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Shanzu Teachers’ Training College

Shanzu Teachers’ Training College Description

Shanzu Teachers’ Training College is a public college for primary teachers’ training.The college runs also private courses such as Business Administration, Human Resources, Management, Information Technology, etc.The college is committed to run income generation projects for auto sustainability. Actually it is investing in its ICT infrastructure in order to become an attractive training center.The broad goal is investing in the Knowledge Economy.

Shanzu Teachers’ Training College Courses Offered

  1. Certificate in Computer Systems & Application Packages(Computer Systems & Application Packages)
  2. Diploma in Information Technology(Information Technology)
  3. Diploma in Community Development(Community Development)
  4. Diploma in Personnel Management(Personnel Management)
  5. Diploma in Business Administration(Business Administration)
  6. Diploma in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)
  7. Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Education(Early Childhood Development)
  8. Certificate in Early Childhood Development and Education(ECDE)
  9. P1 course()
  10. Post graduate in Education(Arts)
  11. Information Communication Technology Technician(ICTT)
  12. Certified Public Accountant(CPA)
  13. Accounting Technician Certificate(ATC)
  14. Certificate in Agriculture(Agriculture)
  15. Certificate in Biology(Biology)
  16. Certificate in Child Counsellling and Protection(Child Counselling and Protection)
  17. Certificate in Counseling Supervision(Counseling Supervision)
  18. Certificate in Counselling(Counselling)
  19. Certificate in Counselling and Stress Management(Counselling)
  20. Certificate in Early Childhood and Development()
  21. Certificate in Early Childhood Education()
  22. Certificate in Kiswahili(Kiswahili)
  23. Certificate in Mathematics(Mathematics)
  24. Certificate in Physics(Physics)
  25. Diploma in Counselling(Counselling)
  26. Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education()
  27. Diploma in Economics of Education(Economics of Education)
  28. Diploma in Education – Computer Science(Computer Science)
  29. Diploma in Education(Arts & Science)
  30. Diploma in Education(Arts)
  31. Diploma in Education(Science)
  32. Diploma in Education(arts)()
  33. Diploma in Education Planning(Education Planning)
  34. ECDE Teachers Certificate(ECDE)
  35. Pre-University Programme(Pre-University)
  36. English Language(English)
  37. Diploma in Agriculture(Agriculture)
  38. Diploma in Biology(Biology)
  39. Diploma in Child Counseling()
  40. Diploma in Child Forensic Studies(Child Psychology and Law)
  41. Diploma in Child and Adolescent Counselling(Child & Adolescent Counselling)
  42. Diploma in Early Childhood Development()
  43. Diploma in Education and Counseling(Edcation and Counseling)
  44. Diploma in Education, Primary Education(Primary Education)
  45. Diploma in Counselling and Psychology(Counselling & Psychology)
  46. Diploma in Counselling and Stress Management(Counselling)
  47. Diploma in Early Childhood and Development()
  48. Diploma in Early Childhood and Primary Care(Early Childhood & Primary Care)
  49. Diploma in Early Childhood and Primary Education(Early Childhood & Primary Education)
  50. Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Primary Education(Early Childhood)
  51. Diploma in Early Childhood Education(Early Childhood Education)
  52. Diploma in Education, Guidance & Counseling(Education, Guidance & Counseling)
  53. Diploma in Educational Administration(Educational Administration)
  54. Primary Teachers Education(PTE)
  55. Certificate in Chemistry(Chemistry)
  56. Certificate in Child Counseling()

Shanzu Teachers’ Training College Intake

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Shanzu Teachers’ Training College Application Form

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Shanzu Teachers’ Training College Contacts

Shanzu Teachers’ Training College.
Location: Address: P.O. Box 90533, Mombasa 80100.
Telephone: 041-5486151,5486523, 0722-875687 .

Shanzu Teachers' Training College

Shanzu Teachers’ Training College

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