Shops in Kenya

If you’d like to take home more than just memories of your trip to Kenya, you’ll find a wide range of local products that make ideal souvenirs or gifts. Shops in Kenya vary depending on the marketing mix ; Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process, Physical Evidence.

Shops in Kenya – Unique Products

Kenyan products are as diverse and unique as the country itself. There are traditional artifacts, fantastic jewelry, beautiful carvings, the world’s best coffee (or so they say), precious stones, furniture, beautiful cloth, excellent local music, wonderful modern art and so much more to be found. Excellent, well stocked gift shops can be found in hotels, lodges and camps throughout the country. But often real finds can be found a little further off the beaten track.

Shops in Kenya Photo
Shops in Kenya Photo

Shops in Kenya – Bargaining

For the dedicated bargain hunter, Kenya’s markets are the place to be. Markets selling all kinds of local arts and crafts can be found all over the country. In Nairobi, there are large open air markets held each week. Bargaining is the expected norm in Markets and even in some shops throughout Kenya. The art of bargaining has deep roots in Kenyan culture, and is regarded as an essential business skill. Visitors to Kenya should never be afraid to bargain, it is expected and rarely considered offensive. Opening prices are always an exaggerated gambit, and considered the first step in a long process of bargaining.

Shops in Kenya – Farm Shop

Smallholder Farmers are the backbone of the Kenyan economy. Yet, most farmers struggle to access the high-quality inputs or the advice they need to thrive. Farm Shop is radically changing that by blending franchising efficiency with a commitment to generating value for smallholder farmers, their families and communities

Shops in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all shops in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the shops in Kenya websites.

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