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Aly-Khan Satchu Biography, Profile and Photos

Aly-Khan Satchu Biography

Aly-Khan Satchu was born in Mombasa, Kenya. He is the Founder/CEO of Investment Advisory firm Rich Management Ltd which primarily offers advisory, investor relations and digital media services to publicly listed and non-listed blue chip companies.

Aly-Khan Satchu has been an active Investor at the Nairobi Securities Exchange, the USE and various other African Stock markets. He arrived in Nairobi in August 2006 from the City of London where he had worked for leading financial institutions and published his book “Anyone Can Be Rich” based on the NSE and the Kenyan Economy.

Aly-Khan Satchu is a frequent geopolitical and financial commentator and is regularly featured on Al Jazeera, CNBC Africa and BBC Radio. He runs a popular monthly business forum Mindspeak and is a regular columnist with Kenya’s Star newspaper.

He studied Law at the University of Durham and worked for 15 years in London.He is founder and chief executive of Rich Management Limited, a Nairobi Securities Exchange-authorised data vendor offering investment advisory services.

Aly-Khan Satchu Career

His career history includes the Global Trading Desk at Credit Suisse First Boston, MD of Sumitomo Bank, Treasurer and Director at ANZ Investment Bank and Executive Director at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein.

In 1995, Aly-Khan Satchu took 9 traders and joined Sumitomo Bank as an MD reporting to the Chairman Konishi San, 1998-1999 he was the Treasurer and Director of all collateralized lending at ANZ Investment Bank. Finally an Executive Director at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein in charge of Emerging Market Financing and Short Term Interest rates.

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In 2006, aged 40, he quit his blossoming London career and returned to Kenya.On August 2006 and published his book “Anyone Can Be Rich” based on the NSE and the Kenyan Economy.

Finally, Aly-Khan Satchu was an Executive Director at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein in charge of Emerging Market Financing and Short Term Interest rates. During his time in various banks Aly-Khan has been given significant proprietary trading limits. He has traded nearly all instruments- Futures, Options, Repos, Bills and Bonds, Basis trading et al.

Since 2003 Aly-Khan Satchu has been trading his own funds primarily Commodities (particularly Oil) Currency Futures and Options, Equity Indices and Single Stocks. Currently, he runs Rich Management, a financial advisory and consultancy company based in Nairobi.

Aly-Khan Satchu Job History

January 2006 – Present:CEO, Rich Management Ltd Nairobi

He authored a book ‘Anyone can be Rich’ on his return to Nairobi in 2006. Since 2003, I trade as principal and as an agent at the Nairobi Securities Exchange and am the proprietor of which is an authorized NSE data vendor. We transmit level 1 prices from the securities exchange via our website during trading hours. A daily commentary that covers international markets and Africa is posted on the site and distributed to over 2000 highly qualified recipients. I also run Mindspeak Business Club every month which hosts key CEOs and personalities

I have also consulted to a number of African Governments, to the World Bank and various Investment Funds. I am a regular feature on Aljazeera and CNBC and believe I am an authoritative commentator on SSA and International markets. I have been on the ground 10 years now and believe my navigation skills and ability to get to anyone and my information loop are second to none.
1999 – 2002: Director, Head of Credit Financing Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein City of London

  • He was responsible for all Customer Financing of NON G7 government collateral.
  • He controlled a gross book of in excess of 5 billion Euros. His desk lent funds for upto two years in all currencies. G7, Rand and other Emerging market currencies.
  • He also traded a substantial Front End Proprietary interest rate book, on behalf of the Bank. I had seven front office staff reporting to me. He reported to the Head of Investment Banking.
  • In 1999 – 2000 they implemented a new STP system on schedule at a cost of 500,000 Euros. The desk made in excess of 10,000,000 Euros annually.

1998 – 1999:Director and Treasurer at ANZ Investment Bank, City of London

  • He was Treasurer for the Investment Bank and responsible for a balance sheet mostly composed of exotic currencies and which averaged about $4 billion.
  • He was responsible for all customer financing transactions out to one year.
  • He ran an institutional Repo book in Emerging Markets assets, which averaged $1.5billion and a High Net Worth ‘forward purchase’ book of about $1 billion.
  • He had a total of five Traders reporting to him across the Treasury, Repo and HNW books.
  • He is proud of his achievements at ANZ for the following reasons; the infrastructural environment was extremely weak and he rapidly strengthened this on his arrival, they suffered credit losses of less than that $500,000 (the HNW book was 60% in Russia when he arrived) in an extremely harsh environment for the EM asset base.
  • His desk made in excess of $14million, nine of which came from the annuity Repo business and the balance from long positions in the US and European Front Ends and short interest rate positions in the Hong Kong and South African Markets.
  • He traded all short end instruments and reported to Johan Hattingh and Mark Coombes, Head of Capital Markets and Head of Investment Banking respectively.

1995 – 1998:Executive Director of Sumitomo Finance International , Head of Repo City of London

  • He was hired to set up a global Repo desk from inception by Atsuo Konishi (Head of Sumitomo Finance International and main board member of Sumitomo Bank).
  • He took a team of four Traders and one Product Manager with him from CS First Boston and later hired a further Saleswoman from CS First Boston for Hong Kong and two Salesmen from JP Morgan to cover the US account base.
  • He consider his time at SFI a singular achievement because SFI was in essence a Japanese warrants house without any Fixed Income Franchise.
  • He built a team from inception, was instrumental in all the business dimensions from designing the in-house system to developing the business and managing and incentivising his team.
  • He traded the Italian Repo book which averaged $5 billion and was recognized as 6th best in an independent ISL review. The desk built a blue-chip customer base of Central Banks, Hedge Funds and Corporates.
  • They were consistently profitable returning between net 6-8 basis points on a portfolio that averaged $15billion in predominantly low margin G7 bonds. Furthermore, the environment was at times very hostile towards Japanese Houses. The desk traded all short-term instruments including Repo, Bills, Short Term Bonds, Futures and Forwards.
  • He also set up a successful Basis trading book.
  • He sat on the Management Committee and reported directly to A. Konishi.

1989 – 1995:Vice President of Credit Suisse First Boston, City of London

  • He was initially hired into the Operations department on a temporary basis. He rapidly rose to a Managerial role but was always pushing for a Front Office position.
  • He was then placed on the Stock Loan desk and was made responsible for supporting the Nikkei Index Arbitrageurs’ stock loan positions and tasked with building a Matched Book off the back of this activity.
  • He was then asked to join the Repo desk as a Firm Financing Trader. He traded all the European Repo markets and also was responsible for the securities lending relationships.
  • He was then made Product Manager for Repo in London. He was given the Emerging Markets Repo Book to develop, from inception.
  • He rapidly built a book of $1.5 billion which he returned in excess of 100 basis points annually. He developed deep and long lasting relationships with senior personnel in Government and quasi-government agencies and reported to the Repo desk and to the Emerging markets business head, Marc Hotimsky.

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