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Shoes in Kenya

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Shoes in Kenya

A person pair of shoe especially for men say a lot about them. Shoes in Kenya mission is to provide the ideal leather products to customers through quality and service. They see a niche market in catering to the discerning corporate woman who wants high quality, fashionable yet reasonably priced shoes.

Types of men shoes

  • Black official shoes
  • Brown oxford shoes
  • Boots
  • Sneakers
  • Loafers
  • Slip ons
  • Kicks

Shoes in Kenya – Men vs Women Shoes

While women are reported to have on average about 27 shoes, the number for men is around 12. Most men prefer muliti-purpose shoes that can be worn for a wide range of occasions. This is because men shoes are somewhat expensive.

Shoes in Kenya – Brown Oxford Shoes

The thing about brown Oxford shoes is that they go with everything – from jeans to suits. This makes them a must have for every man as you can use them for a wide range of occasions.

Exciting Articles

Shoes in Kenya
Shoes in Kenya

Shoes in Kenya – Boots or Dress Boots

Whether you prefer casual boots or dress boots, boots are a must have. It is advisable to buy brown rather than black boots as they are said to give more personality and edge.

Shoes in Kenya – Sneakers

Want to go casual with a pair of jeans or shorts, then a pair of sneakers suits you perfectly.

Shoes in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all businesses that deal with shoes in Kenya , their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the shoes in Kenya business websites.

Shoes in Kenya – Manufacturers and Wholesalers

  1. Africo Foot Wear
  2. Akams Wear
  3. Anchor Foot Wear
  4. Bata Embakasi Destination
  5. Bata Shoe Co (K) Ltd
  6. Bata Shoe Co (K) Ltd
  7. Bata Shoe Co (K) Ltd – Barak Bldng Branch
  8. Bata Shoe Co (K) Ltd – Bata Junction Branch
  9. Bata Shoe Co (K) Ltd – Bata Sarit Branch
  10. Bata Shoe Co (K) Ltd – Bata T Mall Branch
  11. Bata Shoe Co (K) Ltd – Bata Uchumi Capital Centre Branch
  12. Bata Shoe Co (K) Ltd – Bata Village Branch
  13. Bata Shoe Co (K) Ltd – Customer Care Branch
  14. Bata Shoe Co (K) Ltd – Kapsabet Branch
  15. Bata Shoe Co (K) Ltd – Kimathi St Branch
  16. Bata Shoe Co (K) Ltd – Kisii Branch
  17. Bata Shoe Co (K) Ltd – Moi St Branch
  18. Bata Shoe Co (K) Ltd – Muranga Branch
  19. Bata Shoe Co (K) Ltd – Mwalimu Plaza Branch
  20. Bata Shoe Co (K) Ltd – Oginga Odinga Rd Branch
  21. Bata Shoe Co (K) Ltd – Suna Branch
  22. Bata Shoe Co (K) Ltd – THOMAS BATA Branch
  23. Bata Shoe Co (K) Ltd – Uhuru St Branch
  24. Beads Swag
  25. Beads Swag
  26. Beauty-Tex Ltd
  27. Best Shoes Shop
  28. Bidii Shoe Makers
  29. Bidii Shoe Makers
  30. Big Daddy Enterprises
  31. Brand City Ltd
  32. Budget Shoes Ltd
  33. Budget Shoes Ltd
  34. C & P Shoe Industries Ltd
  35. C & P Shoe Industries Ltd
  36. Dove Collection
  37. Elgeyo Distributors
  38. Elgeyo Distributors
  39. Gateway Shoe Centre
  40. Kanyaki Holdings Ltd
  41. Kanyaki Holdings Ltd
  42. Kenya Suitcase Manufacturers Ltd
  43. Kenya Suitcase Manufacturers Ltd-Nairobi
  44. Kenya Two Thousand Enterprises Ltd
  45. Kenya Two Thousand Enterprises Ltd
  46. Kimathi Way Bata Shop
  47. Kimathi Way Bata Shop
  48. Macquin Shoes Ltd
  49. Macquin Shoes Ltd
  50. Mamwaka Wholesalers Ltd
  51. Mamwaka Wholesalers Ltd
  52. Nyeri Clothing Co Ltd
  53. Nyeri Clothing Co Ltd – Head Office Branch
  54. Shoes in Kenya
  55. Shoewind Industries Ltd
  56. Shoewind Industries Ltd
  57. Solar Watts East Africa Ltd
  58. Tex Palace Ltd
  59. Topen Industries Ltd
  60. Topen Industries Ltd
  61. Trendy Leather Collection
  62. Umoja Rubber Products Ltd
  63. Value Plus Authentic Footwear

Shoes in Kenya – Retail

  1. Abba Bata Strockists
  2. African Boot Co Ltd
  3. Africo Foot Wear
  4. Alibra Enterprises
  5. Berrydah Enterprises
  6. Best Shoes Shop
  7. Big Daddy Enterprises
  8. Brand City Ltd
  9. Captain Footwear
  10. Celio Ltd
  11. Chuka Batashop
  12. City Walk Ltd
  13. Collotom Boutique
  14. Converge Shop
  15. Dual Traders Ltd
  16. Emirates Shoe Collection
  17. Fashionsprout Kenya
  18. Fiesta Coffee Hse
  19. Hot Bito
  20. Instyle Westlands
  21. J.K Shoe Dealer
  22. Jads Quality Shoes
  23. James M Mwangi Shoes Two
  24. Josrico Enterprises
  25. Karen Shoe Centre Ltd
  26. Karundu Shoe Shop
  27. Khandwalla & Co.
  28. Kimochu Footwares
  29. Kinoiyo Ltd
  30. Kwara Shoes & Leather Accessories
  31. L’attira
  32. Leather Boot Centre
  33. Leather-Touch Footcare Specialists
  34. Magman Footwear
  35. Maintech Works Ltd
  36. Maua enterprises
  37. Mike Shoe Shop
  38. Mima Shoes
  39. Mini Prix Footwear
  40. Mugo & Gatungo Bata Shops
  41. Nairobi Business Ventures
  42. Nairobi Garments Enterprises Ltd
  43. New Kenshoes Co Ltd
  44. Njia Shoe Co Ltd
  45. Njoroge Exhibition
  46. One Stop Shoe Store
  47. Oriental Footwear
  48. Patrose Bata Shoe Shop
  49. Pop-in Bata Footwear
  50. Qash Kali
  51. Salama Shoe Traders Ltd
  52. Shine Closet
  53. Shoe Addiktion
  54. Shoe Experts Enterprises
  55. Shoe Line Africa Ltd
  56. Shoe Palace
  57. Shoes Experts Ent
  58. Shoes in Kenya
  59. Shoez Backyard
  60. Silicon Ventures
  61. Simjon Shoes
  62. Smart Collections
  63. Strut De’ Elegance
  64. The Diani Beach Shopping Centre
  65. The Shoe Den Ltd
  66. The Shoe Place
  67. Top Shoes Ltd
  68. Trends Ltd
  69. Trendy Leather Collection
  70. Two Serin Best Shoes
  71. Umeque Shoe Exhibition
  72. Value Plus Authentic Footwear
  73. Virpal Lakhamshi Ltd
  74. Wawasons Collections
  75. Western Footwear Ltd
  76. Wide Shoe Collection Ltd
  77. Wide Shoe Collection Ltd
  78. Wilsun Fashions

Shoes in Kenya – Materials and Leather Polishes

  1. Bata Jubilee-bata Shoe Co. (k) Ltd
  2. Dove Wax Industries Ltd
  3. Ebenezer Great Leather Shoes
  4. Kangaroo Brands Ltd
  5. Mutiso Shoe Services
  6. Nguvu Kazi Shoe Shine & Repair
  7. Professional Shoe Shine Centre
  8. Puffin Brands Ltd
  9. Raki Commodity Ltd
  10. Shoe Shine
  11. Shoes in Kenya

Shoes in Kenya  – Video

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