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Private Universities in Kenya

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The following are the Private universities in Kenya which includes: Chartered Private Universities in Kenya,  Private Universities in Kenya with Letters of Interim Authority and Private University Constituent Colleges in Kenya

Here are some of the best private university in the country.

1. Africa International University

Africa International University (AIU) formerly Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST) came into being through the vision of the late Dr. Byang Kato of Nigeria, who was at the time the first African General Secretary of the Association of Evangelicals in Africa and Madagascar (AEAM, now AEA).

For more information please visit: Africa International University

2. Africa Nazarene

ANU is a private Christian university and an institution of the international Church of the Nazarene.ANU is proud of its humble beginnings and development since August 1994 when Dr. Martha John, ANU’s first Vice Chancellor, opened the University’s doors to 62 students from eleven African countries taking undergraduate courses in Theology and Business Administration or a Masters of Arts in Religion. One year later, the university introduced the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, welcoming an additional 42 students.

For more information please visit: Africa Nazarene University

3. Kenya Methodist University (KeMU)

The Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) is a Chartered private University founded by the Methodist Church in Kenya. It is situated within woodland on the North Eastern slopes of Mount Kenya, five kilometres from Meru Town.

For more information please visit: Kenya Methodist University

4. Daystar University

Daystar was co-founded in 1964 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, by Dr. S.E. Motsoko Pheko, a political refugee from South Africa, and Dr. Donald and Mrs. Faye K. Smith, an American missionary couple.The name ‘Daystar’ is derived from the Bible (2nd Peter 1:19), which is used to describe Jesus Christ. With this in mind, every member of Daystar University is encouraged to emulate Jesus Christ in behaviour, lifestyle and speech.

For more information please visit: Daystar University

5. United States International University – USIU

United States International University seeks “to identify, recruit and admit qualified students to the university” in accordance with the published standards determined by the university leadership and in keeping with the university mission as described in the university catalog.

For more information please visit: United States International University

Chartered Private Universities in Kenya

These are private universities in Kenya that have met the set standards for full university accreditation status.

  1. Great Lakes University of Kisumu
  2. Kabarak University
  3. KCA University (KCAU)
  4. Kenya Highlands Evangelical University
  5. Mt. Kenya University
  6. Pan Africa Christian University-PAC
  7. Scott Christian University
  8. St.Pauls University
  9. Strathmore University
  10. The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA),
  11. University of Eastern Africa, Baraton
  12. The Management University of Africa

Private Universities in Kenya with Letters of Interim Authority

The private universities in Kenya operating with letters of Interim Authority (LIA) from CUE receive guidance and direction to continue developing resources and facilities towards full university accreditation (Award of Charter)/status. They are allowed to admit students for the approved programmes.

  1. Adventist University of Africa
  2. Aga Khan University
  3. Genco University
  4. Inoorero University
  5. Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology
  6. Presbyterian University of East Africa
  7. The Management University of Africa
  8. The Presbyterian University of East Africa
  9. Umma University
  10. Gretsa University
  11. Pioneer International University
  12. Riara University

Private University in Kenya – Constituent Colleges

Private Universities in Kenya

Private Universities in Kenya

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