Kabete Technical Training Institute was established in 1924. It’s located along Waiyaki Way, Near Uthiru Market, Nairobi.  Here is a comprehensive list of all courses offered at Kabete Technical Training Institute.

It was converted to a recruiting barracks for soldiers during the second world war after which it was reverted into a school for 3 years trade courses, for primary levels, under the ministry of Education. the Secondary section was introduced in 1956 and the programe ran for five years of which one was meant for orientation and four years for pursuing a General Certificate of Education(G.C.E). In 1963 the secondary was transferred to the current Nakuru High School and the institute was left to offer  a two year government trade test. In 1972 the institute began ti offer a three year course named East African Pre-technician Certificate Examinations of Kenya examined by City &Guild  London. Later all the above programmes were dropped and the institute began to offer a four year program on basic Engineering and building trade course. In 1985 the school converted into a technical training Institute at the advent of the curent 8.4.4 education system.

Kabete Technical Training Institute Courses: Craft Course

  1. Carpentry & joinery
  2. Co-operative Management
  3. Computerized Secretarial Studies
  4. Electronic Engineering
  5. Electrical Installation
  6. Information Technology
  7. Masonry
  8. Mechanical Engineering
  9. Medical Laboratory Technology
  10. MVM/Automotive Mechanic
  11. Plumbering
  12. Science Laboratory Technology
  13. Secretarial Studies
  14. Welding & Fabrication

Kabete Technical Training Institute Courses: Diploma/Professional Courses

  1. Architecture
  2. Automotive Engineering
  3. Banking & Finance
  4. Building Technology
  5. Business Administration
  6. Chemical Engineering
  7. Civil Engineering
  8. Construction Engineering
  9. Co-operative Management
  10. CPA Part l & ll
  11. Electrical and Electronic Technology
  12. Environmental Biology
  13. Information Communication Technology
  14. KATC Part l & ll
  15. Marketing Management
  16. Mechanical Engineering
  17. Medical Laboratory Technology
  18. Motor Vehicle
  19. Personnel Management
  20. Pharmacy Technology
  21. Supplies Management
  22. Transport Management
  23. Welding and Fabrication
Kabete Technical Training Institute Courses
Kabete Technical Training Institute Courses

Kabete Technical Training Institute Courses – Contact:

The Principal,


Lower Kabete

P.O. Box 29010, Nairobi, 00625

Tel: O20-2445553, 2445557, 2606013

Mobile: 0713-338683

Fax: O20-631850

E-mail: kabetetechnical(at)yahoo.com

Kabete Technical Training Institute Photo
Kabete Technical Training Institute Photo

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