaceutical Ltd
  192. United Pharma (K) Ltd
  193. Uni Supplies & Marketing (K) Ltd
  194. Unisel Pharma (K) Ltd
  195. Twokay Chemicals Ltd
  196. Trinity Pharma Limited
  197. Transwide Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  198. Transchem Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  199. Three Pyramids Company Ltd
  200. Swama Ltd
  201. Syner-Med Pharmaceuticals (K) Ltd
  202. Syner Chemie Ltd
  203. Surgipharm Limited
  204. Surgilinks Ltd
  205. Sunpar Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  206. Sunnyland Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  207. Statim Pharmaceuticals
  208. Sonal Holdings (K) Ltd
  209. Sky Pharmacy Ltd
  210. Simba Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  211. Sanofi Pasteur International
  212. Sanofi Aventis
  213. Sai Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  214. Saicare Enterprises Ltd
  215. Rup Pharm Ltd.
  216. Riviera Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  217. Regal Pharmaceuticals
  218. Ray Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  219. Pharmaco Healthcare
  220. Pharm Access Africa Ltd.
  221. Pan Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  222. Omaera Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  223. Novelty Manufacturing Ltd
  224. Novartis Pharma Services
  225. Njimia Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  226. Nilson Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  227. Nila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  228. Nairobi Pharmaceutical (K) Ltd.
  229. Modupharma Ltd
  230. Mission For Essential Drugs and Supplies
  231. Micro Labs Ltd
  232. MICA Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  233. Metro Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  234. Medox Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  235. Medivet Products Ltd.
  236. Maxim Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  237. Masten Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  238. Manhar Brothers (K) Ltd
  239. Madawa Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  240. Mac Naughton Ltd.
  241. Mac Lawrence Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd
  242. Lukim Pharmaceuticals Agencies Ltd
  243. Lords Healthcare Ltd.
  244. Leo Pharmaceuticals
  245. Laborex Kenya Eurapharma Ltd
  246. Laboratory & Allied Ltd
  247. Kulal International Ltd
  248. Ken-Bangla Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  249. KAM Industries Ltd
  250. Jupiter Pharmacy Ltd
  251. Jos Hansen & Soehne (EA) Ltd
  252. Jawamed Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  253. Jaskam & Company Ltd
  254. Isis Africa
  255. IPCA Laboratories Ltd
  256. Infusion Medicare Limited
  257. Ilam Pharmacy (Wholesale) Ltd
  258. Hoffman La-Roche Products Ltd
  259. Highchem Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  260. Harley’s Ltd
  261. Haripharma Pharmaceuticals
  262. Goodman Agencies Ltd.
  263. Globe Pharmacy Ltd
  264. Global Net-Medical Ltd
  265. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  266. GlaxoSmithKline
  267. Giant Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  268. Galaxy Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  269. FAW Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  270. Eurox Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  271. Europa Healthcare Ltd.
  272. Eros Ventures Ltd
  273. Elys Chemical Industries Ltd
  274. Eldohosp Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  275. Egypro East Africa Ltd
  276. Easton Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  277. Cosmos Ltd
  278. Depo Pharma Ltd
  279. Dawa Limited
  280. Dapco Pharmaceuticals Kenya Ltd
  281. Dannes Pharmacy Ltd
  282. Dafra Pharma Ltd
  283. Consolata Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  284. Concepts (Africa) Ltd
  285. Comet Healthcare Ltd
  286. Cistein Pharmaceuticals
  287. Caroga Pharma Kenya Ltd
  288. Cadila Pharmaceuticals (EA) Ltd
  289. C. Mehta 8. Co. Ltd
  290. Bureau Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  291. British Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  292. Boehringer Ingelheim Division
  293. Biotech Pharma Ltd
  294. Biopharma Ltd
  295. Biodeal Lboratories Ltd
  296. Autosterile (E.A) Limited
  297. Astrazeneca
  298. Ariquest Ltd
  299. Armicon Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  300. Ansell Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  301. Beijing Holley-Cotec Co., Ltd.
  302. Beta Healthcare International Ltd
  303. Bayer East Africa Ltd
  304. Alpha Medical Manufacturers Ltd
  305. Adcock Ingram East Africa Ltd
  306. Accord Healthcare (Kenya) Ltd
  307. Ace Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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