Business Bureau Services in Kenya

Business Bureau Services in Kenya

These Business Bureau Services in Kenya companies have visions to be a centre of excellence in production and management of quality statistics.Their aim is to develop, provide and promote quality statistical information for evidence-based decision making.

Business Bureau Services in Kenya – Core Values

  • Professionalism:
    Strictly abides by professional considerations on the methods, standards and procedures for statistical production.
  • Confidentiality:
    Guarantee confidentiality of data providers as provided in the Statistics Act 2006
  • Collaboration:
    Collaborate with stakeholders so as to enhance the quality of statistical information
  • Teamwork:
    To embrace teamwork as the hallmark of their success
  • Customer focus:
    Commitment to meet the needs of their customers and always focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Accountability and Transparency:
    Conduct business and lend services to stakeholders in a transparent and accountable manner.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness:
    Promote high productivity, competence and usefulness of resources at the national and county level.
  • Innovation and Creativity:
    Committed to innovation, invention, creativity and resourcefulness in service delivery.
Business Bureau Services in Kenya Photo

Business Bureau Services in Kenya Photo

Business Bureau Services in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all Business Bureau Services in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the business bureau services in Kenya websites.

List of Business Bureau Services in Kenya

  1. @ Communication
  2. Advanced Sharp Solutions -Copy Services
  3. Advantage Point Ltd
  4. Africa BusinessHub International Consultants
  5. Al-Shakuru Agencies
  6. Alok Bureau De Change Limited
  7. Amal Express Bureau Ltd
  8. Anfay Printers Stationers
  9. Artpress
  10. Azania Recruitment Ltd
  11. Bamburi Forex Bureau Limited
  12. Bamburi Forex Bureau Limited – Nyali Branch
  13. Bay Forex Bureau Ltd
  14. Benan Office & Secretarial Services
  15. Benko Ltd
  16. Best Zedge Solutions Ltd
  17. Biashara Pages Creative Solution
  18. Blefadin Enterprises
  19. Capricon Telephone Bureau & Services
  20. Care-Connect Business Centre
  21. Cibi Consultants
  22. Cinton Enterprises
  23. Coense Bureau Services
  24. Commercial Forex Bureau
  25. Conference Forex Bureau
  26. Dahab Shill Forex Bureau Ltd
  27. Dhiwar Enterprises
  28. E-Jakyte Communication Bureau
  29. Eastobac (K) Ltd
  30. Easy Communication Systems (ECOS)
  31. Ebenezer
  32. Elite Option
  33. Elmvale Agency
  34. Epro Business Centre
  35. Exclusive Bureau Services Ltd
  36. Fair Price Bureau
  37. Faman Bureau
  38. Fastlynx Computer Services
  39. Felister Wayua Mbeneka
  40. Flonelson Enterprises
  41. Frank Quality Enterprises
  42. Fullcolour Print Bureau Services
  43. Gateway Forex Bureau Ltd
  44. Gaudic Agencies
  45. Highrise Designers Ltd
  46. Hope Investment
  47. Ivytech Agencies
  48. James & Family Enterprises
  49. Jebetko Enterprise
  50. Jobs Mentor
  51. Joycate Photocopy Bureau
  52. Kenlo Investments
  53. Kenya Bits Services
  54. Kenya Bureau de Change
  55. Landmark Virtual Offices Ltd – (K)
  56. Landmark Virtual Offices Ltd – (K) – Head Office Branch
  57. Langata Link Ltd
  58. Lemecy Services
  59. Lemma Development Consultants Ltd
  60. Macaddy Emporium
  61. Madam P Bureau
  62. Madam P Househelp bureau
  63. Makama Communications
  64. Market Forex Bureau Ltd
  65. Maulex Communication Cafe
  66. Mbikietech Enterprises
  67. Metropol Credit Reference Bureau Ltd – Head Office Branch
  68. Microflex Business Solutions (Africa) Ltd
  69. Mildak Enterprises
  70. Mirk & Berton Suppliers
  71. Mum- Aid Bureau Services Ltd
  72. Muska Enterprises
  73. Mwiti & Associates
  74. Mythos Ltd
  75. Nairobi Forex Bureau Ltd
  76. Nature Forex Bureau
  77. Naz Copy Shop
  78. Nderish Bureau Services
  79. Nemrose Technologies Ltd
  80. NES Development Agent (NESDEV)
  81. Open World Business Centre
  82. Openbyte Solutions & Consultancy
  83. Orbis Communication
  84. Paradigm Communications Ltd
  85. Peaktop Bureau De Change Limited
  86. Perfect Employment Services
  87. Petra Photo Studio
  88. Polymer Energy Co Ltd
  89. Pri – Communication Bureau
  90. Rejoice Agencies Ltd
  91. Restoration Agencies
  92. Ruth Enterprises
  93. Sanniliz Bureau & Computer Services
  94. Sethnec Enterprises
  95. Soy Communications Ltd
  96. Stardom Ltd
  97. Stock Creations Enterprises
  98. Students Network Bureau
  99. Superb Promotions
  100. Superview General Suppliers
  101. Swift Laser Print Services
  102. Techpro Office Solutions
  103. Tee Tech Bureau Services
  104. UGB Sweba Kenya Ltd
  105. Ukay Centre Forex Bureau Ltd
  106. Unbeatable Kim Shop
  107. Unique Communications Phone Centres Ltd
  108. Ushindi Bureau
  109. Wasahlan Bureau Services Ltd
  110. Western Provision Stores
  111. Westlands Forex Bureau Ltd
  112. Westlands Forex Bureau Ltd – Riverside Branch
  113. White Rose Office Services
  114. Zaanal Africa International Ltd
  115. Zahanati Bureau

Business Bureau Services in Kenya – Video

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