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Friends College Kaimosi Courses

Friends College Kaimosi Courses: A comprehensive list of all courses offered at Friends College Kaimosi.

Friends College Kaimosi – Craft Courses

  1. Bakery and Pastry
  2. Computer Systems Application
  3. Food & Beverage Production
  4. Food Technology
  5. Information Studies
  6. Science Laboratory Technology
  7. Secretarial Studies
  8. Social Work & Community Development
  9. Supplies Management

Friends College Kaimosi – Certificate Courses

  1. Business Management
  2. Clothing and Textile Technology
  3. Computer Packages
  4. Computer Repair & Maintenance
  5. Computer Reservation System
  6. Computer System & Application Packages
  7. Culinary Arts
  8. Electrical Installation (Artisan)
  9. Food & Beverage Production
  10. Food Technology
  11. Human Resources Management
  12. Information Studies
  13. Science Laboratory Technology
  14. Secretarial Studies
  15. Social Work & Community Development
  16. Supplies Chain Management
Friends College Kaimosi Courses

Friends College Kaimosi Courses

Friends College Kaimosi – Diploma/Professional Courses

  1. Diploma in Social Work and Community Development
  2. Diploma in Sales and Marketing
  3. Diploma in Food and Beverage Management
  4. Diploma in Fashion Design and Garment Making Technology
  5. Diploma in Accountancy
  6. Diploma in Automotive Engineering
  7. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  8. Diploma in Applied Biology
  9. Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
  10. Diploma in Computer Studies
  11. Diploma in Food Science and Technology
  12. Diploma in Supply Chain Management
  13. Diploma in Business Management
  14. Diploma in information Communication Technology
  15. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  16. Diploma in Dietetics Management
  17. Diploma in Secretarial Studies
  18. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  19. Diploma in information Studies
  20. ATD
  21. CPA

Friends College Kaimosi Courses: Contact

Friends College Kaimosi
Postal Address: P.O Box 150 – 50309, Tiriki Kenya
Phone: 0735818311/0704686363/0711416667/0722319604/0722969913

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