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Property and Real Estate Companies in Kenya

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Property Companies in Kenya

Property Companies in Kenya are led by a diverse, seasoned management team, each possessing extensive experience with leading property development and real estate companies in Kenya.

Undoubtedly, their success in both the residential and commercial property markets in Kenya and particularly in Nairobi is drawn from their immensely rich personnel base whose vast experience and expertise in the real estate industry in Kenya has been demonstrated very ably.

Real Estate Companies in Kenya

Many real estate companies in Kenya specialize in property in major towns in Kenya although some of them have branches in smaller towns and rural areas. Most property companies in Kenya portfolio includes a range of land, plots, homes and apartments.

Property Companies in Kenya
Property Companies in Kenya

Top Real Estate Companies in Kenya

Villa Care Ltd

Category: Real Estate Companies in Kenya

Villa Care Ltd is a real estate services firm focused on delivering high quality and customized services to individuals, the private sector and government clients in Kenya. The firm, duly incorporated under the companies Act Cap 486 in 1994, began operations with a team of only four members of staff but has now grown to over two hundred and the initial five clients have multiplied many times over.

For more information visit: Villa Care Ltd

Knight Frank Kenya

Category: Real Estate Companies in Kenya

Established in March 1998, Knight Frank Kenya (KFK) works closely with Knight Frank Tanzania and Knight Frank Uganda to complete a regional network that cements the Knight Frank group’s expanding Central and South African interests.

Advising national and international commercial and residential developers, investors, owners and occupiers Knight Frank Kenya fulfill a wide range of real estate needs, including: property management, agency, valuation, project management, feasibility and research-led consultancy.

With expert knowledge of factors affecting national and international property markets, Knight Frank Kenya goal is to improve operations, maximise returns on investment and add value throughout working partnerships.

Hass Consult Ltd

Category: Real Estate Companies in Kenya

HassConsult LTD is a real estate firm which has been acting in the Kenyan market since its creation in 1992. The company offers a variety of services ranging from new property development and consultancy to letting, selling and managing of residential and commercial properties, and more recently valuations of all kinds of properties, including hotels, businesses and industries.

Myspace Properties Kenya

Category: Real Estate Companies in Kenya

The mission of Myspace Properties is to be the first pick when it comes to venturing into real estate, property development and the housing industry in Kenya. Myspace Properties Kenya aim to deliver the best services and cater for the real estate boom in Kenya; specifically in Mombasa, helping buyers, investors, owners and developers to meet their needs.

Ryden International LTD

Category: Real Estate Companies in Kenya

Ryden’s success is closely due to the values instilled by its founder, Iain Illingworth, who placed great importance to personal integrity, prompt and efficient service, and a personalized approach to the business. Ryden International LTD is dedicated to a standard of values that promote honesty, trust and openness. We aim to be dependable and consistent in all our dealings.

Azizi Realtors LTD

Category: Real Estate Companies in Kenya

Azizi Realtors is a Limited Liability Property Consultancy Company. Azizi Realtors specialize in prime properties, in Nairobi and the rest of the country.

Azizi Realtors was formed with a view of offering professional real estate consultancy above board by creating synergies in the operational real estate through integrity, transparency and speed of service delivery. The company directors and key management staff have a total combined experience of over 30 years in property sale, letting, property management and investment advisory.

Azizi Realtors believes that that property whether you are buying, selling letting or leasing is a big investment and needs to be looked after like a ‘treasure’. It is their job to maintain the ‘treasure’ and add value. Azizi Realtors therefore strive to ensure your ‘treasure’ is always at its best.

Azizi Realtors services include:

  • Property Sales
  • Property Lettings
  • Property Management
  • Investment and Development Consultancy

Suraya Property Group Ltd

Category: Property Companies in Kenya

Suraya Property Group Ltd is a real estate company incorporated in 2006 by Pete and Sue Muraya. Suraya Property aims to become the leading property development company in Africa by creating lifestyles that change the way people LIVE, WORK and PLAY through innovation, eco-friendly and affordable developments.

Suraya property group mission is to create quality, affordable housing through a goal oriented team that executes innovative ideas to change the landscape of the housing development while establishing sustainable wealth and a signature brand.

Tysons Ltd

Category: Property Companies in Kenya

Tysons Ltd is committed to providing professional, dependable and customer focused Real Estate and Asset Valuation solutions that meets the global standards and constantly satisfy customer requirements. Tysons Limited draws expertise from the Departments of Valuation, Marketing, Agency, Feasibility Studies and Project & Research. Areas of Specialization. The Company’s range of services covers all aspects of real estate transactions.

Lloyd Masika Ltd

Category: Property Companies in Kenya

Lloyd Masika Limited is a leading Registered Valuation and Estate Agency firm, providing professional valuation and estate agent services in Kenya. It has been established since 1979 and is structured in three main departments, which are complimentary in the provision of services.

Homes Universal

Category: Property Companies in Kenya

Homes Universal is a real estate consortium of more than ten subsidiaries that offer the full range of real estate services ranging from property development, sales and lettings, valuations, property management, property exhibitions, interior design and a host of other complementary services. Over the years, the group has continued to thrive by anticipating the needs of the market and quickly adapting so as to provide the required services conveniently under one roof through its wide network of subsidiaries.

List of Real Estate Agents in Kenya 

  1. Active Homes
  2. Africa Reit Limited
  3. Afriland Agencies
  4. Alinge Holdings Ltd
  5. Alpine Coolers Details, Contact and Website
  6. Altavista International Ltd
  7. Amalgamated Properties Ltd
  8. Anglo African Property Holdings Ltd
  9. Anpemu Ltd
  10. Ark Consultants Ltd
  11. Baraka Land Co Ltd
  12. Baraka Land Co Ltd
  13. Barloworld Logistics (Kenya) Ltd
  14. Bertrose Enterprises
  15. Betaland Enterprises
  16. Betterdayz Estates
  17. Big Five Housing Developers Ltd
  18. Binau Investments Co Ltd
  19. Blue Nile Properties
  20. Bootsie Enterprises
  21. Brick Court Ltd
  22. Brilliance Agencies
  23. Brilliance Agencies Ltd
  24. British American Asset Managers
  25. Brookfields Real Estate Ltd
  26. Butterfly Limited Kenya Details, Contact and Website
  27. Canaan Properties
  28. Capital Care Homes & Property Consultants
  29. Capital Care Homes and Property Consultants
  30. Capital City Limited
  31. Capitol Hill Realtors Ltd
  32. Captain & Captain
  33. Castleland Property Consultants
  34. CB Richard Ellis
  35. Chabrin Agencies Ltd
  36. Chal Developers Ltd
  37. Chania Real Estate
  38. Charcon Properties Limited
  39. Cheska Agency Ltd
  40. Cheska Agency Ltd-real Agents
  41. Chigwell Holdings Ltd
  42. Chriska Property Agencies
  43. Citiscope
  44. Citiscope
  45. City Ark Properties
  46. City Development Co Ltd
  47. City Estate Corp Ltd
  48. Colburns Holdings Ltd
  49. Continental Developers
  50. Continental Developers Ltd
  51. Coral Property Consultants Ltd
  52. Coral Property Consultants Ltd
  53. Cosmic Consultants
  54. Cosmos Dynamics
  55. Country Homes and Properties
  56. Crafts – Joze
  57. Cretecom Property Group Ltd
  58. Crown Homes Management
  59. Crystal Shelters Ltd
  60. Crystal Valuers Limited
  61. Damka Commercial Agencies
  62. Daro Real Estate
  63. Daykio Plantations Limited
  64. DCS Properties Ltd
  65. Decent Jomasama Agents
  66. Denr-iao Investments Agencies
  67. Deus Properties
  68. Deus Properties
  69. Developing Afrika Limited
  70. Dilbagh Singh Bros Ltd
  71. Dilbagh Singh Bros Ltd
  72. Discovery Properties Kenya Ltd
  73. Double K Information Agents
  74. Dream Properties
  75. Duncal Properties Ltd
  76. Dunhlill Consulting Ltd
  77. Eagle Lite International Ltd
  78. Earthlink Properties & Services Ltd
  79. East Africa Homes commercial Agencies
  80. East Gate apartments limited
  81. East Gate Apartments Limited
  82. East Gate Apartments Limited
  83. Eastwood Consulting Limited
  84. Ebony Estates Limited
  85. Echo Properties
  86. Echo Properties Ltd
  87. Economic Housing Group
  88. Eden Park Country Gardens
  89. Edlon (K) Ltd
  90. Elcamino Holdings Ltd
  91. Eldema Kenya Ltd
  92. Elegant Properties
  93. Elgeo Ultimate Contractors
  94. Elgeyo Gardens Limited
  95. Ena Property Consultants Ltd
  96. Ena Property Consultants Ltd
  97. Erdemann Property Ltd
  98. Etwons Property Consultants
  99. Exclusive African Treasures Ltd
  100. Exposure Interlink Agencies Ltd
  101. Fairway Realtors
  102. Fairway Realtors And Precision Valuers
  103. Fedha (Management) Ltd
  104. Felric Property & General Services
  105. Fidelitas Investments Ltd
  106. Financial & Property Consultants Ltd
  107. Finkay Lease Services Ltd
  108. Firstcom Properties
  109. Firstcom Properties
  110. Florin Enterprises Ltd
  111. Fort Properties Ltd
  112. Fortune Properties Ltd
  113. Frank & Co. Properties
  114. FriYads Real Estate
  115. Future-Estates Ltd
  116. Galvin Agencies & Real Estate
  117. Garden Real Estate Development Ltd
  118. Gatugi Agencies Ltd
  119. Gemini Shelters
  120. Gemu Property Valuers & Management Agencies
  121. General Properties Ltd
  122. Geocad Enterprises Ltd
  123. Geonwa Investment
  124. Gichere Enterprises
  125. Gigi & Company
  126. Gikondi Housing Enterprises Co Ltd
  127. Gimco Limited
  128. Githere Investments Ltd
  129. Gitutho & Co. Holdings
  130. Gloca Commercial Agency
  131. Goldman Services Ltd
  132. Grapes Investment Ltd
  133. Gravitel Ltd
  134. Green Hill Properties
  135. Greenhills Investments Ltd
  136. Greenlands Africa (K) Ltd
  137. Greenspan Housing
  138. Greenzone Properties Management Ltd
  139. Ground Plan Agencies
  140. Guardian Properties
  141. Guinnesse Real Estate Agents
  142. Guton Kenya Limited
  143. Hajar Services Limited
  144. Halifax Estate Agency Ltd.
  145. Harcourt Properties
  146. Harcourt Properties
  147. Hardrock Holdings & Investment Company Ltd
  148. Has Properties Ltd
  149. Hass Plaza Management Ltd
  150. HassConsult
  151. Hatua Commercial Agencies
  152. Helisa Properties
  153. Hemingways Investment Ltd
  154. Hentrans Commercial Agencies
  155. Henwa Investment Ltd
  156. Heshima Shelters Agencies
  157. Hestan Property Managers
  158. Hewton Limited
  159. High Noon Enterprises Ltd
  160. Highburry Properties
  161. Highland Valuers Estate
  162. Highway Dynamics Ltd
  163. Home Space Properties
  164. Homes & Shelter Africa Ltd
  165. Homes and lifestyles
  166. Homesearch Ltd
  167. Housing Finance
  168. Humpreys Properties
  169. Hypo Thermix Ltd
  170. Hypo Thermix Ltd
  171. Ideal Properties Developers Ltd
  172. Iern Property Developers
  173. Igainya Ltd
  174. Indar Singh Gill Ltd
  175. Integer Ltd
  176. Intermarket Agencies
  177. International House
  178. J G Mbugua Enterprises
  179. Jacent Properties Limited
  180. Jakim Agencies Ltd
  181. Jambo Star Properties Ltd
  182. Jamngu Commercial Agent
  183. Jeast Enterprise
  184. Jeflink Agencies Ltd
  185. Jem Properties
  186. Jemuda Property Management Office
  187. Jestima Company
  188. Jevans Consult Valuers Ltd
  189. Jigrush Properties Management Ltd
  190. Jimly Properties Ltd
  191. Jimly Properties Ltd
  192. Jirani Glassmart & Hardware
  193. Jna Markerters Limited
  194. Jogoo Road Properties
  195. Johari Estates Ltd
  196. Johari Valley
  197. Johnwise Ventures
  198. Jojean Properties Ltd
  199. Jomas Property Mangement
  200. Jongeto Enterprises
  201. Jongeto Enterprises
  202. Jophim Communication Ltd
  203. Josekinyaga Enterprises Ltd
  204. Joska Enterprioses
  205. Josmarg Agencies
  206. Jostika Consultants
  207. Jostika Consultants
  208. Josuma Enterprises
  209. Joy Yard Properties
  210. Joyland Estate Agent
  211. Just For Properties
  212. Justland Properties
  213. Kahuho Holdings Ltd
  214. Kali Security Co Ltd
  215. Kamau Muiru Commission Agents
  216. Karen Link Propeties
  217. Karengata Property Managers
  218. Kariobangi Gikabu Co Ltd
  219. Karume Investments Ltd
  220. Kedong Ranch
  221. Kedong Ranch Ltd
  222. Ken Banco House Ltd
  223. Kenlife Properties Ltd
  224. Kenrow Property
  225. Kenya Liason & Sort Ltd
  226. Kenya Prime Properties Ltd
  227. Kenya Property Point
  228. Kevins Properties
  229. Kibunja & Associates
  230. Kibuwa Leasing & Management Ltd
  231. Kilifi Konnection
  232. Kingsgate Properties
  233. Kiragu & Mwangi Limited
  234. Kirsek Investments Ltd
  235. Kitengela Properties Limited
  236. Knight Frank Limited
  237. Komarock Building Development Co Ltd
  238. Konza City and Nairobi County Properties
  239. Kugeria Investments Co Ltd
  240. Kusyombunguo Lukenya
  241. Land & Homes
  242. Land & Homes
  243. Land Safaris Home Management
  244. Landmark Investment Centre
  245. Landvalue Ltd
  246. Langata Link Estate Agents
  247. Langata Link Ltd
  248. Lantana Homes
  249. Laser Property Services Ltd
  250. Latida Enterprises Ltd

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