Shimo La Tewa Secondary School Details.

Shimo La Tewa secondary School  is a government boys’ boarding school located  located in the Coast Province, Mombasa District, Bamburi Division, Bamburi Location and Shanzu Sub-location. It is built on a 121 acre piece of land located along New Malindi Road about 15kilometres from Mombasa town.

Shimo La Tewa  Secondary School History.

Established in 1932, Shimo La Tewa School in Mombasa District was the giant in Coast province. Shimo La Tewa started as secondary school for Arab boys who successfully completed their primary education at the Arab school Mombasa. There were six dormitories, which could accommodate 120 students only. However the Arab boys refused to enroll in the school because it was isolated from their parents, surrounded by big forest infested with wild animals and also very far from Mombasa town.

It was in September 1939 when the school closed due to the outbreak of the Second World War. The British Army occupied the entire school and made use of the facilities as a hospital. It remained in their hands until 1947.

In 1947 the Coast African Association demanded that it should be opened as a secondary school for Africans since there was none in the Province. The colonial Governor granted the request and the school re-opened as the Coast African Secondary School. Thereafter the school became a dream of every primary and ‘O’ Level student.

The alumni of Shimo La Tewa reign in both private and the public sector. It is the ‘’alma mater’’ of several cabinet ministers past and present like Hon. Noah Katana Ngala, Retired Major Marsden Madoka, the late Karisa Maitha and Shariff Nassir, retired General Staff Major General Kibwana, Ali Chirau Makwere, the former speaker of Parliament Hon. Francis Ole Kaparo, past and present members of Parliament and many other high ranking public figures.

School Motto

Knowledge and Service

School Vision

To be the source of knowledgeable, and multi skilled graduates for global service.

School Mission

To produce intelligent, dedicated, and spiritually upright individuals through quality education.

School Core Values

i) Respect for individual differences– our clients have no distinctive differences in ability, religion, tribe ,color race
i) Professionalism– We are commited to the very best in our proffesional dispension

iii)Integrity -We are committed to offering our services in a transparent , honest, and accountable manner.

iv) Confidentality – We will handle all information and communication with alot of confidentality

v) Courtesy -We shall treat all our clients with courtesy to the best of our ability at all times.

vi) Continual Improvement – We are committed to continue improving our performance in all areas that impact on quality learning and education

vii) Teamwork– We shall endevor to create and promote teamwork at all levels of our institution

Shimo La Tewa High Secondary School Departments


This department deals with academics affairs in the school.

we aspire to help students to reach their goals by ensuring that they get the most valuable education and technical knowledge.

We encourage teachers and students to put more effort to ensure the school academic goals are met.

This Department is headed by Mr. Jefwa Lucas(Senior H.O.D Academics) and Mr. Stephen Nyundo. 


Tokeo la picha la shimo la tewa school
Shimo La Tewa Secondary School

This department deals with technical subjects like:

-Business Studies


-Computer Studies




-Building & Construction

-Drawing & Design

-Art & Design

Humanities Department

-Humanities Department deals with subjects such as:

1. Geography

2. Cristian Religious Education

3. Islamic Religious Education

4. History

Shimo La Tewa High Secondary School Contacts

Shimo La Tewa High School

Address: P.O. BOX 90163, Mombasa 80100
Home Page/Website:
School Category: Public Secondary Schools


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