Solar Panels in Kenya

Top solar panel companies in Kenya

Powerpoint systems

Chloride Exide Kenya Limited

Solarcentury Limited

Nesvax Innovations Limited

NanoPV Solar Inc

List of Solar Panels in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all solar panels in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the solar panels in Kenya companies websites.

  1. A S P Solar (K) Ltd
  2. African Solar Power Systems
  3. Aggrenne International Ltd
  4. Asachi Ltd
  5. Autolux Kenya Ltd
  6. Avid Electronics
  7. Bare Foot Power Kenya Ltd
  8. Bhatt Electro Sound & Vision Ltd
  9. Bitnet Communication Solutions
  10. Botto Solar Ltd
  11. Chameleon Solutions
  12. Clearwater Industries Ltd
  13. Climacento
  14. D.Light
  15. Daima Energy Services Ltd
  16. Delpro Power Solutions Ltd
  17. Delta Solar & Power Systems Ltd
  18. Denmar Solar Systems Ltd
  19. Diverse Solar Energy Ltd
  20. East African Wind Energy Ltd
  21. Essential Com-Sol
  22. Full House Music
  23. Generic Energy
  24. Go Solar Systems Ltd
  25. Green Planet & Natural Light
  26. Green Switch Ltd
  27. Greentech Solutions Ltd
  28. Integrity Solar Systems Ltd
  29. Kenital Solar Ltd
  30. Kingfisher Consultants Ltd
  31. M-Kopa Solar Kenya Ltd
  32. Mercury Engineering Services
  33. NAPS – Kenya
  34. Nash Impex Solar (K) Ltd
  35. Netscope Enterprises
  36. Plexus Energy Limited
  37. Powerpoint Systems (E.A.) Ltd
  38. PRCK Energy Ltd
  39. Proper Guard Systems Electricals
  40. Properguard Systems & Electricals
  41. Renewable Solar Energy Ltd
  42. Rojarein Solar Co
  43. Sess Solutions Ltd
  44. Setright Technologies Ltd
  45. Sillmob Engineering Services
  46. Sola Taa Ltd
  47. Solagen Power Ltd
  48. Solar ‘R’ us
  49. Solar Green Africa
  50. Solar Innovation Ltd
  51. Solar Kiosk Kenya
  52. Solar Master Kenya Limited
  53. Solar Teknowledge & Renewable Energy Ltd
  54. Solar World (E A) Ltd
  55. Solargen Technologies
  56. Solargent Power Systems
  57. Solarland Kenya
  58. SolarMart Eastern Africa
  59. Solarmos Energy Services
  60. Solarnet
  61. Solataa Ltd
  62. Solatrend Ltd
  63. Solimpexs Africa
  64. Strategic Solar Ltd
  65. Sun Power Technologies Limited
  66. Sundaya Solar (E A) Ltd
  67. Sunnymoney
  68. Suntech Ltd
  69. Suntrap Solar Engineers Ltd
  70. Techno-Dynamics Enterprises
  71. Telesales Solar
  72. Think Solar Technics
  73. Threekplusv (K) Ltd
  74. Thrive Energy Technologies (E.A) Ltd
  75. Trump Power House
  76. Winafrique Technologies Ltd

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