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Special Needs Education in Kenya

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The Government has set up a grant for special needs education in Kenya. Funds are provided for procurement of learning and teaching materials for children with special needs. As a result assessment of children with special needs has improved. Public awareness on special education has also gone up.

Special Needs Education in Kenya – Schools

Special education has for a long time been provided in special schools or units attached to regular schools and, more recently, at inclusive settings in regular schools. However, the schools and units only cater for children with special needs in hearing, visual, mental or physical challenge.

Excluded from the programmes are children with other needs — the gifted and talented, psycho-socially different, autistic, multiple-handicapped and with learning difficulties and communication disorders.

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A national policy will soon be developed to define all special needs and design programmes to enhance their inclusion education. In addition, the Kenya Institute of Education will be restructured and strengthened to train special education teachers in autism, communicative disorders and multiple handicaps.

Special Education in Kenya

Special Education in Kenya

Special Needs Education in Kenya – Video

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