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Recruitment Agencies in Kenya

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Recruitment Agencies in Kenya

Recruitment agencies in Kenya act as a bridge between potential employers and the candidates. Companies use employment agencies in Kenya to help in finding suitable and experienced people for the post quickly and efficiently.

Recruitment agencies have professional recruiters who are well qualified and possessing the right knowledge of HRM competencies relevant to recruiting.

Recruitment Agencies in Kenya

Corporate Staffing Services (C.S.S)

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This is a leading recruitment agency in Kenya accredited by the Ministry of Labour and a members of the Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM).

C.S.S recruits for top medium sized and foreign companies looking for Kenyan staff or to do business in Kenya. Apart from recruitment, they are able to advice on the employment law.

C.S.S maintains a massive CVs databank where candidates register their CVs for FREE


Recruitment Agent Location; Nabui House, 3rd Floor, Westlands
Tel: 020-2512394: 020-4442601
Mobile: 0718-610023


For more information visit: Corporate Staffing Services (C.S.S)

Man Power Services Group.

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One of the oldest recruitment agency in Kenya. Manpower recruitment agency has been around since January 1991 they design and places ads in the press with the company’s approval.

Apart from recruiting candidates, ManPower also offers training.


Location:12th Floor,Landmark Plaza,Upper Hill.
P.O.Box 50736-00200 Nairobi-Kenya

For more information visit: Man Power Services Group.

Employment Agencies in Kenya –

Sheer Logic Management

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Sheer Logic Management Consultants (SLMC) was started in 1997 as a limited liability company whose overall aim is to provide Human Resource consultancy and training services to a diverse set of industries and economic sectors; both private and public.


Location: View Park Towers, 5th Floor,
P.O. Box 53026, City Square, Nairobi.
Telephone : 0737 607699, 0728 607699, 0722 125739

For more information visit: Sheer Logic Management

Recours Four Kenya Consultants Ltd

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Recours Four Kenya Consultants Ltd is a fully registered limited liability company and is among the leading HR consultancy firms in Kenya, currently ranked among the best youth focused HR, Recruitment & Training firms in Kenya that consistently uses innovative approaches to curb youth unemployment, progress careers and improve Organizational staff development.

Recruitment Agencies in Kenya

Recruitment Agencies in Kenya

For more information visit: Recours Four Kenya Consultants Ltd

List of Recruitment Agencies in Kenya 

  1. Abela Agency Kenya Details, Contacts and Website
  2. Al Nusra Agencies Ltd
  3. Al Razak Ya Razak Agency
  4. Alshira International Travel, Tourism & Recruitment Agency
  5. Blue Arrow Recruitment Co. Ltd
  6. Competitive Manpower International Ltd
  7. Corporate Staffing Services (C.S.S)
  8. Corprate Staffing Services (K) Ltd
  9. Dammy Agencies
  10. Dignified Recruitment Solution
  11. Dolexo Ventures Ltd Details, Contact and Website
  12. ElMerry International Connections
  13. Flexi Personnel
  14. Gulf Manpower Recruitment Agency
  15. Interlead Ltd
  16. InveTrack Consulting Group
  17. Jatar Agencies
  18. Jefrah Recruitment Agencies
  19. Jobtangu Recruitment Consultancy
  20. Joytom Manpower & Travel Solutions
  21. Khobeshah Agencies Ltd
  22. Link & Logistics Parcel Services
  23. Management Training & Consultancy Services
  24. Muthuma International Agency
  25. Peoplelink Consultants Ltd
  26. Peoplelink Consultants Ltd
  27. Qalib Management Agency
  28. Sahadi International Agency
  29. Shamrah Recruitment Agency Ltd
  30. Silver Ray Health Ltd
  31. Smart Flayers & Travel Acting
  32. Smarta Agency
  33. Summit Recruitment & Training
  34. Surface staff kenya
  35. The Homeaid Staff Provider
  36. Ugnuri Company Ltd
  37. Walnic Co. Ltd
  38. Workspace Solution Centre

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