Kips College Courses Offered

  1. Accounting Technician Certificate(ATC)
  2. Certificate in English(English)
  3. Certificate in Chinese Language and Culture(Chinese Language & Culture)
  4. Certificate in Hotel & Catering Management(Hotel & Catering Management)
  5. Certificate in Medical Laboratory Science(Medical Laboratory)
  6. Diploma in Community Development(Community Development)
  7. Diploma in HIV & AIDS Management(HIV & AIDS Management)
  8. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science(Medical Laboratory Science)
  9. Higher Diploma in Secretarial Management(Secretarial Management)
  10. Bachelor of Hotel and Institutional Housekeeping(Laundry and Dry Cleaning Technology)
  11. Certificate in French(French)
  12. Certificate in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)
  13. Diploma in ICT Management
  14. Certificate in Secretarial Studies(Secretarial Studies)
  15. Certificate in Social Development(Social Development)
  16. Certificate in Travel and Tourism(Travel and Tourism)
  17. Certified Public Accountant(CPA)
  18. Diploma in Media Techniques – Print Journalism
  19. Advance Diploma in Dangerous Goods(Dangerous Goods)
  20. Advanced Diploma in Information Technology(Information Technology)
  21. CCNA & CCNP( )
  22. C++
  23. Certificate in Information Communication Technology(ICT)
  24. Certificate in journalism and mass communication(English)
  25. (Agriculture)
  26. Certificate in Hotel and Catering
  27. Certificate in Information Technology(Information Technology)
  28. Certificate in Java Programming(Java Programming)
  29. Certificate in Journalism & Mass Communication(Journalism & Mass
  30. Communication)
  31. Certificate in Kiswahili(Kiswahili)
  32. certificate in information technology(day program)(IT)
  33. Certificate in Mass Communication(Mass Communication)
  34. Architectural Draughtmanship/Model making
  35. Diploma in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations(Marketing)
  36. Diploma in Business Studies(Business Studies)
  37. Advanced Diploma in Business Studies(Business Studies)
  38. Diploma in Clearing, Forwarding and Shipping Management
  39. CCNA(Networking)
  40. Certificate in C++ Programming(C++ Programming)
  41. Certificate in Media Production(Media Production)
  42. Diploma in Office Management(Office Management)
  43. Diploma in Banking(Banking)
  44. Diploma in Business Management(Business Management)
  45. Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies(Purchasing and Supplies)
  46. Diploma in Human Resource Development(Human Resource Development)
  47. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology(Medical Laboratory Technology)
  48. Diploma in Applied Statistics(Applied Statistics)
  49. Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology(Science Laboratory Technology)
  50. Diploma in Social Work and Community Development(Social Work and Community Development)
  51. Diploma in Community Health(Community Health)
  52. Diploma in Early Childhood and Development
  53. Diploma in Project Management(Project Management)
  54. Advanced Diploma in Project Management(Project Management)
  55. Diploma in Counselling and Psychology(Counselling & Psychology)
  56. secretarial study(secretarial)
  57. Diploma in Catering & Accomondation Management(Catering & Accomandation)
  58. Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts(Food Preparation)
  59. Diploma in Tour Guiding and Administration(Tour Guiding)
  60. Diploma in Cabin Crew/Air Hostess(Cabin Crew)
  61. Diploma in Dietetics Management(Dietetics Management)
  62. Diploma in Computer Programming(Computer Programming)
  63. Cisco Networking Associate (CCNA)
  64. Diploma in Clearing and Forwarding(Clearing and Forwarding)
  65. Diploma in Applied Biology(Applied Biology)
  66. Diploma in Information Technology(Information Technology)
  67. Diploma in Computer Applications(Computer Applications)
  68. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Certification(MCSE)
  69. Diploma in Sales & Marketing(Sales & Marketing)
  70. Diploma in Analytical Chemistry(Analytical Chemistry)
  71. Diploma in Housekeeping and Accomondation(Housekeeping & Accomondation)
  72. Diploma in Travel & Tourism(Travel & Tourism)
  73. Diploma in Marketing(Marketing)
  74. A+ Certification(A+)
  75. Advanced Video Editing(Video Editing)
  76. Certificate in A+(A+)
  77. Certificate in Computer Networking(Computer Networking)
  78. Certificate in Computer Programming(Computer Programming)

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