Real Estate Developers in Kenya

Real Estate Developers in Kenya: Real estate  development is a multifaceted business process, encompassing activities that range from the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to the purchase of raw land and the sale of developed land or parcels to others. Real estate developers are the people and companies who coordinate all of these activities, converting ideas from paper to real property.

Real Estate Developers in Kenya – Visions

These companies visions are to become the largest and the most respected and trusted provider of new houses in East Africa while engaging positively and to the mutual benefit of customers, staff, contractors, suppliers and the wider community.

Real Estate Developers in Kenya Photo
Real Estate Developers in Kenya Photo

Real Estate Developers in Kenya – Strategic Objectives

These companies strategic objectives include:

  • Working with the Government and other stakeholders to promote policies that stimulate the property sector;
  • Contributing to excellence in building through promotion of world-class ethical standards and educational program
  • Compiling focused research and analysis to inform investment decisions, policy analysis and public education;
  • Developing new financing mechanisms to help low and middle income Kenyan families own homes through collaborations with strategic partners;
  • Providing forums where property investors can share expertise and build business contacts;
  • Harmonizing development activities with citizen concerns, like focus groups and associations

In the quest of meeting the housing demand in the real estate market, many developers have come up with offers that are exquisite and affordable. Companies have seen developments in the capital city and outside this area that target the middle and upper-middle class who have disposable income.

Top Real Estate Developers in Kenya

Top developers in Kenya according to Lamudi Kenya

a) Suraya Property Group Limited

Suraya properties Group Limited was founded by Pete and Sue Muraya in 2006. Some of their projects include Spring Valley Mall in Westlands, Loneview Apartments phase 2 located off Mombasa Road before the weighbridge, Fourways Junction Phase 2 located on Kiambu road, Encasa @ Mombasa Road Phase 2,Classix @Fourways, Lynx @ Muchai Drive.

b) AMS Properties

This is one of the pioneers of the property developers in Kenya. They have residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality developments. Some of their projects include; Five Star Meadows along Kiambu road, One General Mathenge, One West Park, Five Star Gardens in Mombasa Road. Since AMS Group was started, they have focused on providing quality developments that set a benchmark for real estate industry in Kenya.

c) Nirbhau Gulshan Ventures Ltd

The promoters of nirbhau group are responsible for the development of more than 1.5 million sq. Ft. Of prime real estate in nairobi, and have become synonymous with world-class standards. Renown for premium finishes, intelligent layouts, unbeatable size/price/quality ratios, flexible payment plans, and superior after-sale maintenance, nirbhau now proudly presents the marquis.

d) Chigwell Holdings

Founded on a deep sense of service and innovation, Chigwell Holdings has managed to stay ahead as the property developer of choice providing the Kenyan real estate market with contemporary homes that meet and exceed international standards. Some of the projects include Phenom park, Phenom Estate and Sidai Village

e) Ediface (Purple Haze)

Edifice Limited is a privately owned development company, specialised in the residential, commercial, hospitality, and mixed-use, real estate projects. We operate in the Capital City of Kenya, Nairobi. Edifice literally means “building” which is what we specialize in building homes,offices and the dreams of our clients. Our exclusive team oversee every characteristic and factor for each project, from its conception to completion. We devote the time, energy and resources necessary to deliver on our commitments.
Some of the projects include: Purple Haze, Apple Cross and Museum Hill.

List of Real Estate Developers in Kenya

Here is a comprehensive list of all real estate developers in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the property developers in Kenya websites.

List of Property Developers in Kenya

  1. Aberdare Hills Golf Resort
  2. Acute Realtors Ltd
  3. Adde Developers Ltd
  4. ADM (Archer Dramond Morgan Ltd)
  5. Ajogi (E.A) Estate
  6. Amanah Properties
  7. Amber Properties
  8. Amber Properties Ltd
  9. Ams Properties – Ams properties Limited
  10. Angaza Real Estate
  11. Ark Properties & Investments Ltd
  12. Atlantic Property Developers Ltd
  13. Bahati Ridge Development Ltd
  14. Becam Properties Limited
  15. Bellway Villas Ltd
  16. Benl Development Ltd
  17. Billmark Properties Limited
  18. Bracon Ltd
  19. Bufallo Hills Leisure and Golf Village
  20. Buyut Properties
  21. By His Grace Enterprises Ltd
  22. Canaan Properties Ltd
  23. Canton Real Estate
  24. Capital Care Homes & Property Consultants
  25. Capital One Real Estate
  26. Capital Valuers Ltd
  27. Capstone Care Management
  28. Castle Property Consultants
  29. Centenary Valuers Ltd
  30. Chalan Properties Ltd
  31. Chania Gardens
  32. Chemi Chemi Real Estate
  33. Chevron Properties
  34. Chigwell Holdings Ltd
  35. China Young Tai Eng Ltd.
  36. Circuit Valuers & Management Consultants
  37. Compound Ltd
  38. Corner House Developments Lt
  39. County Home Developers
  40. Cretum Properties Ltd
  41. Crystal Afrique Ltd
  42. Crystals Valuers Ltd
  43. Custom Homes Ltd
  44. Dale Investments Ltd
  45. Danville Ventures
  46. Daphen Real Estate Ltd
  47. Delta Plains
  48. Denko Properties Ltd
  49. Derby Holdings Ltd
  50. Design Beyond Century
  51. Diamond Park Ltd
  52. Diamond Property Merchants
  53. Dimarks Enterprises
  54. Dinara Developers Limited
  55. Dinara Vestsure Ltd
  56. Divisional Integrated Development Programmes Co Ltd (DIPS)
  57. Dofra Solutions
  58. Dolphins Real Estates Ltd
  59. Dumark Enterprises Ltd
  60. Earth Scope Properties Ltd
  61. East Gate Apartments Ltd
  62. Easy Properties Ltd
  63. Edcomm Systems
  64. Edomol Enterprises
  65. Ekco Investments Ltd
  66. El-Kengsha
  67. El-Oasis Development Ltd
  68. Elegant Homes Ltd
  69. Elgam Ltd
  70. Exclusie Classic Properties Ltd
  71. Executive Concepts Ltd
  72. Face-Saver Enterprises Ltd
  73. Feimwas Commercial Agencies
  74. Finelands Holdings Ltd
  75. Fort Properties
  76. Fortune Commercial Agencies
  77. Gabson Commercial Agencies
  78. Gakuyo Real Estate Ltd
  79. Gamar Investments
  80. Garun Real Estate Investment Ltd
  81. Gichohi Investments Ltd
  82. Gigiri Shopping Centre Ltd
  83. Gimu Development Co. (K)
  84. Glen International Real Estate
  85. Golden Real Properties
  86. Golden Reeds Properties
  87. Gordas Agencies Ltd
  88. Grand Villa Properties
  89. Grapa Ltd
  90. Green City Investment Ltd
  91. Green Gain Consultants Ltd
  92. Green Oak Ville Flat Services
  93. Greengates Commercial Agencies Ltd
  94. Gribs Agencies Ltd
  95. Guango Ltd
  96. Guardian Homes Ltd
  97. Habitat Innovations Ltd
  98. Habitat Realtors International Ltd
  99. Hajar Services Ltd
  100. Hallmark Realty(K) Ltd
  101. Harp Housing Ltd
  102. Hello Properties
  103. High Plateau Limited
  104. High Velocity Developers
  105. Hillside Homes Ltd
  106. Home Afrika Ltd
  107. Home Care Agencies
  108. Home Care Estate Agencies
  109. Homeline Realtors Ltd
  110. Homelink Enterprises
  111. Homeplus Realtors Ltd
  112. Homes Universal
  113. Homeward Agencies Ltd
  114. Homexperts Ltd
  115. Hope Realty Holdings Ltd
  116. Housing Solutions International Ltd
  117. Hoven Co. Ltd
  118. Hydro Developers Ltd Kenya
  119. Jaffery Investment Ltd
  120. Jagafam Enterprises Limited
  121. Jannah Properties Ltd
  122. Jekmas Services
  123. Jimwa Properties Ltd
  124. Jingcheng Management Ltd
  125. Kabuku Realty Co.Ltd
  126. Kaiwi Agencies Ltd
  127. Kamira International
  128. Karibu Homes
  129. Kawaken Holdings Ltd
  130. Kenjap Ltd
  131. Kenval Realtors(E.A) Ltd
  132. Kenya Classic Homes
  133. Kenya Home Solutions Ltd
  134. Kenya Houses Limited
  135. Kenya Sterling Homes
  136. Kevangi Agencies
  137. Kiandegwa Investment
  138. Kiganjo Property Development Ltd
  139. Kindiiu Investment Limited
  140. Kings Developers Ltd
  141. Kings Pride
  142. Kisima Real Estate Limited
  143. Kitongi Investment Ltd
  144. Kore Forests Ltd
  145. KRUSS Real Estate Mombasa Ltd
  146. Lajacom Properties
  147. Land Link Africa Ltd
  148. Landex Group Ltd
  149. Late Gate Apartments Ltd
  150. LER Ltd
  151. Lexcom International
  152. Liberty Homes Ltd
  153. Likizo Lettings Ltd
  154. Limitline Holdings
  155. Little Legends Ltd
  156. Lordship Group
  157. Luprom Property Management Ltd
  158. Lustman & Co. Ltd
  159. Lyndsays Enterprises Ltd
  160. M & D Homes (K) Ltd
  161. M & M Designs
  162. Maap Shelter Agencies
  163. Madiba Properties Ltd
  164. Mahale Estates Ltd
  165. Maisha Afrika Ltd
  166. Maiyan
  167. Mak Property Company Limited
  168. Makuyu Ridge
  169. Mansions World Ltd
  170. Marijam Investments Ltd
  171. Marina English Point
  172. Mark Stanley Group
  173. Mark Stanley Group MSG
  174. Marvel Homes Property Managers
  175. Maxima Ventures Ltd
  176. Mbalaca Enterprises
  177. Mburu Consult Engineering (K) Ltd
  178. Mehisa Enterprises Ltd
  179. Melsia Management Ltd
  180. Messimilano Properties Ltd
  181. Mevian Estate Realtors
  182. Midas Development Ltd
  183. Midrand Real Estate
  184. Mihrab Development Ltd (FCB Mihrab)
  185. Milbrook Kenya
  186. Mirito Properties And House
  187. Moks Properties Ltd
  188. Mombasa Housing Services Ltd
  189. Mora Hill Homesd
  190. Moscow Homes
  191. Mtwapa Gardens
  192. Mug Muguga Enterprises Ltd
  193. Mureithi Valuers Ltd
  194. Mustard Real Estate Agency
  195. Mwanzo Development Co. Ltd
  196. My Crib
  197. Myspace Properties
  198. Mzima Development Ltd
  199. Nairobi Title Exchange Ltd
  200. National Housing Corporation
  201. Nemka Developers
  202. New Age Developers & Construction Company Ltd
  203. New Dawn Investments Ltd
  204. Nexus Enterprises
  205. Ngombe Holdings Co.
  206. Nices Homes (K) Ltd
  207. Nikanini Estate
  208. Nirbhau Gulshan Ventures Ltd
  209. Nishani Management
  210. Njega Developers Ltd
  211. Njengi Properties Ltd
  212. Njihia Muoka Rashid
  213. Njiwa Properties Ltd
  214. Nkango Enterprises Limited
  215. Nouvetti Realtors Ltd
  216. Nyumba Borad
  217. Nyumba-Link Ltd
  218. Oakpark Properties Ltd
  219. Office Suites Developers Ltd
  220. Optiven Enterprises Ltd
  221. Orekar Agencies
  222. Pan African Properties (K) Ltd
  223. Panama Investment Ltd
  224. Paradise Homes Properties
  225. Peninsula Development Ltd
  226. Petu Property Group Limited
  227. Planchem Gas Masters Ltd
  228. Plantonic Management
  229. Ploutos Ltd
  230. Prima Care Homes
  231. Prism Investments
  232. Prism Investments Ltd
  233. Private Wealth Ltd
  234. Progressive Realtors Ltd
  235. Promised Land Investments Limited
  236. Property Express Ltd
  237. Property Link Africa
  238. Property Link Consultants
  239. Property Option & Securities Ltd
  240. Property Reality Company
  241. Property Zone Consulting Limited
  242. Proxima Ltd
  243. PSP Homes Ltd
  244. Qamatas Properties Ltd
  245. Qian And Company Ltd
  246. Queeneel Properties Ltd
  247. Quillcom Investments Ltd
  248. RashaIi (K) Ltd
  249. Raykay Agencies
  250. Real Care Properties

Real Estate Developers in Kenya – Video

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