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Secondary Schools in Taita Taveta County

Secondary Schools in Taita Taveta County

A Comprehensive list of Secondary Schools in Taita Taveta County, Showing the County Schools Code Number, the School Name and the  Type  of School.

Public Secondary Schools in Taita Taveta County


01101102 – Senoir chief mwageka secondary school _girls

01101202 – Canon kituri secondary-mixed

01115101- Voi secondary school-boys

01115105 – Mwakichuchu secondary school-boys

01115201 – Mwakitawa secondary school-girls

01115301 – Moi high school – kasigau-boys


01101103 – Mghalu high school-mixed

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01101104 – Kiwinda secondary school-mixed

01101105 – Pj mwangola mixed secondary school-mixed

01101203 – St. john’s secondary school – mixed

01101204 – Shimbo secondary school – mixed

01101205- Dalmas moka secondary school-mixed

01101206- Mwakiwiwi seconadry school-mixed

01101207- Mdundonyi secondary school-mixed

01101208- St. agatha ngoloki secondary school-girls

01101301- Ngangao secondary school-mixed

01101302- Kitumbi high school-mixed

01101303- Funju secondary school-mixed

01101304- Mbela high school-mixed

01101305- Mgambonyi high school-mixed

01113103- Mahoo girls’ secondary-mixed

01113104- Bishop john njenga secondary school-mixed

01113105- Mahoo girls’ secondary-girls

01113106- Mata secondary school-mixed

01113107- Kitobo secondary-mixed

01113108- Lumi secondary school-mixed

01114103- Mwandango secondary school-mixed

01114104- Mwambonu secondary school-mixed

01114107- Mwafuga secondary school-mixed

01114108- Chawia high school-mixed

01114109- St.joseph’s secondary school-mixed

01114111- Mwatate secondary school-mixed

Secondary Schools in Taita Taveta County

Secondary Schools in Taita Taveta County

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