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Council for Higher Education (CHE) in Kenya

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The Council for Higher Education is the precursor of the Commission for Higher Education that was established by an Act of Parliament, the Universities Act (Cap210B) in 1985 to regulate coordinate and enhance quality assurance in higher education as a result of growth and expansion of the university sub sector in Kenya.

The core mandate of the council is to accredit universities, ensure the maintenance of standards, quality and relevance in all aspects of university education, training and research. The council also monitors quality assurance practices in higher education and encourages continuous improvement in the management of quality university education. This process is mainly accomplished through a peer process of audits and reviews. The Council for Higher Education is also charged with planning and coordination of education and training courses offered in post-secondary institutions. The mandate for the Council for Higher Education to cover quality assurance in public universities was provided through the Universities Act 2012.

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The council also has established a comprehensive validation programme for post-secondary school institutions. Candidates graduating from validated institutions are eligible to apply for admission to university education. Validated institutions can seek authority from the council to collaborate with.

In 2013, the validated post-secondary institutions in Kenya were as follows:

  1. Kenya School of Professional Studies
  2. Australian Studies Institute
  3. Centre for Tourism Training & Research, Wildlife Clubs of Kenya
  4. Augustana College
  5. Institute of Advanced Technology
  6. Consolata Institute of Philosophy
  7. Holy Rosary College Tala
  8. Thika Institute of Technology
  9. Kenya Institute of Professional Counseling
  10. Nairobi Institute of Technology
  11. Jaffrey Institute of Professional Studies
  12. AMREF International Training Centre
  13. Wiselnen Training & Consultants Ltd
  14. Intel College
  15. Oshwal College
  16. Graffins College
  17. Loreto College Msongari
  18. Regional Institute of Business Management
  19. Kenya Armed Forces Technical College
  20. Thika College for Sharia & Islamic Studies
  21. Swiss Management Academy (K)
  22. Regional Institute for Mapping of Resources for Development
  23. Kima International School of Theology
  24. Nairobi Institute of Business Studies
  25. Co-operative College of Kenya
  26. Paul Mark Training Institute
  27. Tec Institute of Management
  28. Pioneer International College
  29. National Defence College
  30. Digital Advisory and Learning Centre
  31. National Intelligence Academy
  32. Kenya Utalii College
  33. Cornerstone Training Institute
  34. Kenya College of Communications Technology
  35. Kenya Institute of Management
  36. Nairobi Aviation College
  37. Computer Pride Training Centre
  38. Zetech College
  39. Defence Staff College
  40. Premese Africa Development Institute
  41. Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development
  42. Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors
  43. East Africa School of Journalism
  44. Dreamline College
  45. Elgonview College
  46. Alphax College
  47. Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute
  48. Amicus School
  49. Institute of Personnel Management (IPM)
  50. Africa International College (AICO)
  51. Kesses
  52. Riccatti Business of East Africa (RBCEA)
  53. Muranga College of Technology
  54. Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital Training Centre, Eldoret
  55. TES College
  56. Trans-Eastern Airlines Aviation College
  57. Intraglobal Training Institute
  58. Kenya Institute of Professional Studies
  59. Vision Institute of Professionals
  60. Dima College
  61. Shang Tao Media Arts College
  62. Kenya School of Monetary Studies