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Travel Agents in Kenya: This tour companies in Kenya directory is a repository of the leading travel professionals from all facets of the travel industry in Kenya focusing in all highly specialized travel and tour operators in Kenya segments ranging from Business Travel, Sports Travel, Government Travel, Corporate Travel, Leisure Travel, Medical Travel amongst others.

You now hold the key to Kenya’s countless safari opportunities, ranging from traditional safaris in the wild and visits to coastal paradises, to cultural tours and mountaineering. This tour companies in Kenya directory is designed to provide you with a one-stop shop for all your safari needs, ranging from information about Kenya’s tourism product to details of tour operators who can cater for your needs.

Tour Companies in Kenya – The Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO)

The Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO) is one of the key tourism trade associations in Kenya, representing the interests of over 400 of the most experienced professional tour operators in Kenya. Our members are bound by the Code of Conduct to provide the highest possible quality of service to their clients. There are a a wide range of services that KATO members offer and these can be broadly divided into the following categories: –

Tour Operators in Kenya  – Services

  1. Air safaris
  2. Incentive travel group safaris
  3. Custom safaris for individua
  4. Camping safaris (luxury & budget)
  5. Indian Ocean & Coast holidays
  6. Cultural & Community Safaris
  7. Golf Safaris
  8. Agro Safaris
  9. Special interest safaris (e.g. mountaineering, deep sea fishing, horse riding)

Tour Operators in Kenya – KATO’s Objectives:

  1. To uphold the good reputation of Kenya as a tourist destination by ensuring that Kenya Tour Operators maintain the highest standards of service and value.
  2. To give agents and individual clients alike the confidence of knowing that Kenya has mechanisms designed to consider the possible redress of any wrongs which a client may have suffered.
  3. To recommend certain standards which the government might consider in determining whether or not to grant or renew the license of an operator.
  4. To provide means for the Association’s members to seek protection or redress in any dispute either with another member or a non-member of the association.
  5. To endeavour to instil a spirit of unity and loyalty to each other amongst members of the association.

Whatever your Safari needs, you can be sure that you are in good hands when dealing with Tour Companies in Kenya that are KATO member.

Top Best Tour Companies in Kenya

Nature’s Wonderland Safaris LTD

Category: Tour Companies in Kenya

We proudly present a selection of exciting Birding safaris, Wildlife safaris, Adventure tours and Camping safaris through the Eastern part of Africa ranging from 4 – 37 days, many of which can be combined with a relaxing interlude on the coast.

Take an exotic safari through nature, and experience the privilege of being a part of it. Experience too, the different cultures of the local people, and realize how closely African cultures are connected to nature.

Being Africans, we feel we are qualified to offer you the best Africa has to offer. Being situated locally means that our finger are placed firmly on the pulse of the continent and this ensures that the best possible options are selected for each and every tour.

For more information visit: Nature’s Wonderland Safaris LTD

African Wildcats Adventure Safaris

Category: Tour Companies in Kenya

Excellence, Experience and Ecological awareness are the qualities that make African Wildcats Adventure Safaris a very special company.

Our licensed guides and enthusiastic staff are ready to help you design the safari of your dreams, and show you the very best of what East Africa has to offer.

We offer luxury Africa Safari Packages to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. In addition, we arrange tours to Mount Kilimanjaro. We can also arrange packages that combine East Africa with Egypt or East Africa with South Africa.

For more information visit:African Wildcats Adventure Safaris

Bonfire Adventures & Events Limited

Category: Travel Agents in Kenya

Bonfire Adventures & Events Limited is a well established tours, travel and Events Company with over 5 years experience in handling inbound and outbound holidays not only for domestic tourists but also international tourists from all over the world.

Our specialty is the ability to design unique tours and safaris to fit every type of tourist, from the budget to the luxury providing a unique opportunity to combine bush and beach adventures with East Africa’s spectacular scenery and not forgetting the rest of the world hidden treasures!

If you’re looking for a vacation that provides a huge sense of personal recreation while still being fun, exciting, relaxing, adventurous and rewarding, we suggest you check out our wide range of tours and travel packages.

For more information visit: Bonfire Adventures Limited

Gamewatchers Safaris

Category: Tour Operators in Kenya

Game watchers Safaris has been operating in Kenya for over 25 years and offer safaris to some of the best wildlife reserves and parks in Africa.

We provide personalised safari arrangements for clients who prefer a more individual safaris avoiding the mass-market tourist lodges and staying in smaller safari camps and eco-lodges.

Most of our safaris involve transfers by air from Nairobi direct to the parks, to cut out long journeys across country and to give more time to viewing wildlife. We use 4×4 safari vehicles for game drives in preference to minibuses.

We also run the award winning Porini Camps, located in exclusive community-owned wildlife conservancies.

For more information visit: Game watchers Safaris

Lynra Tours And Travel Services Ltd

Category: Tour Operators in Kenya

We are a destination management tour firm based in Kenya offering exciting wildlife safari packages, mountaineering, hotel bookings , car hire, lodge and camping safaris, bird watching, beach holidays and much more. It is our philosophy to delight our clients with value-for-money packages while practicing responsible tourism to save our ecosystem.

For more information visitLynra Tours And Travel Services Ltd

Tour Companies in Kenya - Tour Operators and Travel Agents in Kenya
Tour Companies in Kenya – Tour Operators and Travel Agents in Kenya

List of Tour Operators in Kenya

Here is a comprehensive list of all tour companies in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the tour operators in Kenya company website.

  1. ABA Freight Logistics
  2. Absolute Adventure Africa Safaris LTD
  3. Absolute Freight Services and Logistics Ltd.
  4. Acacia Holidays Ltd
  5. Accacia Safaris(Kenya) LTD
  6. Access Africa Safaris LTD
  7. Action Freight Ltd.
  8. Active Car Hire
  9. Adventure Centre Ltd
  10. Affable Tours & Safaris (E.A)
  11. Africa Bound Safaris (K) Ltd
  12. Africa Classic Escapes Ltd
  13. Africa Expeditions Ltd
  14. African Eco-Safaris
  15. African Express
  16. African Horizons Travel & Safaris Ltd
  17. African Latitude (Kenya) Ltd
  18. African Quest Safaris Ltd
  19. African Road Safaris
  20. African Route Safaris
  21. African Safari Diani Adventures
  22. African Secrets Ltd
  23. African Sermon Safaris
  24. African Servalcat Safaris & Tours
  25. African Spice Safaris
  26. African Tropical Safaris Ltd
  27. Africa Partners In Safari Ltd
  28. Africa Viza Travel Services Ltd
  29. Afriqueen Adventure Ltd.
  30. AGM Travels & Tours Ltd
  31. Aircom Cargo Logistics Ltd
  32. Aircraft Leasing Services
  33. Air Masters Ltd
  34. Air Travel & Related Services Ltd
  35. Akamba Public Road Services Limited
  36. Akarim Agencies Company Ltd
  37. Al Heelam Travel/Tours Ltd
  38. Allamanda Safaris
  39. All Seasons Safaris and Tours
  40. Aloha Tours & Safaris
  41. Amazing Tours & Travel Ltd
  42. Ameet Travel & Tours
  43. Ammona Forwarders Limited
  44. Ankester Logistics Limited
  45. Anste Tours & Travel Limited
  46. Apollo Tours & Travel
  47. Archer Clark Enterprises Ltd
  48. Archers Tours & Travel Ltd.
  49. Archers Tours & Travel Ltd
  50. Archon Marine Shipping and Logistics Ltd
  51. Arcpro Logistics Ltd
  52. Asiafrique Logistics
  53. Asili Adventure Safaris
  54. ASTA Society Of Travel Agents
  55. Astral Aviation
  56. As You Like It (Safaris) Ltd
  57. Australken Tours & Travel Ltd
  58. Avenue Motors Ltd
  59. Avenue Service Station
  60. AV Tours and Safaris Ltd
  61. Baisy Oryx Tours Travel & Safaris
  62. Balloon Safaris Ltd
  63. Basecamp Travel Ltd
  64. Basel Tours & Travel Ltd
  65. BCD Travel
  66. BCD Travel (Highlight Travel Ltd)
  67. Beacon Movers Kenya Ltd
  68. Bellafric Expeditions Ltd.
  69. Best Camping Tours
  70. Big Five Tours & Safaris Ltd
  71. Bill Winter Safaris
  72. Blue Wave Ltd
  73. Boskovic Air Charters Ltd.
  74. Bottger Productions & Tours Ltd
  75. Bravo Norris Ltd.
  76. Bridging The World Travel
  77. Budget Car hire Kenya
  78. Buena Vista Tours & Safaris
  79. Bush and Beyond Ltd
  80. Bushbuck Adventures Ltd
  81. Bushtroop Tours & Safaris
  82. Buzz a Cab
  83. Call of Africa Safaris
  84. Campofrio Safaris Ltd
  85. Catalyst Travels Ltd
  86. Catalyst travels Ltd
  87. Central Rent a Car
  88. Centurion Travel & Tours Ltd
  89. Chameleon Tours
  90. Charleston Travel Ltd
  91. Cheetah Tours Ltd
  92. Cheli & Peacock Ltd
  93. Chronicle Tours & Travel
  94. Chronicle Tours & Travel Ltd
  95. City Hopper Ltd
  96. Civicon Ltd.
  97. Concorde Car Hire & Safaris Ltd
  98. Connect Travel Limited
  99. Conventional Cargo Conveyors Ltd
  100. Corner Garage Transport Ltd
  101. Cotts Travel & Tours Ltd
  102. Crane Travels & Tours
  103. Crown Tours & Car Hire Ltd.
  104. Cruzeiro Safaris Ltd.
  105. Custom Safaris
  106. Cynkey Ltd
  107. Dallago Tours & Safaris
  108. David & Evanson Tours (INT)-Msa
  109. Daymu Travel and Safaris Ltd
  110. DB Schenker
  111. Deans Travel Centre Ltd
  112. Designer Tours & Travel
  113. Destination Connect Co. Ltd
  114. Destination (K) Ltd
  115. Destination Link Services
  116. Discover Kenya Safaris Ltd
  117. Diwaka Tours & Travel Ltd
  118. DK Grand Safaris & Tours Ltd
  119. Dodoworld (K) Ltd
  120. Earth Tours & Travel Ltd.
  121. East Africa Adventure Tours and Safaris
  122. East Africa Luxury Shuttle
  123. East African Air Charters
  124. East African Eagle (K) ltd
  125. East African Magazines
  126. East African Safari Air Ltd
  127. East African Shuttles & Safaris
  128. East African Wildlife Safaris
  129. East Africa Safari Ventures Ltd
  130. East Africa Shuttles and Safaris Ltd
  131. Eastern and Southern Safaris
  132. Eastern Vacations Tours Ltd
  133. Eco Adventures Limited
  134. Elite Travel Services Ltd
  135. El Molo Tours & Travel
  136. Emirates
  137. Enchanting Africa LTD
  138. Equatorial travels
  139. Ethiopian Airlines
  140. Exclusive African Treasures
  141. Exotic Destinations Ltd-Msa
  142. Exotic Golf Safaris Ltd.
  143. Express Kenya Ltd
  144. Express Travel Group
  145. Eyes on Africa Adventure Safaris Ltd
  146. Famous travels
  147. Ferrari Tours
  148. Finch Travels Ltd.
  149. Flawless Links
  150. Flex Air Cargo
  151. Fly540
  152. Fly Air
  153. Four By Four Safaris Ltd
  154. Franz Lang Safaris
  155. Franz Lang Safaris
  156. Fredlink Company Ltd-Msa
  157. Friends Removals
  158. Furstenberg Safaris Ltd
  159. Gametrackers (K) Ltd
  160. Game Viewers Adventures Limited
  161. Gamewatchers Safaris Ltd
  162. GAT Safaris
  163. Genet Tours & Safaris
  164. Genet Tours & Safaris
  165. Georgetown Travel & Tours Ltd
  166. Geo Safaris Ltd
  167. Global Holidays & Incentives Ltd
  168. Glory Car Hire Tours & Safaris Ltd.
  169. Go4Fun Safaris Ltd
  170. Go Africa Safaris and Travel
  171. Go Africa Travel Ltd.
  172. Gofan Safaris
  173. Going Places Ltd
  174. Grand Edition Tours
  175. Grant & Cameron Safaris Ltd
  176. Guerba (K) Ltd
  177. Hamerkop Safaris
  178. Haya Safaris (A) & Travel Ltd-Msa
  179. Hirola Tours & Safaris
  180. Holiday Bazaar
  181. Holiday Bazaar Ltd
  182. Holiday Seekers Ltd
  183. Hotel Adventure Travel Ltd
  184. HRG Elite Travel Services
  185. Ibis Tours and Travel Ltd
  186. Ideal Tours & Travel
  187. Imperial Air Services
  188. Incentive Travel Ltd
  189. IntoAfrica Eco-Travel Ltd
  190. Intra Safaris Ltd-Msa
  191. Jade Sea Journeys Ltd
  192. Jambo Travel House Limited
  193. Jamii Tours & Travel Ltd
  194. Jetlink Express
  195. Jet Travel Ltd
  196. Jim Cab Services
  197. JK Safari Adventures Ltd
  198. JMAR Safaris Ltd
  199. Jocky Tours & Safaris
  200. Kambo Travel Agency
  201. Kate Freight & Travel
  202. KATO Secretariat
  203. Kenia Tours & Safaris
  204. Kenor Safaris Ltd
  205. Kentan Safaris Ltd.
  206. Kenya Airways
  207. Kenya Beach Travel Ltd-Msa
  208. Kenya Utalii College
  209. Kenya Wildlife Trails Ltd
  210. Ker & Downey Safaris Ltd
  211. Ketty Tours Travel & Safaris Ltd
  212. Kibo Slopes & Safaris Ltd
  213. Kimbla Mantana (K) Ltd
  214. Kinazini Funzi Dhow Safaris-Msa
  215. Kisima Tours & Safaris
  216. Kit Cabs
  217. Kobo Safaris Ltd
  218. K.P.S.G.A
  219. Kuja Safaris
  220. Kuldips Touring Company-Msa
  221. Leading Expeditions Safaris
  222. Leboo Safari Tours Ltd
  223. Let’s Go Travel
  224. Liberty Africa Safaris
  225. Linderberg Holidays & Safaris
  226. Long Ren Tours & Travel Ltd
  227. Luca Safari Ltd.
  228. Madukha Tours & Safaris Ltd
  229. Maniago Safaris Ltd
  230. Maniago Travel & Cruises
  231. Marble Travel
  232. Maridadi Safaris Ltd
  233. Market Service Station Ltd
  234. Marsland International Investment Co.Ltd
  235. Mathews Safaris
  236. Menengai Holidays Ltd
  237. Mini Cabs Tours & Safaris
  238. Mitchell Cotts Kenya
  239. Modern Coast Express
  240. Mombasa Air Safari Ltd-Msa
  241. Monaco Tours and Safaris
  242. Motto Tours & Travel Ltd
  243. Multiple Hauliers (EA) Ltd.
  244. Muthaiga Travel Ltd
  245. Nahdy Travel & Tours
  246. Naked Wilderness Africa
  247. Napenda Africa Safaris
  248. Nappet Tours & Travel Ltd
  249. Natural Track Safaris
  250. Natural World Msa Safaris
  251. Nature Expeditions Africa
  252. Nature’s Edge
  253. Ndugu Transport Co Ltd
  254. New African Territories
  255. New Kenya Travel & Tours Safaris Ltd
  256. Njewa safaris travel and car hire Ltd.
  257. Nutty Safaris
  258. Offbeat Safaris Ltd
  259. On Safari (K) Ltd
  260. Origins Safaris
  261. Ostrich Holidays Adventures
  262. Out of Africa Collection Ltd
  263. Owen Kenya Safaris
  264. Palbina Travel & Tours
  265. Papa Musili Safaris LTD
  266. PAWS Africa Safaris Ltd
  267. Penfam Tours & Travel
  268. Phoenix Safaris (K) Ltd
  269. PioneerTravels Ltd
  270. Platinum Car Hire & Tours
  271. Pollman’s Tours & Safaris Ltd-Msa
  272. Preps Safaris International Ltd.
  273. Pride Movers & Logistics Ltd
  274. Prima Vera Tours & Safaris
  275. Primetime Safaris
  276. Private Safaris (EA) Ltd
  277. Qatar Airways
  278. Rajair Travel & Tours
  279. Raydoll Tours & Travel
  280. Raylenne Tours & Safaris
  281. Real Africa LTD
  282. Reef Hotels Kenya
  283. Rekero Camp Ltd
  284. Rhino Safaris Ltd
  285. Rickshaw Travels (Kenya) Ltd
  286. Riuki Cultural Centre
  287. Robin Hurt Safaris Ltd
  288. Safari Icon
  289. Safari Line Africa
  290. Safari Partners Kenya Ltd.
  291. Safaris In Style
  292. Safaris Unlimited (Africa) Ltd
  293. Safari Trails Limited
  294. Safari Travel Kenya Ltd
  295. Safe Ride Tours and Safaris
  296. Saleva Africa Tours Ltd.
  297. Sameco Tours
  298. Sardius Tours & Safaris
  299. Satguru Travel & Tours Services Ltd.
  300. Sayari Afrika Ltd
  301. Scenic Treasures Ltd
  302. Scenic Wildlife Safaris Ltd
  303. Scenic Wildlife Safaris Ltd
  304. Selective Safaris
  305. Senator Travel Services
  306. Shades of Africa Tours & Safaris
  307. Shanghai ChinYe Construction Machinery .Co.Ltd
  308. Sher Safari Services Ltd.
  309. Shimoni Aqua Ventures
  310. Shimoni Aqua Ventures
  311. Shoor Travels & Tours
  312. Sights of Africa (E.A.) Tours & Travel
  313. Signature Tours & Travel Ltd.
  314. Silver Africa Tours & Safaris Ltd.
  315. Silverbird Adventure Tours & Travel
  316. Silverbird Adventure Tours & Travel
  317. Silverbird Travel Plus Ltd
  318. Skyview Of Africa ltd
  319. Smile Tours & General Agencies
  320. Solly Safaris Ltd
  321. Somak Travel Ltd
  322. Southern Cross Safaris (Mombasa)Ltd
  323. Southern Cross Safaris (NBI) Ltd
  324. Southern Sky Safaris
  325. Special Camping Safaris
  326. Special Lofty Safaris-Msa
  327. Speedbird Travel & Safaris
  328. Sportsmen’s Safaris & Tours
  329. Spot Kenya Safaris
  330. Spurwing Travel & Tours Ltd
  331. Star Travel & Tours Ltd
  332. Steenbok Safaris & Car Hire
  333. Sunpeak Safaris
  334. Suntrek Tours & Travel Ltd
  335. Sunworld Safaris Ltd
  336. Taipan Vacations & Travel Ltd
  337. Tamarind Management Ltd
  338. Tamasha Africa Ltd
  339. Tamimi Kenya Ltd
  340. Tee Off Kenya Limited
  341. Teos Company Limited.
  342. Texcal House Service Station
  343. The Air Travel & Related Studies
  344. The Eriksen Adventure
  345. The Specialized Safaris Co.Ltd
  346. Tobs Kenya Golf Safaris
  347. Topcats Safaris Ltd
  348. Top Deck Travel & Tours
  349. Tour Africa Safaris
  350. Tourist Maps Kenya LTD
  351. Transworld Safaris (K) Ltd.
  352. Travel Affairs Ltd
  353. Travel Africa Safaris Ltd.
  354. Travel Care Ltd
  355. Travel Connections Ltd
  356. Travel Creations Ltd
  357. Travelmart Ltd
  358. Travel ‘n Style Ltd
  359. Travel Scene Services
  360. Travel Shoppe Ltd.
  361. Travel Waves Safaris
  362. Travel Wild E.A LTD
  363. Tripple Twin Logistics Ltd
  364. Tropical Breaks
  365. Tropical Ice Ltd
  366. Tropical Winds Ltd.
  367. Tulip Travel Ltd
  368. Tusker Safaris Ltd
  369. Twiga Car Hire & Tours Ltd
  370. Ulf Aschan Safaris Ltd
  371. Uniglobe Lets Go Travel
  372. Uniglobe Northline Travel Ltd
  373. Unik Car Hire & Safaris-Msa
  374. Universal Cabs Ltd
  375. Venture Africa Safaris & Travel
  376. Venture Africa Safaris & Travel
  377. Victoria Safaris
  378. Vintage Africa Ltd
  379. Virgin Atlantic
  380. Visit Africa Ltd
  381. Waymark Safaris Ltd.
  382. Waymark Safaris Ltd.
  383. Westminster Safaris Ltd
  384. Westminster Safaris Ltd
  385. Wild Destinations Ltd
  386. Wild Destinations Ltd
  387. Wildlife Safari (K) Ltd
  388. Wildlife Sun Safaris
  389. Wild Times Ltd
  390. Wild Times Ltd
  391. Wild Trek Safaris Ltd
  392. Wild Trek Safaris Ltd
  393. Wild Waters LTD
  394. Woni Safaris Ltd
  395. World Explorer Safaris Ltd
  396. World Freight Logistics
  397. World of Tui
  398. Xcellent Wildlife Paradise – Holidays and Safaris
  399. Yare Safaris Ltd
  400. Z Boscovic Air Charters Ltd
  401. Zirkuli Expeditions Ltd
  402. Zoar Tours and Safaris

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