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Beauty Colleges in Kenya – Beauty Schools in Kenya

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Beauty Colleges in Kenya

Beauty is the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.), a meaningful design or pattern, or something else (as a personality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest).

Everyone wants to look good each day hence increase in demand for beauty specialists in the country and the world as a whole.Here are some of the best beauty colleges  in the country.

1. Dima College

Category: Beauty Colleges in Kenya

DIMA College is a middle-level college registered by Ministry of higher Education Science and Technology of .The school has been in existence for the last 31 years with the sole mandate of providing quality education.This is with the aim of providing dynamic,innovative,versatile and pragmatic professionals who give a work of excellence in their place of work and soceity at large.

For more information please visit: Dima College

2. Beauty Point College

Category: Beauty Colleges in Kenya

Beauty Point School is located at Eeaver House, 1st – 4th Floors, Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi County.Beauty Point College is a universal credited institution committed to the development and delivery of innovative, high quality education systems for the Hair and Beauty Industry. The courses they offer have been carefully designed to give you the edge in the cosmetology industry and to be a successful professional.

For more information please visit: Beauty Point School

3. Ashleys Beauty College

Category: Beauty Colleges in Kenya

Ashleys Beauty College is a hair care and beauty services provider that has provided first class beauty care solutions to Kenyans. Ashleys Kenya Limited has been revolutionarising the beauty industry by offering top quality services through Ashleys Beauty Centres, Ashleys Academies and Ashleys Cosmetics Shops.

For more information please visit: Ashleys Beauty College

4. Vera Beauty College

Category: Beauty Schools in Kenya

Vera Beauty College was established in 1998 in response to a need for professional training in Hair, Beauty, Modelling, Fashion, Design and Instructors Course. We also felt the need to promote efficient, profitable and quality training in the Beauty industry. The courses we offer vary in terms of duration. Qualifications range from practical Certificates, Diplomas to Advanced Diplomas.

For further information please visit: Vera Beauty College

5. Pivot Point Hair Design and Beauty School

Category: Beauty Schools in Kenya

Pivot Point Hair Design and Beauty School is located at Lonrho House, 2nd Floor, Standard Street in Nairobi County.

For more information please visit: Pivot Point Hair Design and Beauty School

List of Beauty Schools in Kenya

Here is a comprehensive list of all beauty colleges in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the beauty schools in Kenya websites.

  1. A.I.C. Nairobi Training Centre
  2. Accounting Colleges in Kenya – CPA Colleges in Kenya
  3. Afro Beauty Academy
  4. Alison Caroline Institute
  5. Ashleys Beauty College
  6. Beauty Colleges in Kenya – Beauty Schools in Kenya
  7. Beauty Plus College
  8. Beauty Point School
  9. Bodywise Training Centre
  10. Brilliant Institute of Proffessional Studies
  11. Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts
  12. Century Park College
  13. Ceroma Training College
  14. Copperbelt College
  15. Dhiirens Hair and Beauty College
  16. EMICS Salon and College of Hairdressing and Beauty
  17. Emmys College of Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy
  18. Evelyn College of Design
  19. Evelyn College of Design Courses Offered, Contacts, and Application Form
  20. Extreme School of Hair Dressing and Beauty Parlour
  21. Fashion and Design Schools and Colleges in Kenya
  22. Glamourland School of Hair Design and Beauty Therapy
  23. Global Institute of Management and Commerce
  24. Gorgeous Looks College
  25. Gretsa University
  26. Intraglobal Training institute – Kisumu
  27. Intraglobal Training Institute – Nakuru Town
  28. Joyka College
  29. KAM School of Health and Beauty
  30. Kenya International Institute of Business Studies
  31. Kenya School of Technology Studies
  32. Kenya Textile Training Institute-NITA
  33. Kericho Technical Institute
  34. Kips College Courses Offered
  35. La Contessa College
  36. list of kenya universities
  37. Mary “N” Jeff Hairdressing and Beauty College
  38. Mary "N" Jeff Hairdressing and Beauty College
  39. Mounain View College of Hotel and Hairdressing
  40. Mwangaza Nakuru College
  41. Nairobi Technical Training Institute
  42. Neet Training College
  43. Pearl School of Hair and Beauty
  44. Personal Care Institute
  45. Pivot Point Hair Design and Beauty School
  46. Pivot Point International School
  47. Posh Institute
  48. Queen’s Park College of Hair Dressing
  49. Regency Beauty College
  50. Rizfar Hair College and Salon Ltd
  51. Royal Beauty College
  52. Ruiru College of Catering and Management Studies
  53. Shilrey’s International Hair and Beauty College
  54. Shujaa Training Institute of Development Studies
  55. The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA)
  56. Timeless Beauty Training Institute
  57. Timeless Professional College
  58. Timmabby School of Hairdressing for Beauty Therapy
  59. Tonic Hair and Beauty College
  60. Unity College of Profesional Studies
  61. Unity School of Hairdressing and Beauty
  62. Update School of Hairdressing and Beauty
  63. Uzuri Institute of Technology and Development
  64. Vera Beauty and Fashion College
  65. Vera Beauty College
  66. Vera Beauty College
  67. Wanjua School of Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing
  68. Woodgrove Fashion College
  69. X-elle School of Hair Design and Beauty
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Beauty Schools in Kenya Photo


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