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Plastic Manufacturers in Kenya – Plastic Companies in Kenya

Plastic Manufacturers in Kenya

Plastic Manufacturers in Kenya are primary plastics manufacturers in Africa, providing solutions to a number of industries, NGO’s, commercial enterprises, schools and hospitals, as well as designing and supplying a number of best-selling products to the domestic market.

Plastic Manufacturers in Kenya – Partnerships with Customers

Plastic Companies in Kenya have built lasting partnerships with every customer on the basic principles of integrity, responsibility and ingenuity. Combining a wealth a expertise with unequaled design, experience and new technology has resulted in earning a reputation for getting the job done right, on time and on budget.

Plastic Manufacturers in Kenya

Plastic Manufacturers in Kenya

Plastic Manufacturers in Kenya – Products

All products are made from CFC-free, food-grade, recyclable plastic, and are used in a wide variety of food, horticulture and retail sectors. They include;

  1. Punnets and trays
  2. Packaging cups
  3. Disposable glasses
  4. Disposable plates, bowls and cutlery
  5. Multi-purpose containers
  6. Celebration range
  7. Propagation pots and trays

Plastic Manufacturers in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all plastic manufacturers in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the plastic companies in Kenya websites.

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List of Plastic Companies in Kenya

  1. A Plus PVC Technology Co Ltd
  2. Acme Containers Ltd
  3. Adix Plastics Ltd
  4. Afro Plastics (Kenya) Ltd
  5. Alankar Industries Ltd
  6. Amar Distributors Ltd
  7. Beakams Enterprises
  8. Cables & Plastics Ltd
  9. Canaan Plastics Ltd
  10. Complast Industries Ltd
  11. Crown Industries Ltd
  12. Dentex Industries Ltd
  13. Ecopost
  14. Excellence Product Line
  15. Franconomic Enteprises Ltd
  16. General Plastics Ltd
  17. Jamlam Industries Ltd
  18. Jaydees Knitting Factory Ltd
  19. Ken Aluminium Products Ltd
  20. Ken Plastics Ltd
  21. Kenapen (E.A) Ltd
  22. Kenpoly Manufacturers Ltd
  23. Kissan Enterprises
  24. Lotus Enterprises Ltd
  25. Malplast Industries Ltd
  26. Mars Mechanical Engineers Ltd
  27. Mega (E.A) Plastics Limited
  28. Nairobi Plastics Ltd
  29. NCT Middle East FZE
  30. Old Tufnell Limited
  31. Palamco Co. Ltd
  32. Paras Industries Ltd
  33. Parkline Industries Ltd
  34. Plastic Electricons Ltd
  35. Plastic Products Co Ltd
  36. Plasto Works Ltd
  37. Plexchem Ltd
  38. Polyblend Ltd
  39. Polymed East Africa Ltd
  40. Polymers Extrusion Ltd
  41. Powerplast Industries Ltd
  42. Premier Industries Ltd
  43. Prestige Packaging Ltd
  44. Pyramid Packaging Ltd
  45. R. & R. Plastics Ltd
  46. Raneem Plastic Industries
  47. Regional Plastics (K) Ltd
  48. Richardson & David Ltd
  49. Safepak Ltd
  50. Sanpac Africa
  51. Sarrchem International Ltd
  52. Seracoatings World Ltd
  53. Silicon Trading Co. Ltd
  54. Springbox Kenya Ltd
  55. Sumaria Industries Ltd
  56. Supreme Plastics Ltd
  57. Textile & Plastics Industries Ltd
  58. Thermopak Ltd
  59. Twinchem Ltd
  60. Uni-Plastics Ltd
  61. Vermont Flowers EPZ
  62. Vintz Plastics Ltd
  63. Vyatu Ltd

Plastic Companies in Kenya – Video

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