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Blue Triangle Cement

      Blue Triangle Cement

The East African Portland Cement Company started as a trading company importing cement mainly from England for early construction work in East Africa. It was formed by Blue Circle Industries United Kingdom. The name Portland was given due to the resemblance in colour of set cement to the Portland stone that was mined on the Isle of Portland in Dorset, England.

It was not until February 1933 that the Company was incorporated in Kenya with the first factory in Nairobi’s Industrial Area. The Company had one cement mill (Mill No. 2) and used to import clinker from India. The production capacity was about 60,000 tonnes of cement.

In December 1956, construction of the Athi River facility started. The factory was commissioned in 1958 and consisted of a Rotary Kiln (Wet), a big cement mill (Cement Mill 1 & 3) which significantly increased production capacity to 120,000 tonnes per annum.

In the last few years, EAPCC has greatly expanded its production capacity. With the introduction of Mill No. 5 and the embrace of Coal energy, the Company can presently produce over 1.3 million tonnes of cement per annum at reduced cost. Furthermore, the Company’s recently implemented ERP system was recognized as the best for 2011.

The Company now has fully automated business processes which means complex paperwork is now largely a thing of the past; from the offices of top Management to the Factory floor. With these and other innovations, EAPCC is ready for the future today.

Historical Milestones

1933 – EAPCC registered. The first cement manufacturer in East and Central Africa. Capacity of 60, 000 tonnes per year with one mill.
1934 – Cement deliveries begin
1956 – Athi River Factory construction begins
1957 – Athi River Factory complete. Two mills added to bring total mills to four. Capacity doubles to 120, 000 tonnes a year.
1974 – A new rotary wet kiln commissioned. Capacity rises to 300, 000 tonnes a year.
1979 – Fourth mill added. Mill number three upgraded. Capacity rises to 340, 000 tonnes a year.
1996 – Brand new kiln commisioned. New Mill added. Bigger limestone crusher added. State-of -the-art pre-blending system added. Capacity doubles to 600, 000 tonnes a year.
1997 – Company changes cement manufacturing process from wet process to dry process.
2007 – Company conducts groundbreaking for new mill.
2009 – New mill commissioned. Capacity doubles to 1.3 Million tonnes. EAPCC acquires ISO 9001: 2008 certification.
2010 – EAPCC implements ERP system which automates all business processes.
2011 – EAPCC receives recognition from Computer Society of Kenya for Best ERP system implementation
2012 – Kenya Bureau of Standards renews EAPCC ISO re-certification after bi-annual surveillance audit of business processes and procedures over a period of three years.

Cement is our flagship product. Blue Triangle Cement, which is manufactured under strictly safe and environmentally friendly conditions, conforms to the regional standards — KS EAS 18-1: 2001 (Previously Kenya Bureau of Standards — KS 1725:Part1: 2001, equivalent to EN 196).

Blue Triangle Cement is widely used for all cementing, mortar and concrete building applications. We also produce custom-made cement products for the construction trade.
Blue Triangle Cement CEM I 42.5R, commonly known as Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is available in 50-kg bags and 40-tonne tankers (bulk). OPC is generally used in the following applications:

Pre-cast concrete items, such as paving blocks, tiles, building blocks.
Pre-stressed concrete components.
Runways, concrete roads, bridges.
General civil engineering construction work.
Asbestos products, such as sheets and pipes.
Non-structural works, such as plastering, flooring.
Blue Triangle Cement CEM IV/A 32.5 N, commonly known as Portland Pozzolanic Cement (PPC) is available in 50kg bags and 40-tonne tankers. PPC is ideally suited for the following construction applications:

Hydraulic structures.
Mass concreting works.
Marine structures.
Masonry mortars and plastering in classified conditions.

Blue Triangle Cement – Contacts
Physical Location: Namanga Rd, Athi River
Telephone: Saricom: +254 722- 203 076
+254 722- 203 078/80
Airtel: +254733- 333212/14
Fax: +254 (045) 20406
Blue Triangle Cement

Blue Triangle Cement

Blue Triangle Cement

Blue Triangle Cement