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Strathmore University Courses – Diploma, Degree, Masters and Phd

Strathmore University Description

Strathmore University is a private university based in Nairobi Kenya. Strathmore College was started in 1961, as an Advanced level sixth form College offering science and arts subjects, by a group of professionals who formed a charitable educational trust (now the Strathmore Educational Trust). Saint Josemaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei, inspired and encouraged them to start the College.

Strathmore has a particularly successful accounting program: 60% of the CPA finalists in Kenya coming from it in the past ten years, dating back from 2007. The current Vice-Chancellor of the University is Professor John Odhiambo.

In August 2002 the Commission of Higher Education awarded Strathmore a Letter of Interim Authority to operate as a University with a Faculty of Commerce and a Faculty of Information Technology.

The first undergraduate students to enroll in these faculties completed their 4-year degree course in December 2004 and graduated in August 2005.

In June 2007, Kenya’s Commission for Higher Education approved the award of a charter to Strathmore University.

Strathmore University Charter Gazetted

The University’s Charter was gazetted under the Universities Act (CAP 210B) in the ‘Kenya Gazette’ supplement no. 47 (legislative supplement no. 27) via legal notice no. 86. The charter details establishment and functions of the University, membership and governance of the University, administration, financial provision and statutes of the University.


To provide all round quality education in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility excellence in teaching, research and scholarship, ethical and social development and service to the society.

To become a leading out- come driven entrepreneurial research University by translating our excellence into major contribution to culture, economic well-being and quality of life.

Excellence through the sanctification of work; freedom and responsibility; ethical practice; personalized attention; subsidiarity; collegiality; life-long learning; service to society.
Coat of Arms

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The Coat of Arms is full of meaning:

  • The Lion is the symbol of strength and courage, and of the determined fight for excellence and justice. It also represents Kenya, our country, which strives to attain all the qualities mentioned above.
  • The Rose in full bloom represents love, the source of all good desires and actions, even if at times this means loving sacrifice, as represented by the thorns. The rose has a supernatural meaning too. Love, with capital letters, is love of God. The rose also has a historical meaning associated with the life of Saint Josemaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei, who inspired and encouraged the people who started Strathmore: he once received a divine sign in the form of a carved gilded rose in a very trying  moment of his life.
  • The Three Hearts represent the three races which, in 1961 when the University started, were segregated in the colonial system of education. The heart represents the person, since it is taken as the source of all our actions, and the source of love. The fact that the three hearts all have the same colour shows the equality of all people and their aim to love and understand each other. At the beginning it clearly  pointed at the target of racial unity. Today it symbolizes the common aim of parents, teachers and students in the educational process of Strathmore.

The Motto “Ut omnes unum sint” is Latin. It is a quotation from a passage of the Gospel, and means “That all may be one”. It expresses our desire to work together towards the same aim, in spite of personal differences or opinion, tastes and backgrounds.

The colours in heraldry (the science dealing with coats of arms) have associated meanings as follows:
Yellow (Gold) Gold means eternity, perfection.
Blue (Azure) Sky blue means high ideals, high aims.
Red (Gules) Blood red means sacrifice, love, fortitude.

The main courses include:

Faculty of Commerce; Faculty of Information Technology; Institute of Continuing Education; Institute of Humanities Education and Development Studies; Strathmore Business School; School of Accountancy; School of Tourism and Hospitality

Strathmore University Courses Offered

  1. Bachelor of Science in Informatics(Information Science)
  2. Cisco Certified Network Associate(CCNA)
  3. JME & Python Programming(Programming)
  4. Android Training(Android)
  5. BBS Finance(Finance)
  6. BBS Financial Economics(Financial Economics)
  7. Bachelor of Commerce(Commerce)
  8. Bachelor of Business Information Technology(BBIT)
  9. Master of Science(Information Technology)
  10. Master of Science(Computer Based Information Systems)
  11. Diploma in Business Information Technology()
  12. Master of Business Administration(MBA)
  13. Bachelor of Science(Leadership & Management)
  14. Cisco Certified Network Associate 2(CCNA 2)
  15. Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology(BICT)
  16. International Computer Driving License(ICDL)()
  17. Diploma in NGO Management(NGO Management)
  18. Certified Securities and Investment Analyst(CSIA)
  19. Diploma in Banking(Banking)
  20. Certified Public Secretary(CPS)
  21. Certificate in Video Editing Photography Production(Video Editing Photography Production)
  22. Advanced Diploma in Computer Science(Computer Science)
  23. Certificate in Computerized Accounting(Computerised Accounting)
  24. CPA Part I(CPA)
  25. Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management()
  26. Bachelor of Business Administration(Business Administration)
  27. Certified Information Systems Auditor(CISA)
  28. Master of Arts in Project Planning and Management(Project Planning and Management)
  29. Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications(Telecomunications)
  30. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants(ACCA)
  31. Bachelor of Arts in Counselling Psychology(Counselling Psychology)
  32. Diploma in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)
  33. Bachelor of Leadership and Management(Leadership & Management)
  34. Diploma in Tours & Travel Operations(Tours & Travel Operations)
  35. CPA Part III(CPA)
  36. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Certification(MCSE)
  37. PMP Exam Preparatory Course(Project Management Professional )
  38. Certificate in Business Information Technology(BIT)
  39. Bachelor of Telecommunication and Information Engineering()
  40. Diploma in Air Hostess and Cabin Crew Duties()
  41. Bachelor of Science(Acturial Science)
  42. Bachelor of Laws(LLB)
  43. Pastel Evolution(Pastel)
  44. Huawei Certified Datacom Associate(HCDA)
  45. Interactive Mobile and Web()
  46. Mobile Applications Development(Applications Development)
  47. Advanced ACA(Business Change and Business Reporting)
  48. Bachelor of Business Science in Actuarial Science(Finance)
  49. Bachelor of Business Science in Financial Economics

Strathmore University Intake

January- september always in progress

Strathmore University Application Form

Information will be upated soon

Strathmore University Contacts

Physical Address: Madaraka Estate, Ole Sangale Road.
Postal Address: P.O. Box 59857, 00200, City Square, Nairobi, Kenya.
Mobile : +254 703 034 000/200/300
Fax: +254 20 6007498
Email: enquiries(at)strathmore(dot)edu


Strathmore University

Strathmore University

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