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Mandera Secondary School Details, Results and Contacts

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Mandera Secondary School – Description

Mandera Secondary School is a Boys boarding school, located in Bulla Mapya location, Mandera County. The school is well known for its excellent performance in sports and academics too.

School – Location and Contacts

School Name: Mandera Secondary School
Physical Location:
Address: P.O. Box 36, Mandera 70300
City/Town :  Mandera
County:  Mandera
School Category: Public
School Code :
Phone Number: 046-2515

School- Highlights

Drama Club:
Debate Club:
Sports Team:
Girls and Boys Scouts:
Students Association:

Tokeo la picha la mandera secondary school

Mandera Secondary School

 School – Facilities

School Library:
Swimming Pool:
Sports Field:
Computer Lab:
Science Laboratory:

Mandera Secondary School – Video


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