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Polythene Bags Manufacturers in Kenya

Polythene Bags Manufacturers in Kenya

Polythene Bags Manufacturers in Kenya, products, are at present supplied to various market sectors like parastatals, multinational organizations, NGO’s, the motor industries, construction companies and manufacturing industries.

Polythene Bags Manufacturers in Kenya – Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging division has been started to produce special materials for packaging in the food industry and for many other products in the Kenyan market with the help of Film Laminator and Flexographic Printer. Apart from these we have extrusion line and sealing and packing machines.

Polythene Bags Companies in Kenya – Products

With their extrusion lines sinergically conceived with our clients, several products of daily use are obtained: the shopper or carrier bags, refuse sacks, thermo shrinkable film, stretch films, bags for vacuum controlled atmosphere food packaging, film for diapers, co-extruded film for the most diversified packaging applications and for agricultural applications.

Polythene Bags Manufacturers in Kenya – Production Process

Due continuous modernization, planning and executing, these companies always have the latest technology machinery and well trained work force. The quality tests conducted in laboratories, each production process i.e. extrusion, bag making and printing ensures supply of quality products to our customers.

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Polythene Bags Manufacturers – Production Range

  1. Clear polythene films in various gauges and width from 3” to 6 Mts (in sheet form, roll form as well as gusseted)
  2. Clear polythene film in various gauges (in tube form and printed)
  3. Clear UV polythene films maximum 6 Mts width as well as in colour.
  4. Polythene bags in any sizes and gauges as per customer’s choice clear and printed in different colours.
  5. Multi layer films – used for packing milk, sugar, salt, rice, oil etc.
  6. Multi layer films for lamination.
  7. Shrink-wrap films in any size and gauges.
Polythene Bags Manufacturers in Kenya

Polythene Bags Manufacturers in Kenya

Polythene Bags Manufacturers in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all polythene bags manufacturers in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the polythene bags manufacturers in Kenya websites.

List of Polythene Bags Manufacturers in Kenya

  1. A-One Plastics Ltd
  2. Arihant Industries Ltd
  3. cempack-solutions-ltd
  4. Cocorico Investments Ltd
  5. Conet Plastic Ltd
  6. Cosmo Plastics Ltd
  7. Elegance Packaging Ltd
  8. Esko Polythene Ltd
  9. Eu-Jos Enterprises
  10. Flexopak Kenya Ltd
  11. G N & Co Polyethylene Ltd
  12. Gatoyo Enterprise
  13. Gnagee Polythene & General Supplies
  14. Hi-Plast Ltd
  15. Jowam Enterprises
  16. Kenya Ring Plastic Industries Ltd
  17. King Plastic Industries Ltd
  18. Laneeb Plastics Industries Ltd
  19. Liflo Communication
  20. Mombasa Polythene Bags
  21. Mombasa Polythene Bags Ltd
  22. Monnimart Shop
  23. Moondust Enterprises
  24. Mustang Trading Co Ltd
  25. Packaging & Catering Products
  26. Packaging Masters Ltd
  27. Paperbags Ltd – Head Office Branch
  28. Polyflex Industries Ltd
  29. Polythene Bags Manufacturers in Kenya
  30. Qplast Industries Ltd
  31. Robin Polythene Shop
  32. Rushabh Industries Ltd
  33. S K Polythene
  34. Samcat Merchants
  35. Styroplast Ltd
  36. United Bags Manufacturers Ltd

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