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Kisii University Courses – Kisii University College Courses Offered

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Kisii University College Courses Offered

Kisii University Courses: A comprehensive list of all diploma, degree, masters and Phd courses offered at Kisii University formally Kisii University College.

Kisii University Courses: Diploma Courses

  1. Diploma in Education (Primary Option)
  2. Diploma in Agricultural Education and Extension
  3. Diploma in Guidance and Counseling
  4. Diploma in Education (Arts)
  5. Diploma in Animal Health
  6. Diploma in Animal Science and Technology
  7. Diploma in Farm Resource Management
  8. Diploma in Agricultural Education and Extension
  9. Diploma in Business Administration
  10. Diploma in Sales and Marketing
  11. Diploma in Public Relations
  12. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  13. Diploma in Stores and Supplies Management
  14. Diploma in Project Management
  15. Diploma in Marketing Management
  16. Diploma in Business Information Technology
  17. Diploma in Library And Information Science
  18. Diploma in Computer Science
  19. Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)
  20. Diploma in Banking Law and Practice
  21. Diploma in Labour Laws and Welfare
  22. Diploma in International Relations, Conflict Resolutions and Peace Building
  23. Diploma in Gender and Human Rights.
  24. Diploma in Criminology and Penology
  25. Diploma in Auctioneering and estates Agency
  26. Diploma in Electoral Law
  27. Diploma in criminology, penology and forensic science
  28. Diploma in Clinical Medicine & Surgery
  29. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  30. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology

Kisii University Courses: Undergraduate Degree Courses

  1. Bachelor of Arts General
  2. Bachelor of Actuarial Science
  3. Bachelor of Science (industrial Chemistry)
  4. Bachelor of Science in Biology ( Botany Or Zoology Option)
  5. Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry)
  6. Bachelor of Science (Analytical Chemistry)
  7. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  8. Bachelor of Science
  9. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
  10. Bachelor of Science (Microbiology)
  11. Bachelor of Commerce
  12. Bachelor of Laws (Ll.B.)
  13. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  14. Bachelor of Arts (Criminology and Security Studies)
  15. Bachelor of Education (Science)
  16. Bachelor of Business and Management
  17. Bachelor of Secretarial Management and Administration
  18. Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and Public Administration)
  19. Bachelor of Science (Applied Statistics)
  20. Bachelor of Arts (Community Development)
  21. Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Development)
  22. Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Mangement
  23. Bachelor of Human Resource Management
  24. Bachelor of Science in Food Nutrition and Dietetics
  25. Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  26. Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences & Technology
  27. Bachelor of Arts (Economics and Sociology)
  28. Bachelor of Economics and Statistics
  29. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
  30. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics
  31. Bachelor of Tourism and Management
  32. Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)
  33. Bachelor of information Science
  34. Bachelor of Tours and Travel Management
  35. Bachelor of information Technology
  36. Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies Management
  37. Bachelor of Arts (Geography)
  38. Bachelor of Science in Animal Science
  39. Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Business Management
  40. Bachelor of Arts (Gender and Development Studies)
  41. Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Computing)
  42. Bachelor of Arts in Kiswahili
  43. Bachelor of Project Management
  44. Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology
  45. Bachelor of Science (Applied Aquatic Science)
  46. Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management
  47. Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Media)
  48. Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management
  49. Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science
  50. Bachelor of Science (Waste Management)
  51. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education & Extension
  52. Bachelor of Science in Community Health and Development
  53. Bachelor of Science (Biometry and informatics)
  54. Bachelor of Science (Cellular and Molecular Biology)
  55. Bachelor of Arts (Religious Studies)
  56. Bachelor of Co-Operative Management
  57. Bachelor of Science Chemistry ( inorganic, Physical and Organic Options)
  58. Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture
  59. Bachelor of Arts (Linguistic)
  60. Bachelor of Arts (Applied Linguistics)
  61. Bachelor of Arts (History)
  62. Bachelor of Arts (Literature)
  63. Bachelor of Science (Renewable Energy)
  64. Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
  65. Bachelor of Science ( Environmental Chemistry)
  66. Bachelor of Science (Natural Products)
  67. Bachelor of Science (Petroleum Chemistry)
  68. Bachelor of Arts (Translation and interpretation)
  69. Bachelor of Science (Geophysical and Mineralogy)
  70. Bachelor of Arts (Peace and Conflict Resolution)
  71. Bachelor of Science (Applied Aquatic Science)
  72. Bachelor of Science (Conservation Biology)
  73. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Extension and Rural Development)
  74. Bachelor of Business and information Management
  75. Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Conflict Resolution
  76. Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Mangement
  77. Bachelor of Science (Laboratory Sciences)
  78. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics ( Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics)
  79. Bachelor of Science in Public Health
  80. Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and Social Work)
  81. Bachelor of Science (Forensic Biology)
Kisii University Courses - Kisii University College Courses Offered

Kisii University Courses – Kisii University College Courses Offered

Kisii University Courses: Postgraduate Diploma Course

  1. Education

Kisii University Courses: Master Courses

Faculty of Information Science and Technology Programmes

The Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (JOMC)
Masters of Knowledge Management
Master of Information Systems (ISYS)
Mastes for Information Science (MISC)

Faculty of Education and Human Resources Development

Master of Education Degree in Guidance and Counseling
Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
Master of Education in Educational Foundations
Master of Education Degree in Curriculum and InstructionMaster of Education (Educational Management)

School of Health Sciences

Msc. Haematology & Blood Transfusion
Msc. Immunology
Msc. Medical Parasitology
Msc. Microbiology
Msc. Nutrition (Human Nutrition)
Msc. Public Health

Faculty of Agriculture & Natural Resources Management

Msc. Environmental Science
Msc. Natural Resources
Msc. Agricultural Extension
Msc. Agricultural Economics
Msc. Agribusiness Management
Msc. Livestock Production Systems (MSc. LIPS)
Msc. Animal Health Management
MSC. Agronomy
Msc. Limnology
Msc. Fisheries & Aquaculture

School of Busines & Economics

Master of Human Resource Management(MHRM)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Entrepreneurship Management(MENTRM)
Master of Tourism Management (MTOUR)
Master of Purchasing & Supplies
Management (MPSM)
Master of Accounts & Taxation
Master Arts in Economic (MAEC
Msc. Monitoring & Evaluation

Faculty of Pure & Applied Science

MSc. Animal Physiology
MSc. Plant Pathology
MSc. Parasitology
MSc. Analytical Chemistry
MSc. Organic Chemistry
MSc. Theoretical Chemistry
MSc. Inorganic Chemistry
MSc. Applied Mathematics
MSc. in statistics
MSc. Pure Mathematics
MSc. Physics (Options: Renewable Energy

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

M.A Kiswahili
M.A Philosophy
M.A Peace and Conflict Management
MA – Sociology
M.A Public Administration & Public Policy
M.A – Development Studies
M.A Project Planning & Management
M.A Political Science
M.A International Relations

Kisii University College Courses Offered – PhD Courses

Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences Phd Programmes

PhD in Pure Mathematics
PhD in Applied Mathematics
PhD in Industrial Mathematics
PhD in Statistics
PhD in Parasitology
PhD in Organic / Synthetic Chemistry
PhD in Plant Pathology
PhD in Environmental Physics
PhD in analytical chemistry
PhD in inorganic chemistry
PhD in Physical / Theoretical Chemistry

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Phd Programmes

Ph.D in Development Studies
Ph.D in Gender and Development
Ph.D in Political Science
Ph.D in Leadership and Governance
Ph.D in Disaster Management
Ph.D in – Peace & Conflict Management
Ph.D in -Philosophy

Faculty of Information Science & Technology

PhD in Media and Communications (Med Comm)
PhD in Information Systems (IS)
PhD in Information Sciences (ISc)

Doctorate Programmes

PhD in Gender & Development Studies
PhD in Gender & Public Administration

Faculty of Education and Human Resources Development

PhD in Curriculum and Instruction
PhD in Guidance and Counselling
PhD in Education Management (Administration, Planning and Economics)
PhD in Education Foundations (Sociology, Philosophy, Comparative Education, History of Education)

School of Business & Economics Programmes

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management (PHD)
PhD Business Administration

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