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Current and Latest Research Jobs in Kenya

How To Get The Latest Research Jobs in Kenya

Like any other job search, to get Research Jobs in Kenya, you first need to figure out where you want to work through a personal assessment and a survey of the field in Kenya to allow you to identify the type of job that you want to pursue. Then you need to build the experiences and skills that will help you land the jobs you identify as meeting your interests.

 Research Jobs in Kenya – Research scientist

As a research scientist in Kenya, you would plan and carry out experiments and investigations to broaden scientific knowledge in a range of areas, from life sciences to industrial processes. If you have an enquiring mind, and would like to be at the forefront of scientific discovery, this could be the career for you.

You’ll need to be good at solving problems, and collecting and interpreting data. You would also need to have the patience and the persistence to carry on when you don’t get the results you expect.

To get into this job you would need a degree and usually a postgraduate qualification, such as a PhD.

 Research Jobs in Kenya – The work

As a research scientist you could work in industry research and development (R&D), for a university research department, in government labs or for defence companies. You would work in one of the different subject areas covered by scientific research. They include:

  1. Life sciences, such as physiology, pharmacology, microbiology, plant sciences
  2. Earth sciences, like geology, meteorology and oceanography
  3. Medical research
  4. Physical sciences, including chemistry, physics, mathematics, materials science and geoscience
  5. Industrial science, like food and petrochemicals
  6. Research and development in the textiles industry.

The exact nature of your work would vary greatly depending on your specialism, but could include:

  1. Drawing up research proposals and applying for funding
  2. Planning and carrying out experiments
  3. Keeping accurate records of results
  4. Analysing results and data
  5. Presenting findings in scientific journals, books or at conferences
  6. Carrying out fieldwork (collecting samples and monitoring environmental factors)
  7. Developing new products or ways of applying new discoveries
  8. Improving manufacturing production methods
  9. Testing products or materials
  10. Teaching or lecturing.
  11. You would usually work in a team with other scientists, technicians and support staff.

Research scientists work in a broad range of industries.

 Research Jobs in Kenya – Hours

In a university research department you would normally work, 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. In industry you may need to fit in with shift patterns. This could include working in the evening, at the weekend or on public holidays.

You could be based in a laboratory or an industrial plant. You may work outdoors or away from the lab when collecting samples or doing fieldwork and work in an office when writing reports or scientific papers.

Research could involve working with hazardous or toxic materials. Working with animals or animal based products may also be part of some types of research. You would need to be very aware of health and safety regulations and may need to wear protective clothing such as a lab coat and safety glasses.

You may have to travel nationally or internationally, for example to attend conferences or carry out fieldwork.

 Research Jobs in Kenya – Entry requirements

To begin your career as a research scientist you would need a good honours degree.

Many employers will expect you to have completed, or be working towards a PhD, in your specialist area of interest. It may also improve your chances of finding work if you have work experience in a research department or your degree included a placement in a research environment.

It may be possible to start as a research assistant or graduate industrial scientist and study part-time for a PhD whilst working.

 Research Jobs in Kenya – Training and development

Throughout your career you will need to keep up to date with developments in your specialist area. This will include changes in health and safety, and legal and ethical requirements. You would usually do this through on-the-job training, studying scientific journals and attending seminars and conferences.

 Research Jobs in Kenya – Skills, interests and qualities

As a research scientist you should have:

Research Jobs in Kenya

Research Jobs in Kenya

  1. Scientific, technical and numerical skills
  2. An enquiring mind
  3. Problem solving skills
  4. Patience and persistence
  5. A logical and methodical approach
  6. Accuracy and attention to detail
  7. Good spoken and written communication skills
  8. The ability to work in a team
  9. Excellent presentation skills
  10. IT skills.

Top Jobs Websites in Kenya to find Current Research Jobs in Kenya

These Kenyan Jobs websites have really simple to use and effective search tools so you don’t have to spend so much time searching for the latest research jobs in Kenya. We are going to make a brief comparison and try to explain why each site is considered among the best for finding current research jobs in Kenya.

Research Jobs in Kenya – Brighter Monday

Brighter Monday is among the leading boards for Kenyan jobs online that offers job listings, resume posting and great career advice to job searchers. Brighter Monday allows members to receive daily updates of the most recent jobs, post your CVs and get more information about the companies advertising for jobs.

Research Jobs in Kenya – Kenyan jobs Blogspot

This job site is likely the most popular among job seekers in Kenya. What’s unique about Kenyan jobs Blogspot is that they provide a very easy means of viewing job openings based on their categories. Plus their categories of jobs are very wide which is great for most job seekers.

Research Jobs in Kenya – Kenyan Career

Kenyan Career offers almost all services offered by other portals for jobs in Kenya. They post job openings, allow CV postings and send job updates and every service is free. They even allow job seekers to share what they’ve gone through to succeed in their careers on their category on Kenyan Experiences.

Research Jobs in Kenya – Best Jobs Kenya

Best Jobs Kenya provides an equal opportunity for both employers and job seekers to get the exposure they need. Job seekers can post their CVs, browse through the latest job openings and even search for jobs based on the company they want to work for. The job portal has minimal ads on the home page which is great because it minimizes distraction.

Research Jobs in Kenya – Career Point Kenya

Some of the things you are likely to enjoy about this Kenyan job site include their News and HR Advice segments. The site provides job openings as well as critical information to job seekers like interview answers and sample cover letters.

Research Jobs in Kenya – Job Rapido

Job Rapido is quite different from most job sites listed above because it posts all vacancies which are on career sites across the world. When you visit Job Rapido, you will be asked to select your country because they have listed jobs from all over the world. It certainly provides a more comprehensive job search.

Research Jobs in Kenya – Career Jet

Career Jet gathers listings from websites of top companies and posts them on their site. Career Jet lists job openings in different countries, but they have a comprehensive list of Kenyan job vacancies available in different parts of the country.

Research Jobs in Kenya – Recruitment Kenya

Recruitment Kenya will offer a number of fresh job openings and also interview tips which help job seekers to land their dream job. The site is clean and simple to use.

Research Jobs in Kenya – Job Web Kenya

Job Web Kenya is a nice job portal considering they post thousands of openings on a daily basis and they don’t offer only Kenyan jobs. Though you are likely to find similar jobs posted on other sites such as Brighter Monday. They are also present in South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana.

Research Jobs in Kenya – Kenya Moja

Kenya Moja is a popular site in Kenya that not only provides entertainment news, but job openings as well. They add new vacancies on a daily basis, so you are likely to get openings which are not found anywhere else online. Because of the traffic this site gets on a daily basis, more employers are opting to post their vacancies on Kenya Moja.

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