About Maranda High School

Maranda High School is a centre of academic excellence not only in Siaya County but in the country at large. All of us who went through the system are indeed proud to be associated with this great institution.

In November 1919, the late Shadrack Osewe Agot, then a divinity teacher at Kapiyo village in Bondo District, decided that he wanted a place where he would stay alone without interference from the community, as he was a keen believer in God, and having been a teacher at Maseno. A man called Migaya Oburu, from Nyamira village, just next to Kapiyo, and with whom he worked, took up the cue and approached Amollo Raila for land. The latter eventually agreed to give land at the present site of Maranda High School; because of its height on the Kowak and Kamayuje clans’ soils. By then, Osewe was popularly known as “Jaduon’g” (Old Man).

Mr. Osewe first built his house, then a church at the site. His first pupils were elderly people who were mainly taught how to read and write and the word of God. The first teacher (Mr. Daniel Okon’go) who happened to be one of Mr. Osewe’s first pupils was employed in 1923. His role was primarily to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic. Reverent Osewe resigned to the job of teaching the word of God. In 1926, formal elementary education was started with the assistance of the Church Missionary Society (CMS). Those who taught under the guidance of Mr. Osewe were Ibrahim Odinga, whose salary then was 6/=, Hezekiah Aseso, and Stephen Machiala.

Between 1927 and 1928, the school was turned into a boarding school. Mzee Osewe was respected for his initiative and ability to get members of the school community to work hard in order to uplift the standards of education in the school. He even ensured that a pond was dug to enable the students to wash and bathe. The pond became known as Osewe pond.

Maranda High School Results

Maranda Boys High School Results will be updated soon…

Maranda High School Contacts

School Name: Maranda High School
Physical Location:
Address: P.O. Box 120, Bondo 40601

City/Town : Bondo
County: Siaya
School Category: public
School Code : 42700005
Phone Number: 057-520015 / 520211

Maranda High School Highlights

Drama Club:
Debate Club:
Sports Team:
Girls and Boys Scouts:
Students Association:

Maranda High School Facilities

School Library:
Swimming Pool:
Sports Field:
Computer Lab:
Science Laboratory:

Maranda High School Website

Website: http://www.marandahighschool.ac.ke/

Maranda High School
Maranda High School

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