Stock Brokers in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all stock brokers in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the stock brokers in Kenya companies websites.

List of Stock Brokers in Kenya

  1. ABC Capital Ltd
  2. Afrika Investment Bank Ltd
  3. AIB Capital Ltd
  4. Apex Africa Capital Ltd
  5. Blue Mango Ltd
  6. Bob Mathews Stockbrokers Ltd
  7. C J Securities Ltd
  8. Capital Strategies Kenya Ltd
  9. Chesmart Stock Securities Ltd
  10. Dao Investment Co Ltd
  11. Discount Securities Ltd
  12. Drummond Investment Bank Ltd
  13. Dyer & Blair Investment Bank Ltd
  14. Equatorial Investment Bank Ltd
  15. Faida Investment Bank Ltd
  16. Faida Securities Ltd
  17. Fairlands Investments Ltd
  18. Genghis Capital Ltd
  19. Hisanet Africa Investment Services Ltd
  20. Intasec East Africa Ltd
  21. Investment Links Ltd
  22. Kenya Association of Stockbrokers and Investment Banks (KASIB)
  23. Kestrel Capital (E.A) Ltd
  24. Kingdom Securities Ltd
  25. Limuru Stocks & Shares
  26. Mang’u Investments Ltd
  27. Mast Investments Co Ltd
  28. Mombasa Shares & Investments Ltd
  29. Ngenye Kariuki & Co Ltd
  30. NIC Capital Ltd
  31. Nyaga Stock Brokers Ltd
  32. Old Mutual Securities Ltd
  33. Pan Africa Insurance Holdings Ltd
  34. Panoramic Consults
  35. Quadrix Capital Management Ltd
  36. SBG Securities
  37. Shah Munge & Partners Ltd
  38. Standard Investment Bank Ltd
  39. Town & Country Securities Ltd
  40. Triple Eight Investment
  41. Tsavo Securities Ltd
  42. Venture Stocks Ltd
  43. Zytec Meterlink (EA) Ltd
Stock Brokers in Kenya
Stock Brokers in Kenya

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