Kagumo High School Details.

Kagumo High School is a boy’s national secondary school located between Kirichu and Kiganjo townships at Kagumo near Karatina on the Nyeri-Nairobi road in Kenya. It became one of the first schools in Kenya to allow native black Africans to sit for university level entrance exams, doing so in 1946.

As such, it is considered one of the best high schools in Kenya. It has several notable alumni. These almna matter include lawyers, doctors, politicians among others . One such alumni student is the constitutional lawyer Gibson Kamau Kuria . Mr Cyrus G Wahome is former headmaster of the school. Mr Dickson Daniel Karaba, a member of Kenyan parliament is former headmaster as well. There are countless other promiminent individuals who occupy significant positions in Kenya’s political and cultural life.

Kagumo High  School – Description

Kagumo High  School is a Boys boarding school, located in Kiganjo location, Nyeri County. For further information please see the school contacts below.

Kagumo High School Results

Kagumo High School is self driven by a passion for perfection. The school has its set rules and regulations that govern individual students conduct as well as inter-personal relationship between a student and other members of the school community and stakeholders.

Kagumo High School encourages and rewards self discipline where students work without much supervision. Doing the right thing at the right time and at the right place sums up self discipline. It is this self discipline that has enabled our school to shine academically and in co-curricular activities.

Peer enforced discipline plays an important role in our school. Students guide and counsel those who may not be towing the line. This is especially through the student leaders who form a hierarchy which ensures free flow of communication between the administration and the students. Discipline therefore is everybody’s responsibility with each student being a brother’s keeper. Kagumo school management however invites parents and guardians to sort out indiscipline cases that impede on the academic performance of the students and harmonial co-existence. This is especially when a student lacks self drive and self sacrifice. It is important to note being in school means denying oneself comforts and pleasures found at home for the sake of academics. This may result to indiscipline and hence the need to involve the guardian.

All in all we are clear of our mission, “To develop gentlemen of consolidated intellect”

Kagumo High School Contacts

School Name: Kagumo High  School

Kagumo High School
Kagumo High School

Physical Location: Karatina-Kiganjo Road
Address: P.O. Box 69, Kiganjo Road
City/Town : Nyeri
County: Nyeri
School Category: Public
School Code :
Phone Number: 0722-895338, 0713-425959

Email: info@kagumohigh.com

Kagumo High School Website

Website: http://www.kagumohigh.com/

Kagumo High  School – Highlights

Drama Club:
Debate Club:
Sports Team:
Girls and Boys Scouts:
Students Association:

Kagumo High  School – Facilities

School Library:
Sports Field:
Computer Lab:
Science Laboratory:

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