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The Kenya High School – Details, Results and Contacts

The Kenya High School Details

The Kenya High School is a Girls Public National School situated in Nairobi Kenya. It is located on Kileleshwa hill, off Mandera road, which is about 7 km from the City center.

The Kenya High School built on a 100 acre plot , an initiative by the Government in 1946. The school initially started in 1910. The school was by then referred to as The Kenyan European School and it was meant for the European only. At this time the school was located at the current Nairobi Primary.The School is suitably furnished and equipped to satisfy every student’s intellectual and physical needs.

Student Admission to The Kenya High School

The Kenya High School being a Public National School admits student through the Ministry of Education Form one yearly intake. The School has a population of 800 students and therefore has an intake of 200 student every year. As a National school, the  School admits Students from all over the country.

The Kenya High School History

The Kenya High School had its beginnings in 1910 when a co-educational school called the Nairobi European School began in buildings designed for police Barracks. In 1931 the boys were separated from the girls. In 1935, the school was renamed The European Girls Secondary School and had its first Headmistress, Miss Kerby appointed. The buildings consisted partly of temporary wooden huts located on the compound of the present Nairobi Primary school, with whom the secondary school shared the present buildings. Staff housing was scattered in the vicinity of Protectorate Hill. In 1939, the school was renamed The Kenya High School.

In 1942, Miss Stott succeeded Miss Kerby. By this time, because of the existing overcrowding and lack of modern facilities, there was considerable demand for a new school. By 1944, the present site of about 100 acres on Kileleshwa Hill had been approved and sterling pound 150 had been voted in the 1945 budget as a token sum towards the laying out of the grounds. Eventually the total cost of building and laying out of the grounds reached sterling pounds 700,000.

The present school began to take shape and in 1950, 100 boarders moved into two boarding blocks of the partially completed new school. The site at that time looked very different from today. The trees and flowering shrubs, which do so much enhance and beautify the grounds, remained to be planted; the chapel, the library and the swimming pool were yet to be built.

The swimming pool was completed in December 1952, with the aid of a government loan. This loan was finally paid off at the end of 1967. The Chapel was dedicated in 1959 and the library opened in 1963. In 1963, Miss Stott retired and Miss Leeves took over.

Just prior to miss Stott’s retirement, the first African and Asian girls were admitted. The first African girl to be admitted in 1961 was Ann Mithamo During the four years of Miss Leevers’ headship, the inter-racial pattern of the school began to take shape. Before Miss Leevers left, she handed over to Miss Barnes. In 1967 plans had been made for the building of the Art Studio. Later in 1967, it was decided to extend the plan of the Art room to include a Music room and Music practice room. This block was completed early in 1969, when the Hon. D. T. Arap Moi officially opened on sports day. The school is still without an assembly which had to be omitted from an earlier building plan owing to lack of funds.

In 1974 the Kenya High School was taken over by the government and it began to take more African pupils and teachers. The first African Headmistress was Mrs R. Kariuki. She took over from Miss Barnes in January 1977 and left in July of the same year after handing over the school to Mrs. M. W. Wanjohi on 22nd July 1977 to August 1999. After Mrs Wanjohi’s retirement Mrs Rosemary Saina took over in September 1999 to date.

There was school committee as early as 1932, whose members dedicated themselves to the well being of the school, in 1960, these duties were transferred to the board of governors. The school has had very able Heads of the board of governors e.g. Sir Phillip Mitchell (1960-1963), Mr J. G. Francis(1963-1965) and it is particularly indebted to Mr Charles Njonjo who served the school for 10 years (1966-1976), Mr Geoffrey Kariithi (1977-1988), Dr. Eddah Gachukia (1984-1988) became the first lady chairperson of the board, Ms Margaret W. Kenyatta(1989-1996), Mrs Damaris Ayodo who serve in the board from 1975 became chairperson (1996-1999), Mrs Rebecca Masese took over from1999 to date.

History cannot forget many dedicated people who played a very significant role in the running of the school such as Mr. Mortimer who donated the former main gate. There are several tables and chairs in the library donated by individual parents. In her will, Molly Nesbitt, left part of her money as bursary to the best French students annually.

Apart from these individuals, the government gave all the monies for the capital development. In the early 1980s cost sharing between the parents and the government was effected.

The present Parents Teachers Association was started on 12th July, 1979. The idea was proposed by the Professor J.M. Mungai who became the first chairman. The following people acted as the care takers in the executive committee until the Annual General meeting was held. Professor Joseph M. Mungai, Ven. John Kago, Professor F. A. Mutere, Professor V. K. Gupta, Mrs M. Mpaayei, Mr. B.O. Okudo, Mrs Grace Ogot, Mr. C. A. De Ameida, Mr Davidson Ngini and M. L. Handa, Deputy Registrar General.

The P.T.A. was registered with the Attorney General in October 1979 and Professor Joseph Mungai became the first P.T.A. chairman until 1985 when Mr Wasunna took over up to February 1995. Thereafter, the chairpersons of the P.T.A. were The Kenya High School Contacts: Prof. K. Wambari (1995-1997), Mr. P. E. Mwaisaka (1997-1998), Mr Lee Muthoga (1998-1999), Major (Rtd) C.N. Diffu (2007 -2009), Prof. J. Kaimenyi (2008 – 2009) ,Mr G. S. Mutungi (2009-2013), Dr. Bitange Ndemo (2013-2015) the P.T.A. chairman is Mrs. Gacicio who took over in 2015 to date.

It is worthwhile noting that the Kenya High School enrolment has gradually increased over time; in the late 30s the school had 35 students, in the 40s, 150 and this rose to 500 in the 50s. This upward trend continued in the 60s with a total students’ body of 650. In the 70s the total population had risen to 700.The 80s and 90s had an enrollment of between 800 to 850. Currently the school population stands at 1200 students.

The Kenya High School Results

The Kenya High School Results will be updated soon…

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The Kenya High School

The Kenya High School Contacts

School Name: Kenya High school
Physical Location: Mandera Road, Kileleshwa,
Address: P.O. Box 30035, Nairobi
City/Town :  Nairobi
County: Nairobi
School Category: Public
School Code :
Phone Number:
Email: info(at)

Kenya High School News

Kenya High School celebrates after CS Matiang’i names them in 2017 top performers

Updated: 21.12.2017

Celebrations rocked Kenya High School after the girls’ school emerged fourth nationally in the just released 2017 KCSE exam results. The school’s 298 candidates had a performance index of 68.24.

Teachers and students said they were pleasantly surprised as Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i cited the school for good performance while releasing the results on Wednesday. Florah Mulatya, the school principal, attributed the superb performance to God, teamwork and commitment.

“This is definitely a pleasant surprise. I believed in our students and knew that they would not let us down,” said Mrs Mulatya.

Marie Shikuku, who scooped an A of 83 points, taking the 13th position nationally, could not hide her joy as she arrived at the school hours after the release of results. “I can now see my dream of becoming a medical surgeon close to my nose.

It took a lot of hard work, commitment and teamwork,” said Shikuku. Nyokabi who was brought up in Kawangware informal settlement had this to say: “I have a lot to change and I can only hope these results will be my first stride towards achieving my dreams.” Dr Matiang’i mentioned Alliance Girls, Kenya High and Pangani Girls as some of the schools which performed very well in the exams.

The Kenya High School Website

Website: http// ,

The Kenya High School Video

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