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Utumishi Academy Details, Results, Contacts and Website

Utumishi Academy Details

Utumishi Academy – Utumishi Boys Academy is a Boys only Kenyan National School founded in 1993 largely by the Kenya Police Force to provide quality high school education to young Kenyans from all over the country. As stated in the school motto, they are focused on achieving Excellence and Honour.

Utumishi Boys Academy History

The idea of starting a school for police officers’ children was conceived in the early 1960s, however it was until 1991 when the commissioner of police the late Philip Kilonzo began implementing the idea. On 30th may 1991, the first steering committee was formed. Its first chairman was the former Senior Deputy Commissioner of Police, Hon Elijah Sumbeiywo. On December 30th, 1992, the principal Mr. Willie M. Mugoh was posted to the school. He was soon followed by twelve teachers. On 26th Jan 1993, the school admitted its first 80 boys and girls.

They were accommodated in the primary school since the complex had not been completed. Students used wooden houses in the anti-stock theft unit Police line as the boys’ dormitory and the school dining hall. The school soon outgrew the facilities the primary section could offer and so in January 1995, the school was moved to the incomplete complex structures.

Utumishi Academy Results

Except for the period between April 1994 and October 1997, when construction had stalled, the school has steadily grown in terms of physical facilities and in the students’ academic facilities and in the students’ academic performances. After Mr. Mugoh proceeded on transfer, Mr. peters Orega took over as the new school head. Mr. Orega has since retired and the new school head is Mr. Samuel G. Maina

Tokeo la picha la utumishi academy

Utumishi Academy

Utumishi Academy Contacts

School Name: Utumishi Boys Academy

School Code No: 27500008

Type of School: Boys Boarding

County: Nakuru County

Physical Address:

Postal Address: P.O BOX 20 Gilgil


Utumishi Academy Website


Utumishi Academy Highlights

Drama Club:
Debate Club:
Sports Team:
Girls and Boys Scouts:
Students Association:

Utumishi Academy Facilities

School Library:
Swimming Pool:
Sports Field:
Computer Lab:
Science Laboratory:

Utumishi Academy Video


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