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Inter University Transfer in Kenya – KUCCPS Inter University Transfer Form

Inter University Transfer in Kenya

How to make a request for KUCCPS inter university / College transfer.

KUCCPS Online System to facilitate Inter-University transfer.

Steps For KUCCPS Inter University Transfer

  1. Fill the form online, if the applicant qualifies, then he/she will download the form.
  2. The applicant will then approach the Institution which offers the Degree programme of interest to request for consideration and approval.
  3. After securing the Approval to pursue the programme, the applicant will approach the University admitted for release.
  4. The applicant submits the duly completed inter-University transfer form to KUCCPS for processing, after endorsement from both institutions.

How to Apply for KUCCPS Inter university Transfer in Kenya

Below are steps on how you can Apply for KUCCPS Inter university Transfer

  1. Log in to with your index number, KSCE year and birth certificate number.
  2. Navigate to the Inter-institution transfer link under Applications.
  3. Fill in the online inter-institution transfer form.
  4. Download and print the completed form.
  5. Have the form endorsed both from the institution where you have been placed and the one which you wish to transfer to.
  6. Submit the forms to the Placement Service for final approval and validation.

NB – Students wishing to transfer to other universities will be given one month from May 15,  2017 to do so.

KUCCPS Inter University Transfer News

New Tough Rules For Inter University Transfer in Kenya

First year students in the public universities will only be allowed to change their degree courses on medical, marginalisation and affirmative action grounds.

The directive is a setback to about 20,000 students who failed to get their first degree course choices.

It is also a blow to the more than 1,000 students selected to study engineering in 10 universities and those taking medical courses that have not been approved by professional organisations.

Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Services Chief Executive Officer John Muraguri said students with disabilities would be allowed to seek transfers to places conducive for their learning.

However, in the cases of marginalisation and affirmative action, the transfers will only be allowed if space is available in the universities students want to move to.

Mr Muraguri said the students had until the end of next month to conclude their transfers that must be sanctioned by his organisation, which is charged with placing students in the public universities and colleges.

However, he explained, students who wished to be transferred to other programmes and universities must meet the cut-off points.

“Students must have their forms endorsed both at the institutions where they have been placed and the ones they would like to transfer to. The forms must be submitted to the placement service for final approval and validation,” said Mr Muraguri.

A total of 67,790 students will be joining the public universities next month, compared to 57,250 last year.

There has been a proposal to change university admission criteria from one that focuses on clusters to a new one that will look at individual subjects.

However, the new system has not been adopted as the vice-chancellors have yet to meet to endorse it.

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof Jacob Kaimenyi yesterday said it was unfortunate some students had been selected to study degree programmes that had not yet been recognised by professional organisations.

“We will work with the organisations to find a solution. However, university councils should do their work. I cannot do everything,” said Prof Kaimenyi.

At the same time, the fate of 2,285 students who were selected to join the Kenya Medical Training College still hangs in the balance after the management snubbed a meeting that was called by Prof Kaimenyi on Wednesday.

The CS told the Nation the ministry would pursue other avenues to resolve the issue.

“I cannot disclose to you what we would do as the government has its own mechanism of operation,” the CS added.

—End of  Inter University Transfer in Kenya Update—

Inter University Transfer in Kenya – Concern as students miss out on university courses of choice

Some professional courses in public universities failed to attract more than two students in the just concluded second and final revision of course choices ahead of the September admission date.

This forced the Kenya Universities and Colleges central Placement Service (KUCCPS) — the body charged with admitting students to public universities — to place some students in programmes that they had not selected or applied for.

KUCCPS Chief executive officer John Muraguri on Wednesday raised concern over poor career guidance noting that most of the candidates were only focusing on few careers.

During the second and final revision, about 20,000 candidates who sat for the 2014 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination had failed to get their first course choices.

Liberal Arts and Environmental courses were least preferred because candidates felt they offered fewer openings in the job market.

About 67,790 candidates have been selected to join the 31 public universities and another 12,000 will join colleges across the country starting September.

On Wednesday, just a day after getting an alert on which programme and university the students will be joining, a number of them accompanied by parents were at KUCCPS headquarters in Nairobi seeking guidance on how to change to their courses of choice and university.

Several of them complained that they had been selected to undertake degree programmes that they do not like.

Online KUCCPS Inter University Transfer Form

However, Mr Muraguri said the inter-university transfer is set to start on August 1, and will close on September 30.

However, those seeking transfer must get assured that where they want to go has space and they meet the requirements.

Mr Muraguri disclosed that KUCCPS was developing an online system to cater for the inter-universities transfers in the coming two months.

“Students can download the form for transfers from the transfer portal from our website starting August 1,” he said.

Several candidates missed on their courses of choice due to increase in cluster points after more students performed well in the national examination.

Inter University Transfer in Kenya  – Do away with cluster system

Education stakeholders have now proposed that the KUCCPS should do away with cluster system and instead embrace individual subjects.

The Technical University of Kenya Vice-Chancellor Prof Francis Aduol said many students were being locked out of Universities degree programmes that they wish to pursue and qualify due to the cluster system.

“We are not paying interest to individual subjects in degree programme as compared to in the diploma courses. It is high time we give individual subject the necessary attention,” said Prof Aduol.

He observed that courses such as Law were insisting of a B+ in English while Engineering courses were now demanding that the candidate must have a C+ in English.

Source:  Daily Nation

KUCCPS Inter University Transfer

KUCCPS Inter University Transfer

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