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Supermarkets in Kenya

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Supermarkets in Kenya

Supermarkets in Kenya offer the finest home of value, freshest fruits and vegetables, healthiest bread and pastries, friendly customer service and widest variety of local quality merchandise. Customers enjoy value added services in they hyper branches, or they do step in for quick friendly service at their express counters. Stop and Shop for friends and relatives on your way up country at one of their up country branches.

Supermarkets in Kenya – Innovative

Currently supermarkets have spread their branches out of Kenya and can be found in various East African countries including Tanzania and Uganda. They have an innovative teams with the recently introduced Global cards that serves as a customer loyalty points collection card and customers can transact using it as well.
Their branch enjoys a considerable amount of customers. However, it is a shame that the supermarkets are is leading with innovations such as the Global card, but there is no online store that shoppers can buy products online from.

Supermarkets in Kenya Photo

Supermarkets in Kenya Photo

Supermarkets in Kenya – Competition

With the high end and middle class supermarkets now facing competition from foreign supermarkets who have more financial muscle and appeal for the sophisticated shoppers, local retail giants are being pushed to come up with more innovative ways to lock in consumers and increase earnings.

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Supermarkets in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all supermarkets in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the supermarkets in Kenya websites.

List of Supermarkets in Kenya

  1. A One Supermarket Ltd
  2. Acacia Supermarket Ltd
  3. Aflose Supermarket Ltd
  4. Al-hilal Supermarket & Bakery
  5. Alfatah Supermarket
  6. Alves Distributors
  7. Amana Eastleigh Supermarket
  8. Antraca Supermarket
  9. Anvi Emporium Ltd
  10. Arassan Mini Market
  11. Asin’s Supermarket
  12. Bacchus Grocers Ltd
  13. Bafagih Supermarket Ltd
  14. Banshi Supermarket
  15. Basabra Supermarket
  16. Basma Plaza
  17. Bei Poa Supermarket
  18. Benjon Supermarket
  19. Betccam Savers Supermarket
  20. Betty Matt Enterprises
  21. Binka Supermarket
  22. Budget Stores Ltd
  23. Cash & Carry Ltd
  24. Cheap & Best Supermarket
  25. City Mattresses Ltd
  26. Cleanshelf Supermarket Rongai
  27. Daily Basket
  28. Defence Forces Canteen Organization Ltd
  29. Dharuvika Supermarket
  30. Diani One Stop Supermarket
  31. DLA Scientific Ltd
  32. Duka Moja Supermarket
  33. Eagles Supermarket
  34. Eastmatt Ltd
  35. Eastmatt Supermarket
  36. Easy Mart Supermarket Ltd
  37. Ebrahim & Co Ltd
  38. Eldo Supermarket Ltd
  39. Eldomatt Supermarket
  40. Eldoret Matresses Ltd
  41. Eldoret Supermarket Ltd
  42. Elma Supermarkets
  43. Esajo Supermarket
  44. Fair Mart Supermarket
  45. Fair Price Supermarket
  46. Fairdeal Shop & Save Ltd
  47. Fairlane Supermarkets Ltd
  48. Fairmart Supermarket Ltd
  49. Fhan-Se-Pujab
  50. Foodies Supermarket
  51. Fourty Six Supermarket
  52. Galmart Supermarket
  53. Gilani’s Supermarket Ltd
  54. Happy Valley Supermarket Ltd
  55. Home Choice Supermarket Ltd
  56. Home Depo Supermarket
  57. Homecare Enterprises Ltd
  58. Homechoice Supermarket
  59. Horizon Ivato Supermarket (K) Ltd
  60. Isiolo Nyika Supermarket
  61. Jaharis Supermarket
  62. Jai Hari Suparmarket
  63. Janamu Supermarket
  64. Jatomy Enterprises Ltd
  65. Jatomy Enterprises Ltd-Chuka
  66. Jeniko Stores
  67. Jeska Supermarket Ltd
  68. Jey – Pee’s Supermarket
  69. Jivlik Supermarket
  70. Jokies Super Market
  71. Jopampa Provision Store
  72. Jossics Suprmarket
  73. K & A Self Selection Store Ltd
  74. K F I Supermarket
  75. Kaaga Mini Market Ltd
  76. Kalumos Trading Co Ltd
  77. Kamindi Supermarkets
  78. Karia Supermarket
  79. Kassmatt Supermarket
  80. Kasturi Supermarket Ltd
  81. Kawangware Royal Supermarket
  82. Keben Supermarket
  83. Kefel Retail Stores
  84. Kefra Supermarket
  85. Kemps Corner Ltd – General Hardware Wholesale & Retail
  86. Kenshop Supermarket Ltd
  87. Kibao Supermarket
  88. Kikuyu Selfridges Supermarket
  89. Kikuyu Selfridges Supermarkets Ltd
  90. Kisii Matt Ltd
  91. Kutata Supermarkets
  92. Kware Matt Ltd
  93. Leens Supermarket
  94. Leestar Supermarket
  95. Limumatt Supermarket
  96. Long Beach Enterprises
  97. Lumumba Drive Supermarket
  98. Maathai Supermarket
  99. Maguna – Andu Supermarket & Wholesalers
  100. Mama Lucy’s Mini Market
  101. Mama Watoto Supermarket
  102. Mara Self Service
  103. Mara Supermarket Ltd
  104. Marketways Ltd
  105. Mathai Supermarkets Ltd
  106. Mesora Supermarket Ltd
  107. Metro Cash & Carry (K) Ltd
  108. Midas Supermarket Ltd
  109. Mjengo Supermarket
  110. Mumtaz Supermarket
  111. Muoroto Supermarket
  112. Mzalendo Supermarket
  113. Nafuu Supermarket
  114. Naivas Supermarket Ltd
  115. Naivasha Mattresses Ltd
  116. Najjan Shop 2
  117. Nakumatt Holdings Ltd
  118. Nan Matt Supermarket
  119. New Generation Stores
  120. New Westlands Stores Ltd
  121. Newmatt Ltd
  122. Ngong Provision Stores Ltd
  123. Ngooni Supermarkets
  124. On the Way Ltd
  125. Panje Supermarket
  126. Parklands Price Rite Ltd
  127. Paul F
  128. Payless For Everything
  129. Plutos Holdings Ltd
  130. Powerstar Supermarket
  131. Quickmart Supermarket
  132. R B Shah (K) Ltd (Supermarket)
  133. R K Supermarket
  134. Raiya Supermarket Ltd
  135. Ramesh Shah Supermarket
  136. Rikana Supermarkets
  137. Rivanas Holdings Ltd
  138. Saima Surgical Supplies Ltd
  139. Sales Fair Traders
  140. Samrat Supermarket
  141. Sarabi Mart
  142. Seraben Supermarket
  143. Seropharm Ltd
  144. Setlight Supermarket Ltd
  145. Settlers Store Ltd
  146. Shaan Enterprises
  147. Shamash Self Services Store
  148. Shan-E-Punjab Supermarket
  149. Shariff’s Supermarket
  150. Shivling Supermarket
  151. Skymart
  152. Slopes Supermarket
  153. Stage Mattresses Ltd
  154. Stagen Enterprises Ltd
  155. Stan Matt
  156. Stop & Shop Supermarket
  157. Suam Supermarket Ltd
  158. Sundus Supermarket
  159. Sweet World Supermarket
  160. Tesco Corporation Ltd
  161. Tesia Supermarket
  162. Thika Pre School Teachers College
  163. Thika Tex Supermarket
  164. Trans-Mattresses Ltd
  165. Trans-Mattresses Ltd
  166. Tumaini Self Selection Kiserian
  167. Tumaini Self Service Ltd
  168. Tumaini Supermarket
  169. Tusker Mattresses Ltd
  170. Uchumi Holdings Ltd
  171. Uchumi Supermarkets Ltd
  172. Uchuzi Supermarket
  173. Ukwala Supermarket Ltd
  174. Uthiru Fair Price Supermarket
  175. Venture Mini Supermarket
  176. Waiyaki Way Supermarket
  177. Watamu Supermarket
  178. Wateule Supermarket
  179. White Candle Supermarket
  180. Woolmart Ltd
  181. Yako Supermarket
  182. Yatin Supermarket
  183. Yogi Supermarket

Supermarkets in Kenya – Video

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