Adan Duale Biography

Hon Adan Duale was born in 1969 in Garissa County, North Eastern. He joined Garissa Boys Town Primary School in 1975 and then proceeded to Garissa High School (1982) and Moi Forces Academy (1986) where he completed his secondary education. He holds a Bachelor of Education Degree from Moi University and an Executive MBA from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Throughout his career, he has undertaken several professional courses which include Conflict Management, Project Management, Livestock Marketing and Value Chain, Livestock Cross- Border trade, Animal disease and traceability System and Conflict resolution and peace building. This exposure has equipped him with relevant skills to handle the social and economic problems facing the people of Dujis. Having grown up in Garissa,

Hon. Adan Duale is well versed with the issues that face his people and has implemented several strategic measures to ensure that his constituents are empowered. Hon. Adan Duale started his career as a graduate teacher at Sankuri Secondary School in 1992; he later joined Kenya Broadcasting Corporation in 1999 as a Director and served up to 2003. He is an accomplished businessman and strategist and to this end he has served in several organisational boards and advisory committees. He was a founder member and CEO of the Livestock Marketing Society of Kenya.

The MP was elected to parliament in 2007 to represent the people of Dujis and in April 2008, he was appointed as an Assistant Minister for Livestock. He has served in other crucial roles and especially in the new constitution where he served as the North Eastern Province ‘YES’ Team Leader. He was also the ODM National Vice Chairman
in Political Affairs until 2011 when he differed in policy matters with his party leadership.

Hon Adan Duale is a founder member of the United Republican Party and a key member of the G7 Leadership.

Hon. Duale has been very vocal and participatory in parliament proceedings especially in matters relating to North
Eastern economic development, livestock development, corruption in government departments, matters relating to the Muslim community and the Somali community. His latest petition regarding cancellation of exams especially in North Eastern has grabbed nationwide attention in regard to transparency in the operations of the Kenya National Examination Council.

Adan Duale Family

Hon. Aden Duale is a family man with a wife and five children. He holds a lot of value in the family unit and continues to ecourage and inspire his people to build their lives around their loved ones and maintain unity and togetherness.

Religion: Hon Adan Duale is a devoted Muslim and a large percentage of his constituents subscribe to the same faith. He has ensured that there are no divisions among his people on religious lines and therefore every person exercises freedom of worship in Dujis.

Education: North Eastern Province has in the past recorded very high illiteracy levels as compared to the rest of the
country. Adan Duale has made great strides towards ensuring that every child in Dujis goes to school and accesses opportunities to advance their education to the highest level possible.

Human Rights: Adan Duale has been a front runner in protecting the rights of his people both in parliament and outside; which has made him one of the most popular MPs after only one term in the position. His Vision To uplift the socio-economic position of the people of Dujis and the larger North Eastern region and empower them to compete for equal opportunities with the rest of Kenya. His Mission To continually harness, manage and conserve the natural resources accessible to the people and channelling them to key sectors for sustainable socio-economic development.

Adan Duale
Adan Duale