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Kerio View Hotel

A Guide To Kerio View Hotel

Kerio View Hotel is perched on the edge of the Kerio Valley escarpment — a branch of the Great Rift Valley of  East Africa.

It offers prospects of the Tugen Hills and Tiati, the sacred mountain of the Pokot people. Down in the valley, and central to the panoramic view, is Lake Kamnarok, set in the middle of the Rimoi Game Reserve and fed by the waters of the Kerio River.

Rimoi is a new reserve and hardly exploited. It is particularly noted for very wild buffalo and elephant. Visitors have to be accompanied by a Wildlife Department ranger.There are also crocodiles in the river, but they are very wary and shy of people and not always easy to see. Bird life is abundant.

For those interested in plants, there is much to find and see. The most obvious are the numerous Acacia  species but be on the look-out also for rare xerophytes and plants with medicinal properties. Some  examples are illustrated in Valley plants.

Within the grounds of Kerio View Hotel itself you are very likely to see Rock Hyrax, Colobus monkeys and a wide variety of birds — including Hornbills and the Hawks, Eagles and Kites which like to ride on the  rising thermal currents of the escarpment. The very shy duiker live and breed in the bush thickets; they may occasionally be seen in the car headlights at night, or, very early in the morning, through the  one-way glass of your cottage windows.

Indeed, early morning is undoubtedly the best time of day at Kerio View. To see the clouds slowly rising from the valley as the sun climbs over the top of the hills and to see  beyond those hills the distant tip of Mount Kenya (220 km away) is an experience you will never forget

How to get to Kerio View Hotel

By public transport

Go to the Iten Taxi Park in Eldoret town , Elgeyo/iten Road , opposite the Fire Station. ‘Matatus’ are usually available all day and into the early evening. The fare is usually fixed , but for a little bit extra cost you can be put into a 6- seater van and dropped right at KV. For a group , this would be ideal.  The attendants are warm and helpful.

From Eldoret Airport

You can take a taxi all the way to KV in Iten. Negotiate the fare with the driver before departure.
KV staff can also meet you at Eldoret town or Eldoret Airport , but this should be arranged at the time of booking and confirmed by phone on the day of travel. Upon checkout , a drop-off at either point is also possible.

From Kabarnet/Bogoria/Baringo/Eldama Ravine/Nakuru

From Kabarnet , just follow the signs down the winding road to the bottom of the escarpment and across the Kerio Valley floor. Climb the opposoite escarpment to Tambach and keep going past Iten View Point and through the village center.

Drive on as if headed to Eldoret. At the top of the hill out of Iten town is the Police station. Right next to the Police is a dirt road branching off to your left. A big sign proclaiming Kerio View is right there in front of you. Follow the dirt track for about 600 meters.

Facilities at Kerio View Hotel

Conference Venues: Kerio View Hotel has unrivalled experience in organizing a unique range of corporate and social events in Kenya, all of which are supported by state-of-the-art facilities. orchestrated by highly-trained personnel.

Family friendly: To cater for the interests of our young clients, Kerio View has a kids’ play area, complete with ‘bouncing castle’. By prior arrangement an English-speaking nanny can be provided, at an extra cost.

The Bar: The management of Kerio View seeks to bring together local and overseas visitors in a friendly and relaxed environment to enjoy the unique view and undisturbed beauty of the Kerio escarpment. Indeed the motto of Kerio View is: “A Place to Relax”.

Meet Mwangi the barman and ask him to mix you a cocktail (alcoholic or non-alcoholic); he is always looking for new ones.

The Kerio View Hotel Cuisine: The restaurant offers table d’hôte and à la carte menus with wide variety of dishes. Specialities include crispy Kerio View salads and different “home-made” breads.

Lunch and Dinner of the day are available For many people, the full set lunch is too much and they prefer to take just a light meal in the middle of the day.

The à la carte provides many snack options in addition to heavier meals.

Where possible, and especially for residential guests, our cooks, Elijah and Simon, are willing to prepare dishes to special order or to special requirements.

Active Edge, Kerio View Hotel

Active Edge organizes paragliding events in Kerio with Kerio view hotel. This is a world-class Paragliding site and the most relaxing places to fly. It is where many pilots have completed massive out and return flights in a combination of ridge and thermal lift.

Active Edge, Kerio View

 Active Edge, Kerio View Contacts

Attraction Type: Adventure
Category: Paragliding
Region: North Rift
City / Town: Iten
Road / Street: Kerio View Road
Telephone: 254 722 78 19 16
254 720 67 29 39
Entrance Fee: Yes

Active Edge, Kerio View

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