Rural Aid Kenya Training Institute Description

Rural Aid Kenya Training Institute is located at Philadelphia House, 3rd Floor in Machakos County.

Rural Aid Kenya Training Institute Courses Offered

  1. Certificate in Front Office Operation and Administration(Front Office Operation & Administration)
  2. Certificate in 3D Graphic Design and Animation(3D Graphic Design)
  3. Certificate in Braille(Braille)
  4. Certificate in Church Management and Leadership(Church Management)
  5. Certificate in Community Development and Project Management
  6. Certificate in Computerized Management(Computerized Management)
  7. Certificate in HIV/AIDS Management
  8. Certificate in Hotel and Catering
  9. Certificate in Information Communication Technology(ICT)
  10. Certificate in Information Technology(Information Technology)
  11. Certificate in Japanese(Japanese)
  12. Certificate in Mechanical Engineering(Mechanical Engineering)
  13. Certificate in NGO Management(NGO Management)
  14. Certificate in Project Planning & Management(Project Planning & Management)
  15. Certificate in Social Work(Social Work)
  16. Certificate in Tour Guiding and Administration(Tour Guiding and Administration)
  17. CPA Part II(CPA)
  18. CPA Part III(CPA)
  19. Diploma in Accountancy(Accountancy)
  20. Diploma in banking and finance(banking and finance)
  21. Certificate in Ceramics(Ceramics)
  22. Certificate in Store Keeping(Store Keeping)
  23. Certificate in Travel and Tourism(Travel and Tourism)
  24. Diploma in Business Administration(Business Administration)
  25. Diploma in air cargo services
  26. Diploma in Air Hostess and Cabin Crew Duties
  27. Diploma in Environmental Health(Environmental Health)
  28. Diploma in Front Office Operation & Administration(Front Office)
  29. Diploma in Gender Studies(Gender Studies)
  30. Diploma in HIV & AIDS Management(HIV & AIDS Management)
  31. Diploma in Information Technology(Information Technology)
  32. diploma in project planning and management(project planning )
  33. Diploma in Nursing(Nursing)
  34. Diploma in Secondary Education(Arts)
  35. Diploma in Tour Guiding and Administration(Tour Guiding)
  36. Diploma in Travel & Tourism(Travel & Tourism)
  37. Diploma in video production
  38. P1 course
  39. Computerized Secretarial
  40. CPA Part I(CPA)
  41. Diploma in Chemical Engineering(Chemical Engineering)
  42. Diploma in Clearing and Forwarding(Clearing and Forwarding)
  43. Diploma in Counseling Psychology(Counseling Psychology)
  44. Diploma in Mass Communication(Mass Communication)
  45. Diploma in nutrition & dietetics(Nutrition and Dietetics)
  46. Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering(Telecommunication Engineering)
  47. Diploma in Social Work(Social Work)
  48. Certificate in Gender and Development Studies(Gender and Development Studies)
  49. Diploma in Community Health(Community Health)
  50. Diploma in Community Health Management(Community Health Management)
  51. Diploma in Conflict and Disaster Management(Conflict and Disaster Management)
  52. Diploma in Early Childhood Development
  53. Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management(Hotel and Catering Management)
  54. Certificate in Communication and Public Relations(Communication and Public Relations)
  55. Certificate in Corruption Prevention(Corruption Prevention)
  56. Certificate in Early Childhood and Development
  57. Certificate in Electronics Engineering(Electronics Engineering)
  58. Certificate in English(English)
  59. Certificate in Environmental Health(Environmental Health)
  60. Certificate in Financial/Accounting Management(Accounting Management)
  61. Certificate in French(French)
  62. Diploma in Community Development(Community Development)
  63. Diploma in Electrical Engineering(Electrical Engineering)
  64. Diploma in Electronics Engineering(Electronics Engineering)
  65. Diploma in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)
  66. Certificate in Germany(Germany)
  67. Certificate in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)
  68. Certificate in Journalism & Mass Communication(Journalism & Mass Communication)
  69. Certificate in Logistics and Supplies Management(Logistics & Supplies Management)
  70. Certificate in Kiswahili(Kiswahili)
  71. Certificate in Purchasing and Supplies(Purchasing and Supplies)
  72. Certificate in Sales & Marketing(Sales & Marketing)
  73. CPA courses(CPA)
  74. Diploma in Finance(Finance)
  75. Diploma in Journalism(Journalism)
  76. Diploma in Logistics Management(Logistics Management)
  77. Diploma in NGO Management(NGO Management)
  78. Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management(Purchasing and Supplies)
  79. Diploma in Sales & Marketing(Sales & Marketing)

Rural Aid Kenya Training Institute Intake

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Rural Aid Kenya Training Institute Application Form

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Rural Aid Kenya Training Institute – Contacts

College Name: Rural Aid Kenya Training Institute

County: Machakos County

Physical Address: Philadelphia House, 3rd Floor

Postal Address: P. O. Box 345, Athi River

Telephone: 020-2219155

Mobile: 0721-318501



Rural Aid Kenya Training Institute
Rural Aid Kenya Training Institute

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