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Jobs in Kenya: How to beat the procrastination trap in achieving the goal

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Jobs in Kenya: Even after you have set your goal, procrastination can still be a problem, especially if the goal is a large one. It can interfere with any stage of setting or reaching your goal. Here are some ways to overcome procrastination:

Begin by deciding on the smaller details .

Write down when and where you will start the project, as well as what tools and information you will need. Make decision to start the process whatever the cost. The opportunity of success of a project (or anything) is found in the doing and not in just the knowing about the problem (project)

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Make a list of short, easy tasks that are related to achieving your goal and begin with them.

This might be making a phone call or clearing a work area. The final success is build up of small succession of short achieved successes. The brain and the nervous system of the body learn to succeed from small successes.

Do the least favourite jobs before easier ones .

Sometimes the hardest tasks are the most important ones in achieving your goals. Getting them out of the way will make the rest of the load seem lighter. Also, if you put off unpleasant jobs, you might ” accidentally ” run out of time, energy and steam for them. The last jobs need interest and high motivation to be done to successful completion. That is why the favourite jobs are done last until after the least favourite jobs have been done away with.

Join with others who are pursuing the same goal.

If you are putting off studying for a math test, form a study group. Meeting regularly will not only force you to achieve your goal, but also give you the added support of others along the way. Most problem solutions are found in, of, from, about, with and for people. If you can identify and ask for assistance from the right people in the right time and in right place most of your unsolved problems will be dealt with very adequately.

Promise yourself an appropriate reward after you’ve reached your goal.

Give yourself a little treat for achieving short- term goals. Save larger rewards for meeting major goals. Anything rewarding will always excite the mind and the nervous system of the body to endure the pain of doing to achieve further reward.

This is how the law of self-preservation is fulfilled. The mind’s main duty is to do all it takes to achieve anything that contributes to self-preservation and rewarding the self-gratification. Attach a reward to any painful and treachery work and indeed, it will end up being done.

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