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Ukulima Co-operative Sacco

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Ukulima Co-operative Sacco


Ukulima Co-operative Sacco was started in the yaer1972,3rd February as a Savings and Credit Co-operative Society with the objective of promoting thrift among Ministry of Agriculture employees to save and borrow at low cost in order to meet the employees’ socio-economic needs. Then a common bond was opened and the society current membership of 27,749 is spread out in all government Ministries, Parastatals, Water boards, NGO’s and  reputable private organizations and also countrywide. From a humble beginning, the society has grown from strength to strength and today is one of the giant Sacco in Kenya. This is evident by the continued growth in terms of membership, share capital, loans to members, investments and payment of dividends to members. The Sacco has 98 branches countrywide and three FOSA’s in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa.Ukulima Co-operative Sacco is situated in Ukulima co-op house along Haille sellasie Ave, City Sq, Nairobi.

Ukulima Co-operative Sacco – Contacts

Physical Address: City Square, Nairobi
P.o Box: 38721 – 00100 Nairobi, Kenya.



Ukulima Co-operative Sacco

Ukulima Co-operative Sacco


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