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Kitale Technical Training Institute Courses

Kitale Technical Training Institute Courses: A comprehensive list of all courses offered at Kitale Technical Training Institute.

Kitale Technical Training Institute: Craft Courses

  1. Agricultural Automotive Engineering
  2. Automotive Engineering
  3. Carpentry & joinery
  4. Electronics Engineering
  5. Electrical Installation
  6. Food & Beverage Management
  7. Food Processing Technology
  8. General Agriculture
  9. Information Technology
  10. Land Sun/eying
  11. Library Studies
  12. Mechanical Engineering
  13. Road Construction
  14. Science Lab. Technology
  15. Secretarial Studies
  16. Social Work & Community Development
  17. Welding and Fabrication

Kitale Technical Training Institute Courses: Certificate Courses

  1. Certificate in Agriculture Engineering
  2. Certificate in Automotive
  3. Certificate in Building Construction
  4. Certificate in Building Technology
  5. Certificate in Business Management
  6. Certificate in Electrical Engineering (power option)
  7. Certificate in Food and Beverage Management
  8. Certificate in General Agriculture
  9. Certificate in Human Resource Management
  10. Certificate in Information Communication Technology
  11. Certificate in Information Studies
  12. Certificate in Mechanical production
  13. Certificate in Mechanical(production)
  14. Certificate in Plumbing
  15. Certificate in Project Management
  16. Certificate in Road Construction
  17. Certificate in Secretarial Studies
  18. Certificate in Social Work
  19. Certificate in Social Work and Community Development
  20. Certificate in Social Works
  21. Certificate in Supply Chain Management

Kitale Technical Training Institute: Diploma/Professional Courses

  1. Diploma in Project Management
  2. Diploma in Accountancy
  3. Diploma in Agriculture
  4. Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
  5. Diploma in Applied Bilogy
  6. Diploma in Automotive
  7. Diploma in Automotive Engineering
  8. Diploma in Banking And Finance
  9. Diploma in Building Technology
  10. Diploma in Business Management
  11. Diploma in Chemical Engineering
  12. Diploma in Civil Engineering
  13. Diploma in Computer Science
  14. Diploma in Electrical Engineering(power option)
  15. Diploma in Electrical Instrumentation
  16. Diploma in Entrepreneurship Education
  17. Diploma in Entreprenuerial Agriculture
  18. Diploma in Environmental Science
  19. Diploma in Food and Beverage Management
  20. Diploma in General Agriculture
  21. Diploma in General Agriculture(Modules)
  22. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  23. Diploma in Information Communication Technology
  24. Diploma in Information Science
  25. Diploma in Instrumentation
  26. Diploma in Land Surveying
  27. Diploma in Mechanical (Production)
  28. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (plant)
  29. Diploma in Mechanical (plant)
  30. Diploma in Sales And Marketing
  31. Diploma in Social Work and Community Development
  32. Diploma in Supply Chain Management
  33. Diploma in Telecommunication
  34. Diploma in Agricultural Engineering
Kitale Technical Training Institute Courses

Kitale Technical Training Institute Courses

Kitale Technical Training Institute Contacts

The Principal,

Kitale Technical Training Institute
Postal Address: P.O.BOX 2162-30200
Town: Kitale, Kenya
Telephone: 0202380086

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