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St. Joseph’s Girls High School Details, Results and Contacts

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St. Joseph’s Girls High School Description

St. Joseph’s Girls High School is a Girls boarding school, located in Chepterit location, Nandi County and its sponsored by a  religious organisation.The school which stands on a 21 acre land has a population of 580 students and 31 teachers. The school is known for its continous excellent performance in the national examinations every year.

St. Joseph’s Girls High School Contacts

School Name: St. Joseph’s Girls High School

Physical Location: Chepterit

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Address: P.O. Box 51, Kapsabet 30300
City/Town :  Nandi
County:  Nandi
School Category: Public
School Code :
Phone Number: 053-52026, 0721-611923

St. Joseph’s Girls High School Highlights

Drama Club:
Debate Club:
Sports Team:
Girls and Boys Scouts:
Students Association:

St. Joseph’s Girls High School Facilities

School Library:
Swimming Pool:
Sports Field:
Computer Lab:
Science Laboratory:

 St.Joseph’s Girls.Chepterit Photo

St.Joseph’s Girls.Chepterit Photo