Elgonview College Description

ElgonView college opened its doors in 1978. Since then over 50,000 Students have gone through this college and are now serving in both Public and Private Sectors. The college is known for its quality of Education, qualified staff and good physical facilities. The College has  Campuses with it’s Main campus  based in its own building at the heart of Eldoret Town at College house, Oloo Street and another one in Kisii based also in its own building Golf Arcade plus other satellite campuses in other major Towns. The College Administration is determined to promote this college and make it a centre of training excellence as the vision and mission envisages.


Elgon view college will be the leading light of colleges in the region it seeks to serve,via a commitment to the development of competent and well qualified men and women, well versed in their areas of proffession and dedicated to excellence in their academic and proffessional goals.


To foster an environment which encourages our students and staff to excel in their endeavours of gaining,imparting and sharing of knowledge and skills,thus pursue and ultimately achieve excellence in their academic and proffessional goals.


The college offers a variety of full time,evening,weekend and distant learning courses that are thoroughly taught to ensure success in the exams on first attempt.

All courses are designed to equip students with skills,knowledge and attitude necessary to prepare them adequately to take up appointment in various fields of specialisation. The courses are delivered and evaluated on a continous basis by proffessional lecturers in the service before sitting for final exams.

The college has a variety of facilities meant to produce proffessionals. For journalism and mass communication courses the college has an ultra-modern,state of Art studio,fully equiped kitchen and restaurant for catering students as well as a modern hostel for students from afar.classrooms are spacious and have sufficient lecture chairs and lockers.

Elgonview College Courses Offered

  1. Accounting Technical Certificate (ATC)
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies(Development Studies)
  3. Bachelor of Education (Primary Option, with IT)()
  4. Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Development)()
  5. Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education(Special Needs Education)
  6. Certificate in Business management(Business Management)
  7. Certificate in Library, Information Studies, Records and Archives Management()
  8. CPA Part III(CPA)
  9. CPS Part I()
  10. CPS Part II()
  11. Diploma in Accountancy(Accounting)
  12. Diploma in Computer Studies(Computer Studies)
  13. Diploma in Cooperative Management(Cooperative Management)
  14. Diploma in Early Childhood Education(Early Childhood Education)
  15. Diploma in Human Resource management and Industrial Relations()
  16. Diploma in Information Communication Technology(ICT)
  17. Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication(Journalism)
  18. Diploma in Library & Information Studies(Library & Information Studies)
  19. Diploma in Radio Production()
  20. Diploma in Law(Law)
  21. Postgraduate Diploma in Education(Education)
  22. Diploma in Computer Engineering and Maintenance(Computer Engineering)
  23. CIPS Advanced Diploma(CIPS)
  24. Diploma in Public Administration(Public Administration)
  25. Diploma in banking and finance(banking and finance)
  26. Certificate in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)
  27. Diploma in Business Administration((BA))
  28. Certificate in Store Keeping(Store Keeping)
  29. Diploma in Journalism(Journalism)
  30. Certificate in Accounting(Accounting)
  31. Certificate in Business Administration(Business Administration)
  32. Diploma in Business Information Systems()
  33. Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management(Purchasing and Supplies)
  34. Diploma in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)
  35. Certificate in Public Relations(Public Relations)
  36. Certificate in Computer Repair & Maintenance()
  37. Diploma in Information Technology(Information Technology)
  38. Certificate in Housekeeping & Laundry(Housekeeping & Laundry)
  39. Certificate in Marketing(Marketing)
  40. Certificate in Micro-Computers and Applications(Micro-Computers and Applications)
  41. Certificate in Hotel Management(Hotel Management)
  42. Diploma in Hotel Management(Hotel Management)
  43. Diploma in Guidance & Counselling(Guidance & Counselling)
  44. Diploma in Criminology(Criminology)
  45. Certificate in Social Work(Social Work)
  46. Certificate in Community Development(Community Development)
  47. Certificate in Sales & Marketing(Sales & Marketing)
  48. Diploma in Marketing(Marketing)
  49. Buiness Information Systems(Information Systems)
  50. Diploma in Mass Communication(Mass Communication)
  51. Certificate in Computer Operation(Computer Operation)
  52. Certificate in Tours and Travel(Tours and Travel)
  53. Diploma in Tours and Travel(Tours and Travel)
  54. Certificate in Law(Law)
  55. Certificate in Guidance and Counselling(Guidance and Counselling)
  56. Certificate in Early Childhood Development and Education(ECDE)
  57. Certificate in Early Childhood and Development()
  58. Certificate in Early Childhood Education()
  59. Certificate in Hotel and Catering()
  60. Certificate in Information Communication Technology(ICT)
  61. CPS Part III()
  62. Diploma in Business Administration and Management()
  63. Diploma in Community Development(Community Development)
  64. Diploma in Community Development and Social Work(Community
  65. Development and Social Work)
  66. Diploma in Computer Engineering(Computer Engineering)
  67. Diploma in Disaster Management(Disaster Management)
  68. Diploma in Early Childhood Development()
  69. Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management(Hotel and Catering Management)
  70. Diploma in Management Information Technology(MIT)
  71. Diploma in Public Relations(Public Relations)
  72. Diploma in Sales & Marketing(Sales & Marketing)
  73. Diploma in Secretarial Studies(Secretarial Studies)
  74. Diploma in Special Needs Education(Special Needs)
  75. Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering(Software Engineering)
  76. Certificate in Computer Engineering()
  77. Certificate in Computer Systems & Application Packages(Computer Systems & Application Packages)
  78. Certificate in Criminology(Criminology)
  79. Certificate in Disaster Management(Disaster Management)
  80. CPA Part I(CPA)
  81. CPA Part II(CPA)
  82. Diploma in Tour Guiding and Administration(Tour Guiding)
  83. Diploma in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality()
  84. Diploma in TV / Video Production(TV / Video Production)

Elgonview College Intake

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Elgonview College Application Form

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Elgonview College – Contacts

College Name: Elgonview College
County: Kisii County
Physical Address: Golf Arcade
Postal Address: P.O. Box 4063, Kisii 40200
Telephone: 058-30462,
Mobile: 0729-583383, 0702-979704
E-mail: elgonviewkisii@yahoo.com



Elgonview College
Elgonview College

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